Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween! - Prairie Autumn Mirror

Thank you so much for everyone who has left me kind and lovely comments in the
last post.
I think I was too serious and strict for the schedule for the SAL.
But now I'm thinking and going to stitch along with fun and enjoyments from now on!
Now thanks to you all, I think that it's OK to finish the PS SAL for the Christmas in 2008!
Most important thing is "Happy Stitching", I realised it! :D

Thank you again, everyone!!

By the way, I've finished this PS small Autumn design a day before yesterday!
This is so tiny and cute, I really love Autumn designs and colour very much!
I was thinking to make a pinkeep with this as the sample photo, but I remember that I wanted a small mirror, especially to see the face after we ate meals, lol!

It's just like a pinkeep, process is almost the same, I just put into the mirror between the face and the back, and made a circle hole on the back for the mirror!
I added a thin laces for both face and the back, trimed with black satin ribbon, and used Autumn colour fabric for the back.

How is this? Isn't it lovely?
I wanted to take around this in my bag with me, but it's just a little bit big to take around, in my small bag, so I will add this to my special basket which pinkeeps are in!

Today, I received surprised present from my Japanese friend!
I haven't been telling what she sent me a parcel, so it really surprised me a lot!

We've met online and became very good friends. Actually we are living far a way, but we both have 2 years old boy, etc...we have a lot in common!
She has been to Tokyo Disney-land with her family and she bought some really lovely goodies for my son!!
Pumpkin Minnie bag (sweets were inside) and snow-white's colour pens on the car!
So lovely, aren't they?!

And for me, she gave me some beautiful charts which she has already stitched and done!
I really wanted "Baby Garden" (Birth Sampler) from Just Nun, so I was so happy that she gave it to me! She also added a rabbit charm for "Baby Garden", she is kind enough, isn't she?
Other items are from "With my Needle" and a catalogue from "Eva Rosenstand"!
Wow, I feel I'm a rich now, lol!

The last photo of today is a Halloween Pumpkin Pudding we ate today!
Isn't it lovely and looks yummy?
I love this pumpkin and this cup as well!
I can use this cup after I ate pudding!
And also it was yum!! :D
Double Yum Yum! LOL

In Japan, there is no traditional Halloween events like in the US or European countries, but "Halloween" is getting be famous a little by little recently, but I'm not sure that how many person know about the meaning of Halloween, same as the Christmas, lol
In Japan, they are just young peoples' fun events, especially Christmas is just for luvy luvy young couples' event! lol

I think, most important event in Japan is may be a New Year's traditional ceremony at home and at shrine?
We cook special meals for New Year and go to shrine, every year.
So most of us have no habit to send Christmas cards to friends or family, but most of us send New Year's post card to family and friends, colleague, etc...

Well well...


"Autumn Pinkeep" & copy; Prairie Schooler @ The Gift Of Stitching Magazine
32ct DMC Linen (White)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The 2nd Angel for the SAL

Again (lol), finally finally I've finished my 2nd Angel for the PS wreath SAL.

I know I have to concentrate on this The PS wreath SAL more and more, otherwise I won't be able to manage it and be in time at all...

But... I don't know why, I don't think I want to stitch these Angles at all (lol)...
I wrote "don't know" but actually I KNOW why I don't want to stitch this.
That's because of full of BS and gold thread.

Gold thread really really makes me tired and crazy!
When I'm stitching in gold thread, I can't see any progress at all (lol), can't go forward at all!

Sigh, sigh, sigh...

I sometime think I feel like changing the design for the SAL even from now, LOL
These angles are really beautiful, but I think I've miss chosen for the SAL...

I just hope I can enjoy this angels and be in time for the schedule!

When I this close up photo of Angel's peaceful face, I feel relief very much and feel "Try to do my best for this!", but a little bit bit bit... lol

"Blackwork Angels" (Book No. 103) © Prairie Schooler
35ct Wichelt Linen (Cream / Ivory) with DMC (Gold = #E3821), 1 strand

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Autumn Medley - "Framed"

I was going to change the frame colour to Black like the sample photo of this chart.
But this is a ready-made frame and there were glass which I couldn't take off, so didn't change the colour...
So this frame colour is just as it was...
Actually this ready-made frame is for Japanese art, like below...
It says... "Go for your dream..." something like that in Japanese, with 8 small birds. isn't it cute??

By the way, there were blank areas at both top and bottom of this stitched piece, when I put it into this frame.
I thought a lot what to do next... and a few ideas were floating in my mind, I didn't know whether it would be sucseed or not, but I have just tried!

There were about 3cm depth in this frame, so I made the two lines with small pine cones for these blank area .
Why didn't I just put (glued) them on the stitched piece???

I'm typically a fickle person (lol), so I will definitely change my mind someday in the near future!
That's why I made this as easily attached or removed. LOL

I know myself well! lol
I added them this time, but sometimes I felt like attaching linen laces on it, I can easily remove these pine cones! (lol)
It's a nice idea, isn't it?!

