Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Scissors Trade And My Collection, WIP

Hi, how are you?
Thank you for your visit and comments, I appreciate for you all to spend time for my blog.

Today I share my scissors collection (not so many, though) and new scissors from Spain!
Photo above is my collection at the moment, I left some pair of scissors at my home, so I think I have more... like heart handles from Kelmscot Designs, etc...

These two pair of beautiful scissors came from Spain!
Pilar in Spain and I trade scissors! She told me these are famous Spanish scissors from CLAELES!
Aren't they stunning?

When she showed me these scissors' photos, I soon said "OK, let's trade!" (lol)
I know I have only 2 arms, but I like scissors, just like many other of stitchers! :)

kindly sent me some beautiful fabrics (in the 2nd photo), lace, ribbon, threads, and gel sticker for Tass!

How kind lady she is! Thank you so much Pilar always for your warm heart!!!
I really appreciate for you!!

As for my WIP, "Quaker Garden" by BBD is going ahead slowly.

But!! I have found stupid mistake, the both side of triangle which is shown a white bird in it should be symmetry, but... can you see the difference??

In the big triangle there should be only six wee triangles on the one side of a trianble, but on the left side, I have stitched ten triangles!! How silly!

I was going to go forward as ignoring the mistake, but now as seeing the photo it's quite different, so now I decided to undo... whew

When I have started, I noticed it on my post, though the linen is shown marbled, right?
But it's not original...

I accidentally have spilt water on the linen!
That was just a small area, though it was also in the stitch area, so I spilt more water on purpose, then made marbles to be like vintage look.

I don't know how will this look at the end, I hope it will go well and beautiful!

Thanks for your visit!

And Happy Stitching!

Design : "Quaker Garden" (Loose Feathers #19) © Blackbird Designs
Fabric : 30ct Garden State Java by R & R Reproductions
Thread : WDW and GAST

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Zoo, Amusement Park AND Himeji Castle

Today Tass and I went to zoo and wee amusement park where is placed in the site of Himeji Castle by bus, as my mum went to the party of Hula dance that she is having class, so we were boring with no car.
Tass was very excited to go to the zoo from when he woke up, but I was a bit tired in the morning actually, so just after lunch, we left home.
He said he wants to wear my hunting hat today to go to zoo, it's rarely happen that he says he wants to wear hats!
It was a bit funny because it was too big for him, though I respect his idea, maybe because he is awakened to fashion???

After we arrived to Himeji Castle, we took some photos and then entered in the zoo.
Zoo and wee amusement park are in the site of Himeji Castle, although it's very tiny, it's good
enough to spend one day off!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Visitation AND Mail Day continue...

Hi, thank you so much for your comments always, I appreciate for you all!
I love read comments, I love comments! :D

Today was a visitation day, so I went to Preschool to see how they are spending everyday!
So it was fun to see them in person!
Today the "Karuta Party" was held at the Preschool, and kids were very good!
Sweetie didn't concentrate on Karuta at all, and he just could get 2 pieces...
Then, he cried because he couldn't get many, lol

He brought back this drawing from Preschool today, he is getting good at drawing just a little by little. He said he drew his teachers and school bus driver! :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Surprise gift from Italy AND My WIP

Hi, today was a super mail day!
I was busy going for shopping to the craft shop to frame and make mats for Birth Samplers, etc...
And after shopping I went to Preschool to pick up Tass, and when went back home, there was a puffy envelope from Italy in the mail box!
It was from my dear friend Chiara (no blog)!
She told me that she sent me something earlier, but it was quite fast so I was surprised!

I jumped and run into the home with Tass and opened the envelope.
Look, there was this stunning small zipper bag for me and inside it there was Gloriana silk!
How beautiful this bag is! The flower print stands out like real flower!

And this is the back side, it's also so beautiful, isn't it?
I love both sides very much, and you know this is her work!!
She is a mosaic artist and also she works for making bags!!
I admire of her works so much, and she is a very charming lady and I love her!

Inside of the bag, there is her webshop's tag.
She has her own web shop "BISYBEE" and you can find many of her wonderful works there!
I added this banner (below) on the left side bar on my blog, so you can visit her webshop whenever you want!

