Wednesday, April 30, 2008

[SBEBB] Spring House/Garden Exchange FOR Chris

Hi everyone, thank you again for "get well soon" wishes for me!
Thanks to you, I have been doing fine, this week!

Here are some photos to share of my first SBEBB exchange to Chris.
I joined "Spring House/Garden" theme, and I stitched Prairie Schooler's design.

It looks like pinkeep, but I made it into a small mirror!
Here is a photo of mirror which I've made for her.

I had made a small mirror with PS Autumn design before, too.
But I really love this Spring one in Pink, so I would like to make one for myself, too!

I added very light beautiful pink lace both on top and the bottom's blank area, I think they made a good accent and made this mirror feminine and romantic!

Luckily I had quite similar coloured ribbon in my stash, so used it for around the edge and tied a ribbon in a bow on top.

Here is a close up photo of backing fabric which I used for this time.

I think the colour matches so well all together, and pink made me feel very Spring time!
So I'm satisfied how this turned out, very much!

I saw that she loved this small mirror and what I've sent her very much on her blog, it made me very happy, as well!

Mine hasn't arrived yet, but I think it will reach me soon!
So everyday it's very exciting to check the mail box nowadays!

I know quite many people around me (include online friends) have been ill recently...
As I was miserable when I was ill for 2 weeks, I hope not that the same things happen to anybody else!
Please take care of yourself, everyone! :D

Design : Four Seasons by Pam Smith © Prairie SchoolerFrom : "The Gift Of Stitching" Issie 25 February 2008
Fabric and Threads : 32ct Belfast Linen (Cream / Ivory) x DMC
Finished as : Mirror

Monday, April 28, 2008

Wonderful Surprise FROM Nancy!

About a week ago, I've received a wonderful gift from Nancy!
She has noticed me that she has sent something special to me, and it will cheer me up as I was very ill past two weeks.
Yes, that was true, the parcel from her made me very happy and cheered me up so much!

Thank you so much, sweet Nancy!

She stitched a beautiful Pinkeep for me and there is a word "Amitie", it made me feel so special! It's so beautiful, isn't it!

And I love how she finished this Pinkeep very much, she added spangle with each pins!
What a nice idea!
I asked her if I can copy it when the next time I make Pinkeep, lol

The backing fabric which she used for the Pinkeep is also very pretty!
And it matches so well with everything else!

Thank you so much for taking your time for me to work on the beautiful Pinkeep, Nancy!

And!! Here is another lovely, wonderful gift from her!
Please just look at what she presented to me!
Another Willow Tree figurine named "Angel of Kitchen"!
It's gorgeous, isn't it!
She also remembered that I love Willow Tree figurines, and bought one for me!
What a sweet and giving person, Nancy is!
This beautiful angel has teapot, it's so CUTE!
And her hair style is just like mine!

I had long hair, but a month ago when I've got the worst thing, I wanted to change my mind immediately and cut my hair short, just like her!
And I'm wearing pierced earrings each one for both ears, but then I really needed to change my mind from the worst matter which has suddenly happened to me, I just added one more pierce hole on my left ear!

Before then I had been keeping the bad matter which happened to me to myself, and locked the bad memories in my heart...
But actually it was not good for health nor mentally, so this time I tried to give vent to my anger in this way, although it might sound a bit strange or childish...
Basically I'm a very simple-minded person, so this time's action has quite succeeded!
Easy, aren't I?! LOL
If more of bad things happened to me??? I think I should be bald, lol

Anyway, I was very happy when I saw her hair style, because it's just like mine!
She is so pretty, and I'm so happy to have this wonderful figurine with me!
Now I have four Willow Tree figurines totally, and all of them are from my dear friends online!
I can't believe that I have so many such wonderful friends!
Thank you so much everyone! I'd really appreciate for your kindness and sweet heart!

And thank you again, Nancy, sending me such wonderful and thoughtful gifts.
I'm so glad that I could "meet" you and being your friend!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Exchange FOR Domy

How are you, everyone? I'm doing fine, thanks to you!
In Japan, recently the weather is very strange, sometimes the temperature became very high, it's like middle of June, but it's chilly today...

By the way, I post and share some photos what I've made for Domy for our private exchange this time, as I promised!

I know Domy loves tea very much and she always describe herself as a "Teapot", so first of all, I wanted to stitch this "Official Tea Lover" for her! (right one)
And secondarily, I also wanted to stitch this word "Friendship begins with Kindness" (left one) for her, as I thought that this word signify of us!