Well, here is a close up photo of this "Autumn Medley".

I wanted to change the frame colour, but it's still nice in a natural colour frame, don't you think so? There are so many kind of oblong designs © Heart in Hand, so I think it would be nice to add some seasonal designs and change it when the next season has come!

"Autumn Medley" © Heart in Hand
32ct Belfast Linen (Platinum)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Autumn Medley - Finished!

Finally I finished the Autumn Stitch, "Autumn Medley" © Heart in Hand today!
"Thank you so much for everyone" who told me about the framing cost in the past comments.
I think most of countries are the same, handmade frames are really expensive aren't they?!
As well as in Japan, I asked a shop staff about the frame for this "Autumn Medley", the other day.

This "Autumn Medley" is only about width 5cm x height 28cm (about 2 inch x 11 inch), but Handmade frame cost me about 8,500 yen (it's about $77.00) !!
This stitch is just for Autumn season and I'm not so in love with this design (lovely though, lol), so I thought I would find a ready-made frame for it, and I found it, actually!
The frame size isn't just fit for the stitch, but I will add something in blank areas and will make it maybe tomorrow, if the weather was fine!

This is the first time for me to stitch © Heart in Hand design, and bought a button pack, too.
I like it and there are so many series of the same kind of ablong design, so I will buy and add more designs for my collection!

By the way, I hope I can show you the framed this piece in a few days!

"Autumn Medley" © Heart in Hand
32ct Belfast Linen (Platinum)

"Think Pink" - My tote-bag

While I was sewing tote-bag for my friends and my mum, I also made for myself with pink fabbie!

This month is a "Think Pink", think about breast cancer campaign month, and I would like to stitch PINK design, but have no pink design at all, so I post this my pink tote-bag.

I was no interests in pink colour before, but recently I really like Pink, I don't know why but it's just cute I think!
I made my tote-bag with pink fabrics and white fabric with lace, and added my initial on the 32ct Law Linen, of course in pink thread!

Now I'm using this bag to organize present stitching stuff.
So now in this bag, there is "Heart in Hand" chart, fabbie, threads, etc...etc...

Sometimes take this to hospital to stitch while waiting for my son's or my turn.

Inside this bag, I used my favourite polka-dot (red one), and added pocket on it.
I played with mine, stamped on the pocket which is mushroom and says "merci", lol
No meaning, just played, LOL
Also added "Y" initial tag on the pocket.

On the right photos are the fabrics which I used for this my tote-bag.

As for the Heart in Hand Autumn stitch, I'm re-stitching pumpkin now, but it's nearly done and I think I can show you the finished piece tomorrow!
I have an idea how to finish it in my mind, but it's still secret! :D

To see all bags which I've made in the past, just click the "Bags" at Labels on the left side bar on my blog!

From : "Charted Monograms for Needlepoint and Cross-Stitch"

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mum's work - Hat

First off, I wrote that I'm working on Bent Creek Autumn stitch in the last post, but it was wrong and actually I'm working on Heart in Hand stitch now!
It's in the middle way of stitching and I don't think there is enough progress to post here yet, so today I post my mum's work, again, lol.

Isn't it lovely?! She made knit hat for my niece, actually it was mine, but it was a bit small for me, so she changed the pattern a bit and made it to her grand-child!
I don't know she (my niece) will like it or not, but I think this is really lovely and this is just my taste!
Really suit well for my wardrobe and it's my fav colour "brown"!
So I will ask mum to make one more, a bit bigger hat for me, as well (lol) !

Anyway, I hope I can show you some progress of Heart in Hand Autumn stitch in the next post!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

"Pumpkin House" - freebie

Yesterday, "Pumpkin House" (freebie) © The Sampler Girl which I was working on these few days has finished!
It was almost the first sight love, and I finished this as like the photo of this chart!
Only one different part is... I just added ribbon on the top!

This is the first one for me to stitch fall design for this year, and I was so happy that I could make it even one, because I like autumn colours and designs very much, like "Acorns", "Pumpkins", "Squirrels", "Halloween", etc... I love autumn-like design so much, so this first Autumn stitch was really meant to me and made me happy!

How is this?
On the left photo, these are the fabbies which I used for this mini-pillow.
I was very happy when I found these fabbies which are similar to the photo of the chart!

I'm quite satisfied of this result, even though it's a bit bigger than I expected, LOL

On the right photo, this is a ribbon which I added on the top of this mini pillow as my original finishing!
I also added wooden button on it!

Now I'm working on the Autumn stitch from Bent Creek Heart in Hand.
It's lovely and I'm really enjoyed stitching it!
But what I'm thinking a lot is it's very oblong, so how to finish is the problem for me at the moment...