Thank you so much, lovely Chiara!
I really appreciate for your warm heart!

And I also received my super stash from USA (e-bay), and Tass received some books his dad, it was a car encyclopaedia... lol, I should be asked SO many times from him "Lookie, mummy, look, look, what is this car???
I know what would happen... it will never stop, whew...

By the way, I finished stitching BOAF's cat, so I was looking for something to stitch next.
And I found this "Quaker Garden" in my WIP file, and suddenly I felt like stitching this very much somehow!

The last post of this stitch was "June 26, 2007" (above), almost 2.5 years ago? wow...
It's not WIP, it was UFO, lol...

I don't know why I left this for so long, it's so much fun to stitch now!
I'm going to keep stitching this and want to finish this!!
I already asked how much would it cost me if I framed this with sample.
Uhmmm.... I think about it, but I want to let this in the nice frame!

It would be very beautiful!!!
I will also ask online frame shop about the cost.
(Sorry for the wrinkled fabric...)


By the way, Scissors that I have sent as a first parcels have already arrived to some homes!!
I heard from Hungary and USA, so customers who ordered from these countries, please watch your mail box! :D

I have sent second parcels today from the post office, I sent e-mail all of them.

If you don't hear from me, please let me know!
I hope everyone will like the scissors!

Take care and have a lovely day!

Thanks for your visit!

Design : "Quaker Garden" (Loose Feathers #19) © Blackbird Designs
Fabric : 30ct Garden State Java by R & R Reproductions
Thread : WDW and GAST

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I shouldn't have danced, yet!!!

Hi, thank you so much for all your comments on the last post!!
Sorry! I shouldn't have danced yet! LOL
I realized that I fogot to stitch some parts (see below photo...)!!

I was thinking I finished it and was happy, though!
But I'm happy and lucky that I could realize before framing, as I always tie with thread at the back when I frame!
Next time I hope will be able to show you the framed piece!

**Scissors Blog UPDATE**

I have received 5 x "E (M size)" type Scissors.
So there is 9 x "B" type and 5 x "E" type left.
I will put your name on the waiting list for another scissors!

Thank you for your visit!

Design : "Curious as a cat" © Birds Of A Feather (OOP)
Fabric : 32ct Vintage Cream Ivory Belfast Linen
Thread : GAST (my choise)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Dance! "Curious as a Cat" - BOAF

Hi, how are you?
I have been fine, thanks to you.
Just now, I finished this "Curious as a cat" © Birds Of A Feather!

It was very fun to stitch along, I love this cat so much!!
Pretty, isn't he? Actually I don't like cat much, though I love this cat, and also BOAF's monthly cat series, as well.
It's very shame that they are out of print...
I didn't have any recommended threads, so I choose them as seeing the chart's photo.

I have already decided which frame I use for, Tass my sweetie wants this cat, so I hope the framing will be pretty as well as this cat!!

By the way, thank you so much for purchasing so many scissors from my scissors blog.
I'm asking your order and put your name on the waiting list (except "E"), so if you are interested in, please drop me a line from a scissors blog (here)!
I'm thinking to order to seller in a few weeks!

Take care and have a lovely week!

Thanks for your visit!

Design : "Curious as a cat" © Birds Of A Feather (OOP)
Fabric : 32ct Vintage Cream Ivory Belfast linen
Thread : GAST (my choice)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

First Birth Sampler Has Framed.

Hi, finally I framed one of Birth (Baby) Sampler for friend's baby!
It's baby boy, so I bought blueish frame (for quilt, no glass) and very light baby blue mat, then framed!

This is a surprise gift, so I can't show the name of him and birth date, though I stitched them one over one, and they are very beautiful IRL.
I also added gold star charm on it!
I was thinking to add little bear charm, though the linen colour (raw) is darker than I thought, so I choose this star instead of it.
I thought about this frame a bit darker than I though for the Birth (baby) Sampler, but when the baby blue mat was putted in at the craft shop, it became lovely!

It's a bit shame that the thread colour of "Bless" didn't stand out well even after framed...
I should have changed the colour, now I think...

