Monday, July 30, 2007

Rose Pincushion

As I wrote before, my mom has been asking me to make 2 more same pincushions for her friends, but I don't know why I don't feel like stitching them recently at all...
I just thought "Is there any more easier design on the magazines?" LOL
And found this "ROSE" so tried to stitch right now!

But, the design was too small for the wood cup which I wanted to use for...
So I decided not to do this for presents, and used another smaller wooden cup.

How is it?
It seemes a bit rough finishing on the photo though, it's still lovely actual!

From : De fil en aiguille HORS-SERIE [TOUT ROUGE]

Friday, July 27, 2007

Pinkeep Exchange FROM Satomi

As I wrote there was a "Pinkeep Exchange" in Japanese group, and finally I've got mine from Satomi !
She is a really creative and a talented lady and I have been always admireing her works.
Therefore, when I saw her name on the envelope, I said " Wow! is this true?! " LOL

Here is a Pinkeep her made.

I like these colours very much and some kinds of stitches are used.
She added charm, lovely button etc... for me as well.

These are the Pins and the backing fabric.
Lovely aren't they? It's totally perfect and I really love this!

I think I'm a lucky person!I have 2 more Exchanges to go!
One has done already, just have to packing and send it to her in France the early in August, and the other one is not have done yet...
Hurry hurry, I will be busy bee!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hardanger Embroidery

I had been longing to try to do "Hardanger Embroidery" for a long time.
Then I found some books about Hardanger and wanted to get them, but they seemed so difficult for me to start.
When I back home, I searched and found a online shop about Hardanger, so I bought some beginner's kits for the first step!

How are they?
They are beautiful enough as the beginner's kit, don't you think?!
I really like these colour effects and its elegance!

But I LOVE cross stitch so wouldn't be crazy for Hardanger than do cross stitching, but sometimes I want to make these small things as some gifts for friends!
Actually I've already sent them to my friend as a present!!

Kit : from Fairy Needle (Japanese)

Monday, July 23, 2007

[WIP] HOHRH - House 4 Fini

The House (Block) 4 has finished last night! Yeah!
The colour is Autumn-like and I really liked this block to stitch along.

© Carriage House Samplings "The Houses Of Hawk Run Hollow"
40ct Wichelt Linen : Sandstone / Tea

Sunday, July 22, 2007

My mum's first work!

My mum has just started doing cross stitch with me! So I gave her fabrics (Aidas which I've bought at very first when I've started cross stitch) and she has chosen THIS from lots of charts that I have, for the first stitch!

How is this?
I think she has really well done as the first work!!
It's really pretty design, so I want to try to stitch this some other time!

When I downloaded them, they were free, but unfortunately, include this, they are not free chart anymore...
I must say I was really lucky!

She finished as an ornament, trimmed with code and made tassel by herself with the left code, but as they were twisted, it shrunk when she untied, LOL

Recently we found and bought so many tassels, so next time when I try to finish like this, I will use proper tassel!
Just to make sure, I've asked her if she tries to use the proper tassel and undo, but she said that she is satisfied this result and so leave it as it is... so it's of course still shrunk, whenever I see, LOL

Here is the backing fabric. This fabric was my favourite, lovely isn't it?!
But it really suit well for this design I thought and she liked this as well, I pleased to gave it to her to use!
Now she has been trying to stitch another one from Echevette and when it finished she will try to more bigger design which she felt in love at the first sight!

[note] Free Chart (it's not free anymore...) "Amitie" Echevette

Maison Sajou

One day I wanted to get one from Sajou, and finally I've got it!! Yeah!
When I saw this beautiful blue package in person, I was really excited! LOL

I had been using the one from Eva Rosenstand, and it's really fine, but my mom has just started doing cross stitch, so I gave it to her, then have got this instead of it!
But! This is of course fine and nice, but the Old one is better for me to use at the moment...
It's more sharper and small.

Hhmmm, I may buy the new Eva one for myself again! LOL

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gift from "Hiyo"

Yesterday, I've got a parcel from Hiyo who is my Japanese blog friend.
Actually I've won the prize to get this really lovely pincushion which she has made!
It's tiny and really lovely!

She added some lavendar inside the pin-cushion, so the smells really lovely!
And she gave me some souveniour from Hawaii where she travelled for holiday!
Wow, I love chocolates! will have some later!

Thank you, Hiyo!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Red Wine Dyed

This time, I've tried hand-dyed with "Red Wine"!
It turned out beautifully marbled light pink!

I only used very cheap cooking wine! :DI've heard that to fix the color, to soak in the tepid vinegar.Would you try this, too?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pinkeep Exchange FOR N.

There was "Pinkeep Exchange" in the Japanese group, then my partner has told me that the pinkeep has safely arrived to her!
So I post the photos of it!
When my partner has been decided and told me, "P. Samouiloff" has just came up into my mind, because I've already known who my partner is, and I've also known that she loves P. Samouiloff very much.

This is backing fabric I used, which my friend gave me, I thought it suits well with this pinkeep!
Very lovely fabbie, isn't it?!

Here are photos of handmade Pins!
They are a bit weak, so I don't want her to touch them much, LOL

I heard that she loves this Pinkeep much, so I'm also glad to hear that!
To exchange handmade things is really fun, I want to try to join the project as much as I can!

From De fil en aiguille "TOUT BLEU" / 40ct Cosmo Linen (white)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Red Heart Pincushion

I suddenly realized that I have only few pin cushions, and it's not good enough to heavy use!Recently I have been stitching some of designs at the same time, so needles are used a lot!
So I decided to make one for myself.
Here it is!

Inside the Heart, BS and French Knots are used.
It's very cute and I like it very much! My mum asked me to make two more of them to give her friends who does sewing, so I will try to finish my project first and then will try to make two more of them!

It might sounds quite hard to make two more of the same design, but to make this was quite fun, so I don't really mind to stitch and make them!
I think this will really be a nice small gift for friends!!

[note] from De fil en aiguille N54 - MARS-AVRIL 2007
40ct Cosmo Linen

Thursday, July 12, 2007

[WIP] HOHRH - House 4 (1)

Now I have been stitching "House 4".
It's on 40ct fabric so it makes my eyes very tired, but the result is really beautiful!I became 40ct fan! LOL

I also started to stitch for "surprised exchange" with Domy in France!
It's nealy done! I hope she will like it!

© Carriage House Samplings "The Houses Of Hawk Run Hollow"
40ct Wichelt Linen : Sandstone / Tea

Thursday, July 05, 2007

[WIP] HOHRH - House 12 Finished

Another new and big challenge is here!
I've decided and have started to stitch "The Houses Of Hawk Run Hollow (HOHRH)" from Carriage House Samplings!

I've done Block (House) 12 already!
It's quite tough to stitch along but it's also quite fun at the moment!!

© Carriage House Samplings "The Houses Of Hawk Run Hollow"
Wichelt Linen : 40ct Sandstone / Tea