In Japan framing is very expensive (in your countries, too?) and there are not so many good designs...
I will ask how much it will cost me, and decide what to do!

If it's too expensive, I may try to make its frame by myself!! :D

[ note ] "Pumpkin House" (freebie) © The Sampler Girl
32ct Belfast Linen (Law)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Dear My Friend!!

Today is my dear friend's Birthday, It's Su! and I've got an e-mail from her that my parcel has safely arrived to her, so I post some photos what I've made and sent for her here, to share you all!
Actually since it has arrived too earlier to her, she had to be really patient to open it till her Birthday, today! You had been a good girl !!! LOL

By the way, this time I made her Tin-Can and some sewing stuff from "Sampler Girls" © M Designs.

Actually this is from the same chart from my dearest friend Nanami presented me.
There are two designs in one chart, so I stitched a small one for her!

I added woolly lace around the tin-top, and inside bottom and the around the tin-can, I used black x beige checked fabbie, inside around I used lacy fabbie which I really like!!

I also made and added some stuff, Pincushion, Tape measure, and scissor fob from the same design.
Pincushion that I made is actually too big, it's like mini-pillow, (lol) I added wooden beads and inside it I added lavender, so it smells really nice.
I hope she likes lavender scent!

And tape measure, I added open heart charm for the pull tab, it's lovely isn't it?!
It's "cm" and "meter" measure, I don't know which is used in the UK, if you use "inch" or "feet", sorry about that! (lol)

As for the scissor fob, I made it from two buttons, actually.
I added small tassel for it! It's quite small and lovely, so I definitely will make one for myself as well!
Actually I love them all what I've made for her (LOL), so when I have time, I will definitely make the same set for myself!!
But as for the pincushion (pin-pillow), I will make more smaller than this one I sent her, LOL!

Well, I'm so happy to hear that she love them all which I've made for her Birthday!
She sent me soooooo sweet e-mail, so it also made my day!
Thank you, dear my friend!

Let's stay friends and keep in touch!


"Sampler Girls" © M Designs
32ct Belfast Linen (Vintage Country Mocha)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Preparing for the Winter

As you may already know, I can't knit at all, it's so difficult for me...
So, knitting is my mum's field and her hobby from Autumn to Winter!
She has started knitting from a few weeks ago, then she made this light green scarf as the first work for this year!

It will actually be sold at bazaar at my niece's Preschool.
Isn't it lovely? I like it very much, so I will ask her to make the same one for me as well!

Actually she already has made me an another scarf, it's also lovely!
It feels so soft and I really like this colour, it's like hand dyed thread, isn't it?!

She does knitting so fast, so she has made a small hat for my niece last night, it's also so cute!
I will post the photo of it some another time!

I really want to knit, but why???
I have no talent at knitting at all! Really poor me, I can't knit AT ALL!!! lol
It must be really fun, if I could knit... sigh... :(

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Birthday Present from Nanami!

Today, I've got a biiiiiiiiig parcel from my Japanese dearest friend Nanami.
She had been telling me that she has been stitching something for my Birthday, although it would be very late, she said definitely will send it to me!

And finally, THAT parcel has safely arrived today, it's the first time for me to see her stitch in person, and we have really similar tastes, so I was really excited to open the big box!!
Actually I couldn't open it as soon as it arrived, I left away from my little son to be alone (lol), and I breath deeply before I opened it.

Actually we haven't met in person, since we've met online, we've became really really good friends soon!
We both have in common a lot, about stitching style, taste etc...
I always admire her works very much!
By the way, she stitched large design for me, it must took really long time to stitch along, and her stitching is really beautiful!!
And more! She added so many goodies!!
Thank you Nanami!

Look at this wonderful works!!

She also does Quilting, so she quilted both sides of this stitch and added laces on the top and the bottom!

I really like how she finishes always, and this present is also awesome as always!
And, her husband and she (both two) made this lovely frame for me as well, can you believe how kind they are?
I like a little rough looks on frames, so this is the perfect one for me!

She made two lovely pincushions for me, too!!
She stitched my initials on the faces and the backs are cotton knitting!!

How lovely they are!
I can't knit at all, and I've heard that she is not good at knitting either and don't like it much, so I can see her efforts to make these two for me!

Oh my goodness! Can I deserve such wonderful presents from friends??
I called her tonight to say "Thank you so much" from the bottom of my heart, actually it was the first time for us to talk on the phone, but she was the lady who I always imagined from her e-mail or her works.
Har voice, kind voice and how to speak were really comforted me, as I expected!!
Thank you so much indeed, Nanami!

Remember... I will always besides you like your hubbie, whenever you are sad, happy, down, I'm here for you, even though I can't be there WITH you in person, I will always here for you to listen to you!

Stay friends for a long long time!
And I thank god to gave me such a lovely opportunity to have met you!

[note] Framed stitch : "Sampler Girls" © M Designs