Actually it was the first time and it's rare for me to choose and stitch ©Lizzie*Kate's designs, but this time I really wanted to stitch them for her.
I like ©Lizzie*Kate's words, but I found that it's a bit difficult to stitch its designs for me...

This time I made Hornbook (-like) and a small tray with ©Lizzie*Kate designs for her.

Here is a close up photo of Hornbook (-like), I added blue frill around the edge.
The frill trim which I used is an elastic one, so it was quite easy to add to curvy corner, as well.

And here is a close up photo of the tray.
Actually in the original design, there are two tea cups and the frame in there, but I omitted them to balance the design.

I added a bit slender lace on both top and the bottom of the tray to make an accent.

I've got a lovely e-mail from Domy that she loved everything that I've sent for her!
I was so happy to heard of it from her, as I was a bit worried if she doesn't like American designs... But she loved the word "Friendship begins with Kindness", too!
Our friendship has just started with a little kindness, so this word was perfect for our friendship!

It was very nice exchange as usual!
Thanks Domy!

Hornbook (-like) : "Official Tea Lover" © Lizzie*Kate, unknown fabric x DMC
Tray : "Friendship Begins" © Lizzie*Kate, unknown fabric x DMC

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Exchange FROM Domy

Thank you everyone for sending me lots of warm wishes.
Thanks to you, I almost recovered my spirits, just bad cough has been lasting, though!

Before I became ill, I have received another wonderful exchange from Domy in France!
We have been doing periodical private exchange, and this time was no theme.
She sent me so many goodies and totally spoiled me, as usual!

She sent me three French magazines as I love to look through cross stitch magazines from foreign countries very much, and one of them is what I have asked her to buy for me.
Thanks Domy!
She also included chocolates for my husband and son, small lovely kit, a letter and drawing from her daughter Clara!
She is a very clever girl and she often writes me letter and drawings! Thank you, Clara!

By the way, this time what Domy made for me is, lovely French design door hanging bell!
Isn't this just lovely and unique?!
Now it's hanging on the cupboard's knob, because my son would definitely pull it away from the knob if I hang it on the door knob.

Every time I have been looking forward to receiving her works, because her works are always from French design which I don't know much, but very lovely and so French taste!
She added beads on some parts of this design, like the photo! Very delicate stitch and beautiful, as usual!

This is a backing fabric which she used for this door hanging bell.
Very soft colour flower print fabric and I like this, too.
Actually I have never seen this kind of cross stitch works before!
So it was so fresh to me and was so excited to receive it!

Thank you so much Domy for your kindness and lovely work!
I'd appreciate for your sweetheart!
You are so giving person!

I like everything what you sent to me!
What would it be our next exchange? lol

Anyway, next time, I will post what I've made and sent for her!

Monday, April 21, 2008

[HOE] Pinkeep Exchange FROM Jayne

Hi everyone, it's been a while since the last time I posted...

Thank you so much everyone, cheering me up, warm wishes, on the last post.

Actually I still have been ill (having a cold), it's been about 2 weeks now.
Finally my fever went down today, but still have slight fever and bad cough.

By the way, here is my HOE (Hooked on Exchanging) Pinkeep Exchange from Jayne (no blog) in the UK!
She spoiled me a lot, she added Bent Creek chart which was in my wish list, beautiful fabric, Altoid's (strong peppermints!) and lovely red thread and beautiful Pinkeep!

Here it is! She stitched from Prairie Schooler's design and made it as pinkeep.
I love it very much, especially the beautiful ribbon and beads pins combinations!
That's really beautiful.

She stitched her name and her country on the back of
I always forget to stitch on my name and where I live on the back of work when I exchange... from next time I shouldn't forget it!!

Here are top pin and ribbon which she added to this pinkeep, isn't this beautiful?!
I love this very much, colour matches so well together and she added beads pins around the edges, too.
How gorgeous pinkeep this is!

Thank you, Jayne, and sorry that I couldn't post your exchange soon after I received.
Now it's in my cupboard where my friends and my works are in!
And your strong peppermint Altoid's helped me a lot to breathe properly, as I had stuffy nose! :D

As I'm not fine yet, I can't think about cross stitching...
I hope I can stitch soon again!
Take care of yourself, everyone.

