Monday, September 29, 2008

Good Thing And Bad Thing...

Today I finally have finished to visit the dentist! Yahoo!

He did a great job for my bad tooth, thanks to him, my stiff neck and headache have almost gone!

And I finished all the packing off a short while ago, whew...

Just waiting for tomorrow to move!

These are good things of today, but on the other hand I had bad (sad) thing.
I've got sad news from mum to let me know my dog (Shiba-dog) died this afternoon...

Her name is Mickey (female, but Mickey, it's from Mickey Mouse that my brother liked when he was a child), she was so gentle and kind dog.
We were very good friends, and I often played with her a lot when I was at home.
She lived for 15 years, and I heard that she didn't eat anything for the last few weeks, so we have resigned ourselves to the situation.

I have many of her photos at my mum's home, but I only have these few photos with me now, so please let me share them with you.

I'm already missing her terribly, I wanted to see her last.
As seeing her photos now, I'm feeling so sad and want to hug her tight...

Thank you Mii Mii (this is what I called her) for giving me lovely memories.
I won't forget about you.

Thank you so much for signing up for my PIF.
I have been still taking sign up for my PIF member until this coming Sunday!
There are already more than 3 person who is signing up for it, so please feel free to leave comment on the last post, if you are interested in!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Do You Want To Join My PIF (Part 2.) Member?

I've signed up for Dovile's PIF (Pay It Forward) member recently!
I'm so happy that I could be her PIF member!!

And so, this is my turn.

*** This is how it works ***

If you would like to receive something made by me within the next 365 days, please comment on this post to say that you are interested.

*The original rule is "the first three" person will receive something, but there is time difference between most of people and I, so I change this part a bit...

"If there was less than three person, I will choose them as my PIF member, but if, if there were more than three person, I would do drawing to choose three person later! "
(The deadline is 5th of October, Sunday! - Japanese time.)

In return, please post the same offer on your blog.
Simple and a lovely way of spreading joy in the stitching world.
I hope there will be someone who will sign up for my PIF member!

This PIF is open for everyone!

Belated Birthday Present TO Nancy

I received a lovely e-mail from Nancy to let me know that she received the parcel from me safely!
I'm so happy and relieved to hear that she loves it.

Here is what I made for her, as belated (too late!) Birthday gift.

I made her a tote bag with her Initial "N".
This combination of fabrics is how I image about Nancy. <--- sorry for my poor English... ;0
When I think about Nancy, deep red colour comes out in my mind, so I chose these fabrics for her!

I added crochet flower and lace at the side as tag, and stitched her Initial in pink on raw linen.
I also added light brown leather handles for it, and I think it turned out elegant, and it became just for Nancy!

As I mentioned that I'm not good with a sewing machine, so it took too much time.
Sorry Nancy, but I wanted to make this for your birthday!

Nancy has more pics of this on her blog!

Anyway, before I move, I wanted to take some photos of my favourite place in my house, but forgot to take them before I packed...
Here is only one photo of my shelf where stitching smalls (my works and gifts from friends) were.

I loved this house except mold thing, because there were many shelves that I could display smalls, but there is no shelf in the next house.

So we are planning to have some antique furniture in the near future, but just still planning, though! :)

Some friends asked me about my next PIF.

I will write about my PIF "Part 2" in the next post, so please sign up for it in the next post, if you are still interested in!

Thank you!

I must go now, have to prepare for lunch!

Take care and thank you for visiting!
Till next time, happy stitching!

From : "Charted Monograms for Needlepoint and Cross-Stitch"

HoE Prairie Schooler Exchange FROM Chris C.

Yesterday I received a parcel from Chris C. for HoE Prairie Schooler Exchange!
It's always so thrilled to open the parcel, but it's more than that when I receive the parcel from who I know.

Here is beautiful flat fold that Chris made for me!
She chose the design "September" from Prairie Year II.

