Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Lavender Hill" For my cousin's Birthday!

Hi! Recently I haven't been able to surfing net like before, instead of it I have been stitching much more than before!

Now I'm working on Mary Wigham and some other WIPs.
The end of this month is my dear cousin Akiko's Birthday, and was going to stitch this design for her, but I wasn't in mood to stitch LHN nowadays, so I was going to give up to present her this year.

But, this year is an appreciation year (which I decided), so yesterday I decided to start again, and finished this last night!
The frame and mat was already bought, so what I had to do is just iron and frame it.

The last time I stitched this design
for my friend's Birthday, I choose different frame and pale green mat, though this time I choose lavender mat and very simple frame.

I think this frame is much better than the last one, simple is the best???
What do you think?
I will stitch this design three more times (lol), for my mum, another cousin, and for myself!
I have already bought frames and mats for this design, and mum's and mine are the same as the frame that I presented for my friend.
But I might change if this simple frame looks better than the last one!

Here is some close up photo of stitching and frame and mat.
I really like this design, so I'll never think it's tiring!
This design is so lovely and so I can't wait to hang it on the wall in my room!

I will stitch a bit and iron my WIPs and will show my progress of them.
Take care and thanks for your visit!
Happy stitching!

Design : "Lavender Hill" © Little House Needleworks
Fabric : 32ct Belfast Linen (Platinum)
Thread : DMC

Thursday, June 25, 2009

T-shirts Re-make? Create? Print?

Hi, the other day, I asked my husband to send me clothes, I don't know why (and he said he doesn't know why, either...), but he sent me winter clothes and Tass's baby wears...
I said just "clothes", but why!
How can I survive in this humid and hot summer with winter clothes??? lol

So I bought reasonable plain T-shirts a lot and did "re-make(?)" them!

Here is a black T-shirt and my favourite one!
I printed antique postcard on iron print paper and put it on with laces and button!
I sew them very roughly with zig-zag stitch, so once I washed this, the edges will look more used and I will like it more!

Here are what we bought, includes mum's T-shirts at Uniqro.

Here is a Beige one, I also like this! A photo is a bit lighter, IRL it's a bit more darker and nice and chic!

This one, I printed French postcard and added lace and button! lovely, isn't it?!

And this one... I printed Lilly of the valley, though it didn't show up much, I think.
I don't know if they will be fine once I washed, will see!
I also sew on lace and some buttons.

Here are for mum. My mum does Hula Dance, so they are for her lesson clothes!
Mum's class mate asked me to print some for her, too. hahaha
I thought this would probably happen!

Of course, I asked my husband to send me SUMMER clothes!! LOL

I think I will show you some progress of my WIP on the next post!
Take care and happy stitching!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Soap Bubbles!

Recently I haven't been opening my laptop at all, as my mum doesn't like me to play with PC, so the time when I can use is while she is out and after she slept, lol

So, just a quick post and also no stitching post.
I have been working on Mary Wigham SAL and also some WIPs!
I hope I can show you some photos of them in a few days!

Here are some photos of Sweetie playing with soap bubbles!

These photos was taken in the last month, now we can't bear in long sleeves!!!

Take care and Happy Stitching!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Peace" - PIF FOR Staci

I've got a lovely e-mail from Staci that she has received her PIF gift from Japan safely!
It was just in time, I was always remembering about to make her a PIF gift, but I was thinking what is good for her...

Then I remembered that Staci has red and white things in her bedroom, so I decided to make something redwork!
This design is from Renato Parolin, and I fell in love with this design, actually this design has three motifs, one is "Peace" and one is "Love", and the last one is "Joy".

Here is a photo of backing fabric which I choose for this ornament.
I want to make three of them for myself, too!

Here are some close up photos...


Recently Sweetie has interests in taking photos, too, and when I was taking this Staci's ornament, he brought these toys to add to, as I always add some objects for the photo! lol
Sweetie, I think you don't need a hammer!!! hahaha

Oh I was almost forgetting to put this photo on!
Here is another "Peace"!

She is a 2 months old Labrador that my neighbour has decided to have recently!
Her name is "Peace", she is so lovely and they often let us cuddle her! :D
Oh I miss my dog... how cute these eyes! So innocent!

