Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lots to share!!!

Hi everyone, how have you been doing?
I kept silence as I was very busy for organizing and packing scissors!!
So not much stitching time, but I'm doing this (scissors sale) with joy!
Today I sent more than 65 parcels to overseas from the post office!

Post officer was quite surprised as he knows me well!
I will try to send e-mails to whom I sent the scissors out today before I go to bed, though if I couldn't I would do tomorrow, please wait for a news.




Here is what I stitched in a short time, I just did undo the triangles on the left, and then stitched white bird which I really like!
Now all the scissors are out of stock, so I'm thinking I will take a short holiday (lol) to stitch and refresh!
I do hope I can stitch many with joy while I'm on short holiday!

Now all the scissors are out of stock, but I'm taking your order and put your name on the waiting list, so please e-mail me without any hesitation.
If you could tell me while they are out of stock, it would be very helpful for me, because I can organize papers first!

*Si vous aimeriez avoir des ciseaux, juste laissez-moi savoir comme Ax1, Bx2, et votre nom, etc... je vous enverrai une facture à travers PayPal.
N'ayez pas besoin d'écrire en anglais, j'utiliserai le traducteur! Merci, Yuko

By the way, I'm doing "Trade" with some customers who don't have PayPal account, then I received lots of wonderful things! First of all, today I received this beautiful mini pillow from Anja in Germany.
We didn't do "Trade", but I just helped her to buy Japanese stitch book, then she presented me this beautiful and lovely pillow in return which has lavender inside and design is from "Acufactum" which I really love!!

I have tried Acufactum designs before, but it was quite difficult, here is close up photo, how cute this lavender fairy (girl) is!
Thank you so much, Anja!
I really appreciate for your kindness. More than that, she sent Tass my son a police man from Playmobile!
Can you imagine how he was happy to see this toy, as he already has POLIZEI car from Germany as his dad's business travel souvenir!!
Tass found that he has also "POLIZEI" logo on his uniform, and so excited!!

Thank you so so much, Anja!
You really made our day!

And here are "Trade" things, that I've received!
Here is from Jane, When I saw her "Miss Snow Fairy" by With thy Needle & Thread, I fell in love and so I asked Jane to trade with a pair of scissor!
How lovely design this is! I love it! Jane also put a pink thread for me.
Thank you so much, Jane!
And here is "Trade" from Anette in Hungary!
She sent me so many linens, threads (Hungarian, Italian, German, Hand dyed, etc...), fabrics etc... How kind of her!!

More than that, she made me a pinkeep style ornament, too!
And her stitch is perfect!!
Thank you so much, Anette!
I really appreciate for your kind heart!
And here is "Trade" from Anahi in Spain.
She bought me very beautiful charts which is kitted up by her, and also linen!
How sweet of her!

I really fell in love with this design, I think I can't resist to start this... but as seeing the leaflet, there seems so many of speciality stitches, so think about it later, will start or not! (lol)
(Sorry Anahi, I was thinking of your name as "Anashi", so I miss typed on the photo...)

And here is "Trade" from Pilar in Spain.
She is the one who sent me stunning two scissors from Spain before, then this time, too, we tradeded scissors and scissors!
She made me a scissor pocket, too! How beautiful!
Thank you so much, Pilar!!
Here is a close up photo of the handles, isn't this lovely?!
I love it!! Thanks again, Pilar!
And here is "Trade" from Brenda (blog) who is a designer of "With thy Needle & Thread"!
When I knew the customer is her, I asked her to trade, and kindly she said OK.
So I could get her beautiful designs!!
I love them!!! Thank you Brenda!
And here is "Trade" from Marianne who is "Midnight Stitching"'s designer!
My mum has stitched her design, and that is my favourite so I want to stitch her Quaker Floral in the near future, but she sent me so many of her Quaker designs, so I'm thinking from what to start!!
Thank you so much for your kind and warm heart Marianne!
When I stitched your design, I will let you know!

