Wednesday, December 29, 2010

For Santa and his Reindeer! [Edited]

As every year, Tass and I prepared some foods for Santa and his Reindeer on a Christmas Eve!
I remember that I knew this Western tradition about 3 years ago on some stitcher friends' blog. Tthere is no such romantic tradition in Japan, so I remember I was very touched by this story!

Since then, this is our tradition in our home, Tass looked forward to prepare food for them this year, too!
(Canework fairy doll had made by my mum for many many years ago...)

Same as the last year, we prepared some biscuits and milk for Santa, and carrot for his Reindeer!
Tass seemed so fun to prepare for them if they really come or not!
After he went to bed, I ate biscuits with mum and drunk milk and a bit of carrot!
That was quite funny that we were eating them at midnight at entrance!!
If Tass red this article someday when he grew up, he would be shocked!! :(

A photo above is next morning (a boxing day)!
Whew,,, Carrot was not taste good before go to bed, lol

Here is little Tass Santa, he was very looking forward to have champagne (for kids).
This photo was just after he had some, looks happy, huh?

Belated message, though Happy Merry Christmas!

I do really hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day!!

[Edited on 29th Dec. 2010]
P.S. Dear Berit : Thank you so much for letting me know about "Reindeer"!
That's why when I've done spell check, it appeared with yellow line as it says they are wrong!

Please everyone teach me English if my sentences were wrong, without any hesitation!! :D
Thank you!!

Take care and have a lovely day!

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sweetie's Christmas Show and a Bird!

Hi everyone, this time I just share some photos of Tass my son's Christmas Show on 17th of Dec.!
Now he is 5 years old and he played cymbals in concert of his class (4~5 years old).

They played musical instruments so well, and they danced and sung!
It's amazing when I think how they remember everything so quickly, I think they just had lessons for a month, though!

BTW, about a week ago, mum called us to the garden (very small one), then when we went out there were a little bird on the rock near by!
So I just went back into house and took some photos of him!
He was SO cute, we have never met him before!!

After that he stayed a little bit, but when Sweetie came back with his shoes with very loud footsteps (as he was excited), a birdie flied away and never came back to us... Sweetie was very sad and he planned to make birdie's bed. He was so well making a little birdie's house, but he never came back... sigh I hope he comes back to amuse us again!

[Edited] A few days ago, "Annonymous" who loves birds left kind comment here to let me know the name of this bird!
This is a female "Daurian Redstart", thank you so much, Annonymous for your kind comment!!

Take care and have a lovely winter holiday!
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Cactus Diary

Hi, did you all have a merry Christmas? I do hope so!
Here is Christmas Cactus Diary, just a quick note!

After I posted the last one (30th of Nov's), it has been blooming so beautifully!
Now it's in full bloom now!

Now it's full blooming!!
I love this soft colour so much and their shape!!
They are not lovely at all while they hadn't flowers, it's just a grotesque plant, but it's amazingly beautiful when they are blooming!

The other Christmas cactus isn't blooming at all, I don't know why, but this pot has been blooming beautifully every year!
I hope this will keep have flowers for more years!!

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Take care and have a lovely winter holiday!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thursday, December 02, 2010

"Dog Lessons For People #143" - L*K Finished! [Edited]

Hi, thank you so much for your comments and thanks for visiting my blog, though I haven't been updating often.

Finally "Dog Lessons For People #143" © Lizzie*Kate has finished!!
I don't know why this took me so long time to finish...
When I first saw this pattern online, I thought to stitch for Tass as he loves dog! (me, too!)

The thread colours are very cheerful and so made me happy to stitch along, though why??
It took very long time to finish, lol
Most of my friends (in Mama's stitching group) love this pattern, and also my mum loves this colour combination so much!

Today was the 1st Stitch group's gathering day of Dec., so as I finished this, I passed this pattern to one of my friend.
She was motivated completely by this pattern!

Actually the frame was my son Tass's choice!
Just we went out for shopping, I was with this finished piece, and found some frames which is just the right size.
So I let him choose the frame colour, and he chose this one!
I also was going to choose this colour, so whew...

This time, I didn't insert glass, I added quilt batting between stitched piece and the cut board, so it's a bit puffy and it's so lovely now in the right frame and my son Tass seems very happy with this.
I want to hang this on his room!

Here is "Christmas cactus Diary".
My mum's Christmas cactuses are in full bud now!
So I'm going to take photos and report them how it grows from now!
I remember that my dear friend Carol R. and Angela was posting their Christmas cactus on the blog, so me too!

This photo was taken on 30th of Nov.
There is one more pot of Christmas Cactus, I hope they bloom beautifully soon!!

[Edited on 2nd of Dec.]

I just updated my scissdors blog :

There are new design scissors there!
Please have a look, and please ask me anything you want to know.

Take care and have a lovely day!
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Design : "Dog Lessons For People #143" © Lizzie*Kate
Fabric : 32ct Wichelt Lambswool (maybe...)
Thread : DMC