Thursday, May 31, 2007

Quaker Pinkeep

As I wrote in the last post, I have been practicing to make pinkeep recently!
And here is the second pinkeep for me, this time I have decided the theme, it's "black", and have chosen the design from A Mon Ami Pierre (free chart).
Here are some photos!

To stitch Quaker design was the first time for me andit was quite fun!
At first, I thought to stitch only in black, but it seemed a bit gloomy, so added my initials in smoky-pink!

This time also I've made the top-pin by myself with black furPompom.
Just have glued to the needle!
I love this lovely fur Pompom very much! Isn't this really cute?!

The backing fabric that I used is here.
I also like this cloth which I've chosen for this pinkeep! Very beautiful, isn't it?!
The size of this pinkeep is about 9cm square, it's tiny and lovely!

I think the last pinkeep I've made is too big as a pinkeep, lol (it's about 14cm square...)
But my mum really likes my first pinkeep (the last one), so I will giveit to her as a present!

I'm joining "Pinkeep Exchange" for Japanese group, and the partnerjust have been decided recently, so now I have been looking for the design for her.
Until then, I will try to practice and want to make 1 or 2 more pinkeeps!

[note] 32ct Belfast Linen (Antique Ivory) x DMC
design from : AMAP (freechart)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The First Pinkeep

Here they are!
I've finished to make the pinkeep last night and will share some photos of it!
This was the first time for me to make pinkeep,it was a bit difficult for me to sew up, but it was quite fun!

How is this?
I've made this pearl pin by myself.
I have been planning to make like this big pin for the top of pinkeep, since I've seen the picture of pinkeep design from EEF, and it was almost the "first sight love" !
I really like this pin! Isn't this lovely?

I used two types of ribbons, one is silk and another one is an organdy with lace.

Here is the backing fabric which I choose for this pinkeep.

The size of this pinkeep is about 14cm square...
It's a bit big as a pinkeep, isn't it? lol
This time I made this as a practice for the pinkeep exchange, so will try to make more nicely for the 2nd time practice.

[note] "ABC maison bleue" (Free chart) @ Les grilles de Maryse
32ct Belfast Linen (Antique Ivory) x DMC

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

ABC maison bleue

I had been stitching this design from Les grilles de Maryse last week.
I love her design, colours are soft and designs are really lovely!And moreover she offers us cute free charts!

A day before yesterday, I have finished this, the photo is here!
How is this?

It's lovely isn't it?!
I'm joining "Pinkeep Exchange" (Japanese group), and so I will make this up to pinkeep, but just as practice!I hope I can make it nicely...

Free Chart : ABC maison bleue @ Les grilles de Maryse
32ct Belfast Linen (Antique Ivory)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

One year old stitcher!

As I noticed in the last article, I add some photos of the framed "Four Friends Sampler" here!
I made mount (mat? the karhki frame around the fabric) by myself.
I thought it would be better in the brown wooden frame, but it didn't funny at all in the white frame! Don't you think?

The fabric I used for the mount (mat?) does suit the thread colour of alphabets, so it looks more sober and I like it.

I added rich-rack tape on the top and the bottom!Isn't this lovely?!
I really like this design and fabric!There are the same fabric and threads left, so I'm thinking to make the same one for myself!

I became "1 year old stitcher" this month!
It has been just 1 year since I've started cross stitch as my hobby!
I've never thought that I would be crazy for cross stitch this much!
My (small) dream at the moment is, I'd like to decorate walls with full of framed beautifull my own stitches!
Plus! I want to write whatever I want properly, in English here!
That's my second year's aim!!

[note] "Four Friends Sampler" © Bright Needle (Book No. 27)
32ct Belfast Linen (Vintage Country Mocha) with Anchor + DMC threads

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Four Friends Sampler

Finally I've done "Four Friends Sampler" from Bright Needle (Book No. 27).
Stitched on 32ct Belfast Linen (Vintage Country Mocha) with Anchor + DMC threads.
I really love this design and fabric!Isn't this lovely?!
It was really fun to stitch along!

I stitched this for my dear friend Mii's birthday.
But! Her birthday was the end of April, though, LOL
Sorry Mii! Happy belated birthday!

I've framed this and sent off yesterday, so will post the photos of framed one later!
I want to stitch the same design on the same fabric for myself as well!

[note] "Four Friends Sampler" © Bright Needle (Book No. 27)
32ct Belfast Linen (Vintage Country Mocha) with Anchor + DMC threads

[WIP] SAL - Avril

I haven't posted for a long time as I didn't think I had enough progress to post here... Recently I'm busy looking after my son (will turn 2 years old soon...) Therefore I can only stitch after when he slept at night. Here is the photo of SAL des maison de campagne April, below...

I found mistake (again, LOL)!!
I'd better undo and stitch again... sigh
There is new chart "Mai (May)" online, I have to finish this April soon and try for May!
Hurry Hurry Hurry!!

Free Chart : SAL des maisons de campagne : Avril @ Les grilles de Maryse
32ct Zweigart Belfast Linen (Raw Linen)

Banksia Rose

Here are the photos of Banksia Rose at my mom's garden!
I really love this pastel yellow colour!

How are they?
They are really beautiful, aren't they?!

My mom has bought a small sapling of this flower and it grew up like this!
Actually she hasn't been taking care of this at all, LOL