Today, after Preschool we went out for shopping, and found this lamb (kid?).
Actually I had the same one, but my auntie loved it so much, so I gave it to her while sweetie was out.
Then today when I found this I told him the story, then he suddenly started to cry a lot, although I told him that I buy the same new one for him.
He said he wants THAT one, not THIS one... (lol)
So we bought a new lamb, and went to auntie's house to exchange old lamb and new lamb... hahaha
Kids are very funny!
Here is an Ogre that sweetie made at Preschool.
Isn't this lovely?!
Tomorrow sweetie will come home earlier than usual as new kids will come to trial (Japanese schools start from April).
Sweetie said, "Mummy, tomorrow babies will come to our Preschool. They are 3 years old babies, how can they come? They might come as crawling..." LOL
Sweetie, you are only four, you are not much older than them at all, how funny!
"Babies" lol!! He thinks he is already a big boy!
It was very funny to listen to his talk, so I asked him same question so many times! haha

Take care and thanks for your visit!
Happy stitching!


Design : "Quaker Garden" (Loose Feathers #19) © Blackbird Designs
Fabric : 30ct Garden State Java by R & R Reproductions
Thread : WDW and GAST


Melissa said...

Hi Yuko,

It seems like your scissor venture has really taken off! How wonderful! And it was clever to have some trades as you have some interesting things there!

Nima said...

it is always a pleasure to visit your blog...nice pictures...

Unknown said...


I love your new start, it is one of my favorites though I have yet to stitch it.

Wow, your scissors have netted you some wonderful, wonderful trades. So many beautiful items.

Enjoy your day.

Nina said...

Hi Yuko,

Quaker Garden is so beautiful!

Trading is a wonderful thing, you ucan recieve so many super 'things' :)) And I know well collecting scissors ia 'mania' like cross stitching is :) Our passion.

Photos are fabulous, as always :)


aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

Quacker Garden is beautiful !!! I can't wait to get my scissors in !!! I loved the lamb.

Nancy said...

Your Quaker Garden is looking lovely Yuko! I hope you will enjoy stitching the rest of this sampler. It is so beautiful when it is finished.

You received so many lovely things! Everything is just wonderful, and I know it must bring you lots of smiles.

It is good to hear that Sweetie is back in kindergarten, and it looks like he is having fun!

Margaret said...

Love your Quaker Garden! And wow -- what a lot of trades and beautiful items! Sounds like the scissors business is going well -- congratulations! Hope Tass is happy in kindergarten!

Jane said...

Your Quaker Garden looks lovely, Yuko. Such a shame about the triangles but I'm sure you're now very happy with correcting it.

Looks like you've done well with your exchanges. What a wonderful experience receiving all those packages in the mail. You've made a lot of people very happy with your scissor sale.

Magia da Inês said...

Olá, amiga!
Já estava com saudade do seu cantinho... sempre lindo, criativo e diversificado...
Você é realmente talentosa!
Boa semana!
Aqui é Carnaval... só alegria!
Então bom Carnaval!!!
Itabira - Brasil

JOLENE said...

Quaker Garden is turning out very pretty Yuko. Look at all those wonderful items you have received, great stash!!

Yasuko (yskmtmr) said...


Carol R said...

Beautiful Quaker Garden Yuko.
Great 'trades' too!

Vaida said...

Lovely progress on Quaker Garden! And so many interestiung things you have traded..

doris said...

Quaker Garden is lovely. It will be very exciting to see your progress.

I received my scissors last week, and I love them. Thanks so much.

Shirley said...

Hello, I only just found your beautiful blog. You have some lovely work and very inspiring photographs. kind regards, Shirley

Julie said...

Lots of nice things you have received in your trades.

Quaker Garden looks lovely.

Madammeke Ongeduld said...

I have see so many beautiful thin gs on jour blog

Rachel said...

I like your stitching progress on your Quaker design! It looks great!

Wow! It's Christmas in February with all your trading gifts ;)

Thanks for sharing photos!

Margo's Musings said...

Hi, Yuko,

My scissors arrived today, and I just love them. They are beautiful!
Thanks so much for sharing them with stitchers world-wide.

You have received some beautiful things in trade for the scissors.

Also, your Quaker Garden is coming along beautifully.

Happy stitching! Margaret

Anonymous said...

Hi Yuko,

I love reading your blog. Your stitching and finishing is lovely. I am happy your sales went well.

I am not sure if like pretty stitching pins but I make fimo rose bud pins, various flower pins, and I love doing smalls. If you are interested in trading I be happy to do some for you. I generally include them with my exchanges so there are many photos on my blog.

Hazel said...

I love your wip. You have made a lot of good trades. x

natural health products said...

Very creative. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations. Keep up the good work!