Take care and have a lovely weekend!
Happy Stitching!

Design : "Peace, Love, Joy" © Renato Parolin
Fabric : 32ct Belfast Linen (white)
Thread : DMC

Monday, June 15, 2009

Kazuko Aoki - "Rose is a Rose" finished!

I've just finished Kazuko Aoki's design, "薔薇はバラ色" (= Rose is a Rose?).
I stitched the same design for two, one is for myself and one is for my mum.
It was so fun stitch, I really became liking stitch her designs so much!

This real pink roses are from my mum's garden, actually they were blooming beautifully at neighbours garden.
Last year we were talking about them, and then an old man who own these floweres in his garden gave us some sprays of this rose!
This year they bloomed in my mum's garden, beautiful, aren't they?!

The ground area, there was written to double cross stitch, but I didn't get it, so I just have done normal cross stitch!

Thank you so much for joining my Giveaway, and thanks for lovely comments for winners!
Margaret, Rowyn, I will send your pinkeeps in a few days!

Take care and have a lovely day!
Happy stitching.

Design : Book "バラと暮らす" ("Bara to kurasu") by Kazuko Aoki
Fabric : 12B Fremme Linen
Thread : DMC

The Winners Are...

Hi! I just finished drawing of my 3 years stitching Giveaway!
And now here are the winners!!!

The brown one with coffee baked Lilly of the valley's winner is No. 44

A Samler Of Stitches : Margaret

And, Pink Lille of the valley's winner is, No. 29

Congratulations, both winners!!
I will e-mail you and let you know that you won!

Sorry for the other partisipants, but it was fun for me, too!
I hope you enjoyed this game as well.

Take care and have a lovely weekend!
Happy stitching!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Private Exchange FOR Nina

Finally I could manage stitching and finishing Nina's Exchange, whew...

We had been talking about our private exchange since the last year, and she sent me wonderful exchange in April, but I couldn't make anything nice, I have never failed such many times before, then took time until send it out recently...

As you know, Nina is so talented and I've received wonderful works of hers first, so I was very hesitating to stitch and make something for her... you know what I mean?!
I was going to stitch sewing case by Lavender Lace, but there were so many specialty stitches, and also one over one, and I failed so many times, so I gave up!

Next time, I decided to stitch and make sewing sets by French designers, but the almost whole stitches were one over one, and I gave up again, as I can't do it...
Then decided to make this tin designed by LHN for her, but you know, again I made careless mistake on it, and so I decided to stitch one more piece...
I have never failed so many times like this time before!!
There must be BIG frog still on my shoulders!!

So here are two tins for her and for myself because I decided to complete mistaken one for myself.
I know Nina likes pink, but the design is based on light blue, so I added light blue flowery ribbon around the stitched pieces, and added pearl beads on four corners.
I also made a fob and pincushion for her.

Uhmmmm, it was too much, too fussy?
I was a bit worried about this, but I received a sweet mail from her, and she told me that she loves everything, so I'm so happy and feel relief now!

Here is mine, I will post how I failed and made mistake on hers and mine, though I added small ribbon charm on the mistaken spot to hide it.

This exchange had also another highlight, we exchanged our countries spices!
Her fiancee Tamas wants to try Japanese spices, so I sent her many of spices of our country and also instant miso soup, etc...!
I hope Tamas and Nina will love them!!

Thank you so much Nina for this lovely exchange!!

Here is a Strawberry Diary, we (actually sweetie) picked 5 pieces of strawberries this time!
This photo was taken on 5th of June, now strawberries are taking nap (lol), there seem not so many left to grow up...
Hope they will grow up more and more and let us taste again! :D

There is only one day left two days left for GIVEAWAY!
I changed the deadline to 14, June (Sunday) Japanese time.
So please join in this drawing!

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Thank you SO much for participating for this GIVEAWAY drawing!
There are so many people is joining this GIVEAWAY and I'm so happy and having fun to read your comments!!
It's always so much fun to read comments especially from first visitor or quiet followers!

Take care and Thank you for your visit!!!
Happy Stitching.

Design : "Loving and Faithful" © Little House Needleworks
Fabric : 35ct Wichelt linen (Cream / Ivory)
Thread : Crescent Colours (silk / thread pack)