I hope my friend will be happy to receive this!
I should make 5 more same samplers, though!! whew!
I don't like one over one, so there are blank area on all the samplers where I should stitch their name and birth date... lol

My SIL asked me to change some threads colour, so I so undo some area...
I hope everyone would be glad to receive these gifts! :D

Take care and have a lovely weekend!
Thank you always for your visit!

Design : "Bless The Baby" © Lizzie*Kate
Fabric : 32ct Raw Linen
Thread : GAST

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Scissors sent out AND Corrections

Hi all, thank you so much for your visit to my blog and my scissors blog!
I appreciate for all and your comments.

As for the scissors, I sent them out.
I have already sent e-mails to the customers, the post officer told me that the scissors could be understood as arms, so your countries' custom may open the parcel that I sent...

I think it will take about 1~2 weeks to arrive to you!
I hope you'll like them!!!

By the way, I looked for very hard to find these "E type" scissors, and found some.
But I realised there are 2 sizes.
So I corrected my scissors blog, sorry about this.

S size (10cm) - $12
M size (13cm) - $14

And today I sent the parcels out, though the shipping fee was expensive than I thought, so please let me correct the cost for shipping - 1st item from $2 to $3, please.
I'm sorry about this, and please forgive my all of mess...

Take care and have a lovely week!
Thanks for your visit!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sneak Peek and so on...

Hi! Thank you so much for your purchasing scissors on my another blog.
I really appreciate for you!
There is no stock at the moment, though I sent an e-mail to the seller and ordered, so I think I would be able to send them out to you soon!

Sorry about this! It was my first try, so please understand it! :D
By the way, now I'm busy working on scissors order, but I couldn't sleep AT ALL last night somehow, so I stitched a bit!
Baby Samplers are nearly ready, too!
I'm excited about seeing them in the frame. I will show them when they finished!

Sweetie Tass watched the TV program about Kite, and he became want to try to do it.
So we bought Kite (not Japanese old fashion type, it's "Pokemon" ), then we went to the shrine where is placed near our house, and I tried very hard, though my mum was dead laughed seeing me doing this!! She said I was very bad on this and was too funny!! LOL

As for Tass, he said he wants to do this, though he didn't see us doing this AT ALL, he was looking at cars all the time, LOL!!! How car crazy he is!
Anyway, we had fun!

By the way, in the last month, I received an e-mail from a man of publisher of Devon Beekeeper's Association in the UK, and he said he wants to use my flowers' (Christmas Roses) photos for the Association's January issue.
I was confused about this, why Christmas Roses and Bee?? etc...

But Carol R. helped me to understand why he wants to use photos of them.

So I lend him my photos with some promises.
Then the other day the issue has arrived safely to me!
There were my photos in the magazine! There was my name written below, I'm so honored that they used my photos! :D

Poor sweetie Tass, he suddenly cried on Saturday and this morning, and he said he has elbow-ache so much, so we visit an orthopedist.
On Saturday, his joint of right elbow has come off...
And this morning, the joint of left elbow has come off...

It often happens on little kids, and will happen again and again a doctor said.

So we are worrying about it while he is in the Preschool, so I will write a letter to teachers.

[Edited] I remember someone told me in the mail that whose snail mail address is different from the address that PayPal showing, but I can't find the mail and don't remember who...Please let me know who it was!!!
Sorry and Thank you!!!!

There is no stock at the moment, though I will ask your order and when they arrived to me, I will leave aside your scissors, I mean I will write your name on the waiting list!

So please don't hesitate to ask me about scissors!

And please visit my scissors blog (here)

Take care and have a lovely week!

Thank you for your visit!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Design Scissors SALE!

Hi! Today, finally I can share beautiful scissors to you all.I have been asked so many times about my scissors which are on my photo shoot.
So I asked seller if I could buy many of them to sell to you.

This is first try, so I just order them not much of quantities, though I can ask orders from you, then buy them from seller, so please visit my Scissors Sale site!

Here is a banner of Scissors blog.
There is also the banner on the left side bar always, so you can visit there from here.
Of course I will update and let you know when I got stock!