Very lovely, isn't it?!
Here is the backing fabric she chose for this, and her finishing is perfect!
I love red gingham fabric, too!

She also added beautiful cotton fabric, 40ct linen, some beautiful Vikki Clayton silk threads for me!
I love them all, really I do!

Thank you so much Chris for this wonderful exchange!
You made my day, indeed!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

PIF FOR Jennifer!

When I checked e-mail this morning as daily routine, I found an e-mail from Jennifer.
She let me know that she received my PIF (Pay It Forward) gift safely, and in the mail she is so sweet and am so happy that she liked everything that I sent to her!

Here is what I made for her PIF.

I didn't know what her tastes like exactly, so I stitched what I wanted to, and made it into an ornament.
The design is "Little Angel In The Clouds" © Heart In Hand, stitched on 32ct linen, by recommended DMC.

It was quite hard to find the right shape for this design, and it became like this at the end.
I added pom-pom trim around the edge, and added light pink ribbon at the bottom of ornament.
I also added velvet pink flower on top which I forgot to take close up photo.

Here is backing fabric I chose for this design.
I was a bit worried if this design might be a bit childish for her? but she told me she loves this so much, I'm very relieved now! whew...
I have two more PIFs to go (Margaret S. and Staci), and I also signed up for Dovile's PIF recently, so I will invite three person to join for my PIF "Part 2." later again!
I hope some people would be interested in joining for it. :0

I'm going to move again the end of September for my husband's job.
And the present house is very sick!! Where I live is placed near mountain and by the lake, so is very humid, and moreover our present house is very old so mold all around the house, sigh*...
That is why I'm very busy at the moment, no stitching at all again... just packing, packing, packing! ;0
I packed my stitching stuffs already to concentrate on moving!
I hope I will be able to share my stitching works with you soon!

Take care and thanks for visiting!
AND! Thank you SO much for all the Birthday wishes to me!
I appreciate for you all, thank you very very much from the bottom of my heart!

Design : "Little Angel In The Clouds" © Heart In Hand
Fabric : 32ct Belfast Linen (Colour : unknown)
Threads : DMC
Finished as : Ornament

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Birthday Present FOR Joei

I just received a lovely e-mail from Joei to let me know that she received my Birthday present safely today!

As I wrote before that since our Birthdays are in the same month, and hers is on the 15th and mine is on the 14th, we talked and decided to do Birthday pressie exchange this year!
As it's quite tough to choose the design and moreover how to finish off (on the other hand it's fun, though!), we decided to pick which of our finishes we want to receive from the other.

Then, she asked me this tote bag for her Birthday!

As I'm not good with a sewing machine at all, I was very worried when I heard that she wants this tote bag from me, lol
And as I worried, I had a hard time to finish this off, lol

I stitched her initial "J", and patched blue base fabrics and made it into a tote bag.
The size of this bag is just A4.
I also added crochet flower and lace tag at the side.

I also have this bag in pink version
here, and it's very useful to put stitch stuffs in and take it out to outside!

Anyway, it's a pity this Birthday present didn't reach her in time...
But I'm so glad that Joei loves this bag!
I hope she had a wonderful Birthday!

From : "Charted Monograms for Needlepoint and Cross-Stitch"

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sweet Present FROM Dear Friend S.

Just a day before my Birthday, I received another lovely Birthday gift from my dear friend S.
I was so thrilled to open the parcel from her as she is one of my favourite stitcher in Japan, and I always admire her sophisticated works!

Here are the photos of her present!

She stitched and made for me a sweet drawstring purse, and lavender scent sachet with blue ribbon designs.

She used wide lace for drawstring, it's very nice idea, isn't it!

And she also used linen tape for the tag at the side.

The backing fabric is very pretty as well!

She also used lace for the sachet, too.
How does she know that I love lavender scent very much?! :)

She stitched 1 over 1 for the word "Happy Birthday", it's so beautifully stitched!

