Sunday, May 15, 2011

PS "Birth Sampler III" For UTA, Framed

Hi, it's been so long time.
I have been unwell again, somehow...
So haven't been stitching much recently, sigh ;(

By the way, I was forgetting to post this "Birth Sampler III" © Prairie Schooler for a long time!
This was a gift for my dear friend's baby girl, and I presented her when we met in Jan.
Her daughter, sweet Uta is so lovely, she was always smiling at me!! :D
I wasn't sure if my dear friend S. likes this (cross stitch work and this design...), but she was really pleased to receive this and so I was very very happy!!!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Mary Glover SAL - 0503, and Freebie

Hi, it's been so long since the last time I've posted.
Every year this season (especially March and April), I've been not so well, and also my son had been ill these past few weeks, he had high fever for about a week, and couldn't eat anything at all...
It was cause of inflammation of the middle ears, and also he had adenovirus.
That's why he had high fever, and it took so long time to recover.

Now he has been OK, but am feeling not so well...

I've been working on Mary Glover SAL a little by little, but even I've tried so many times for over one part, I can't manage it, also have tried tent stitch, though...
I will practice them and will try it again, later!