Friday, April 11, 2008

A Nightmarish Week...

It has been about a week since the last time I posted.
My son has got a cold since the last weekend, and now it's my turn...
I have been having a terrible cold from on Monday.
Since yesterday my fever abated, but I had a very high fever, temperature nearly 40 degrees for 4 days...

Fortunately or not, we both don't have other symptoms except stuffy, running nose and fever.
But I had dull pain all over my body and splitting headache by high fever, so couldn't move at all... Unfortunately my husband has been away for a week for business trip, so I have been taking care of 2 years old boy by myself... that was nightmare, had to take care of terrible 2 when I had 40 degrees temperature (why children can play around even though he/she have fever???), actually the nightmare has been keep continuing still now, though... :(

There are some stuffs that I should post here, my HOE (Hooked on Exchanging) exchange has safely arrived already, stuffs that I've made for Domy for our private exchange etc...
But above all, I should settle down first...
I will post some here when I regain from a sick.

I just leave you some narcissuses favourite photos which I've taken in my garden.
The second photo's tiny tiny grasshopper has been eating the flower.
He is naughty, isn't he?! (Actually I don't like... uhmmm hate insects, but he was so tiny, that's why I could take a photo of him with flower... :D )

Take care my dear friends, and have a lovely weekend!

Friday, April 04, 2008

[HOE] Pinkeep Exchange FOR Deb

A few days ago, I've received a lovely e-card from Deb who was my HOE (Hooked on Exchanging) partner told me that my parcel has safely arrived to her, so I post some photos of what I've made for her.

I was a bit worried as I didn't know her taste much, so looked through her blog often and I thought this sophisticated design would be nice for her!

This design is the one of "Tiny Inspirations" © Thistle Threads and named "Miniature Quaker Sampler".
I changed thread colours a bit as I didn't have recommended threads.
I love Quaker and these kind of colours very much!
I added our initials and year 2008 on it.

Here is the photo of top pin and ribbon I added this time.
Isn't this perfect for this pinkeep and colour?
I love to add big bead or pom-pom like this on top of pinkeep very much, it makes very good accent for the finished piece, I think!

I also made some rose pins for both sides of pinkeep, as I had blue metal roses in my stash and thought would be nice for this pinkeep design!
(on the left hand side photo...)

Here is backing fabric which I used for this pinkeep.

I chose very classic fabric as this pinkeep design is also classic.
Actually I loved this very much when I completed this pinkeep, honestly I really wanted to keep it for myself, lol.

I'm so happy that I heard that Deb liked this and some goodies I have sent for her!

By the way, this was the first time for me to join in HOE and exchanged in this group.
It was very fun and I'm very looking forward to receive a pinkeep from someone!!

This is very excited, the deadline will be soon, so means I will receive it soon! :D
I'll show and post what I received when it arrived to me!

"Miniature Quaker Sampler" from "Tiny Inspiration" © Thisle Threads

35ct Wichelt Linen (Cream / Ivory) with DMC threads

#469 --> #611, #3782 --> #3856

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Miniature Pinkeep

About a week ago, I joined in "Monthly Finishing Challenge" and the March Challenge was a "Pinkeep", so I made this pinkeep for the March challenge!
This is actually very very tiny as the title of this post, it's a miniature pinkeep!

The left one is a normal egg! So can you imagine how small this pinkeep is?!
It was fun while I was stitching as imagining how it will be at the end.

This is from Prairie Schooler's new promotion card "Peep".

Actually I miss chosen the fabric (lol), and that's why this became very tiny, but I thought it would be very fun if I could make a very tiny pinkeep.
As it's so tiny, I couldn't use a tambour to hold the fabric, so it was a bit hard to stitch, but was very fun!

Here is the backing fabric which I used for this pinkeep, it's printed hens and chicks, so I thought it would be a perfect for this pinkeep design!

Here is a photo of ribbon and pins!
I added yellow gingham checked shrunk ribbon on top.

Now it's placed next to my Prairie Autumn Mirror, and it's so tiny and cute!

April Challenge is a Needle Roll. I have never made any needle rolls before, so I don't know I can make it or not... I'm a bit nervous now, lol...
But I have a very lovely pattern, so will challenge it!!

Please fingers crossed for me! :D

Design : © Prairie Schooler from Promotion Card "Peep"
18ct Charles Craft Fiddler's Cloth x DMC