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, dear S.
You always make me happy with your wonderful works!

I'm very looking forward to seeing you soon again!

Thank you so much for friends leaving me so many Birthday wishes comments!
They make me so happy and feel so special!
I really appreciate for your sweet hearts!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday 2008!

Today I turned Thirty-something years old.
Time flies so fast!! Where my last year has gone to?

This year's birthday, I spent very normal, not special time with my family.
It was just normal, but I felt very happy to be with them.

Oh I shouldn't forget that my little son sang the Birthday song for me, that was so sweet!!

Here are today's photo.

We bought some short cakes for my Birthday, as I don't like fresh cream much, they are fruit tart and cheese cakes!

And I want to thank for my friends who sent me e-cards, e-mails, and gifts!
I'd really appreciate for them!!!

Friends are special!

SBBC 2008 Gift FROM Kelly!

A few days ago, I received a lovely Birthday gift for the Stitching Bloggers Birthday Exchange from Kelly in the U.S.
I was so thrilled to open the parcel, and when I opened it I found beautiful and unique needle book and goodies!!

Here is the photo of them.

This photo is bit blurry, though it's wonderful IRL! (She has nice photos on her blog!)
I knew that this design is from Indigo Rose and she changed the thread colour from blue to pink as I love pink so much, from her post on her blog.
How sweet person she is!

She added three of JBW charts (I love them!), fine needles, and Altoids choco-mint (I love it, too!), and lovely message card!

As my English is poor, so I pinched her explanation regarding this needle book, she says that "Each leaf of the needle book has numbers to specify which needles are stored there and the center is a pincushion.
Then the whole thing folds up neatly into this little square.
Each leaf has button hole to button to the little tulip bead in the center".

Her presents are very wonderful but moreover what I'm impressed is that she remembered my Birthday!
Thank you so very much Kelly for your wonderful and thoughtful gift!
I'm so happy and you made my day, indeed!

Wonderful Birthday Gift FROM Joei!

On 10th of September, I received a wonderful Birthday gift from Joei in Singapore!
Since our Birthdays are in the same month, and hers is on the 15th and mine is on the 14th, we talked and decided to do Birthday pressie exchange this year!
As it's quite tough to choose the design and moreover how to finish off (on the other hand it's fun, though!), we decided to pick which of our finishes we want to receive from the other.

Then, I asked her this "Stitcher's Keeper"!
Please look at this her delicate stitch and perfect finishing!

She choose the design "My Little Quakers" (a chart for ruler pocket) by Milady's Needle.
Isn't this beautiful!?
I knew she will make me a "Stitcher's Keeper" but didn't know what design it would be, so when I saw it, it was full of surprising and I was so happy that I could have received this wonderful gift from her!

Here is the photo of inside the "Stitcher's Keeper".
Amazing, isn't it?!

She added so many goodies, too! Beautiful threads, cotton lace, beautiful purple scissors (I love it!), and small pinkeep!

Her finishing is perfect and her stitching is so delicate as usual!
She has done 1 over 1 for this design to fit to the Stitcher's Keeper!

The right photo is fabrics that she used for this Stitcher's Keeper.
I love this combination very much, so elegant!

Thank you SO much sweet Joei, I'm totally overwhelmed!!
My husband also commented that her work is perfect and just amazing!!

Joei has many of more beautiful photos of this on her blog, visit her blog here.

This will be treasured forever!
Thanks again Joei, and I'm appreciate for your sweet heart.

I hope mine wouldn't make you disappoint...

Monday, September 08, 2008

Handmade Scissor Fobs

I have just made scissor fobs which I had been wanting to make my own for a long time.
It was very fun to make them!!

Here are the photos of my works!

I just created my Etsy shop online (shop name : Happy Stitching), and just trying to sell them!
I'm wondering if they will be able to be bought by someone and find the right home...

Few more items are sold
online, and also details are at my Etsy shop!
Please have a look at them!

Thank you!