Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pinkeep Exchange FOR Su (1)

It has just started from a comment to my blog from someone who I have really admired.
Su, who is really talented and stitches soooo many wonderful things always!
I was sooooooooooo happy to got her comment on my works, so I e-mailed her to tell how much I was happy to received her comment!
Then our friendship has started and have decided to do exchange pinkeep each other!

Su told me that the parcel has safely arrived to her (very fast! It took only 3-4days from Japan to England??), so I put some photos of the things what I've made for her!

This is the pinkeep for our "Pinkeep Exchange", I've chosen the design from EEF, because I've known that she loves EEF a lot!
The back of the pinkeep, I added a pocket and stamped her initial and mine on it.
I love polka-dot and "pink" recently, so this fabric was just my taste and thought it would suit well for the back of this pinkeep!

As for the ribbon, I used dark brown + baige checks one, and it's also my taste, lol.

Pins are made by myself with beads, it's easy to make and takes really short time, but when you see the finished one, they are so lovely and make nice accents to the finished item!
I've received sooooooo sweet e-mail from Su, and in the mail, she wrote that she really loves all the things what I've made for her!
I'm soooooooooooo happy to hear that from her, because I was a bit anxious till I've heard of it from her. LOL (everyone will feel the same, I think! lol)

I am still an amateur (lol) , it has only been a year and some months, since I've started cross stitch, and moreover I have been studying English so far, so this exchange with Su was a really big challenge for me!
I'm brave enough, aren't I?! LOL

Since I've started to write this English blog, I have made some lovely friends from foreign countires, and it's all through my addicted hobby "cross stitch"!!
Thank you so much all my friends, people who leave sweet comments here!
I'm so happy to hear your comments, please feel free to leave comments anytime!

And dear Su, I really appreciate for your kindness and generous heart !

[note] "Rose House" Ewe & Eye & Friends 40ct Wichelt Linen : Sandstone / Tea

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

* Rose House *

About a week ago, "Rose House" from "Ewe & Eye & Friends" was finished!
There were so many special stitches on it, and I was a bit anxious about them before I've started...
But thanks to the detailed information on the chart, I could make them!
This is really a beautiful design and I really became an EEF fan!

I realised that the special stitches are quite fun to stitch!
It was the first time for me to stitch special stitches, so I'm quite satisfied of the results!

This won't be in the frame, it's for the exchange!!So in the next post, I will show you how this turned out!

[note] "Rose House" Ewe & Eye & Friends 40ct Wichelt Linen : Sandstone / Tea

Surprise Exhchange FROM Domy

Finally, Finally, Finally! What I had been waiting for has arrived to me!!!This is a "Surprise Exchange" from Domy in France!Look! How lovely this bag is!!!I love the colours very much and was really surprised on her beautiful stitch!!!Oh wow, can't believe...

I'm sorry Domy, but I can't take this around for shopping, I don't want to get it dirty!!! LOL
So I will put this on the wall like this photo above, as a beautiful interior!

She also stitched for me a beautiful Biscornu, unfortunately I couldn't take a photo properly, actually it's really beautiful!
Recently I was interested in Biscornus, so when I saw this, I thought she could read my mind? LOL

Look at this photo!! She added so many things in the parcel!

Most of all are souveniours from her summer holiday in Bretagne and Mont Saint-Michel!
Garettes are all gone already, LOL, it's my favourite! yum yum
Cafe au lait bowls are sooooo lovely! I really like them all!
Thanks a lot for your kindness and for your lovely works!
I'm so happy that I could meet(?) you, it's quite hard to find a kind and friendly person like you!

I wish I could speak English or French (lol) so well, so I can express my emotion properly, but at the moment, I don't know how to tell you my this happy feeling in English... (have to study more and more!)

What I can say now is.... Merci, Domy!!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Prairie Schooler Wreath SAL

I've decided to join in the wonderful SAL!
It's "
The Prairie Schooler Wreath SAL", my friend choko has told me about this.
It has already been started, so I asked
Tanya who is an organizer of this SAL, if I could still join in this SAL.
She gave me a quick reply and really welcomed me to join in!I'm too late for the schedule, normally I should already have made 3 ornaments, though (lol) Actually, I'm still waiting for some materials to come and be ready to start!!

It was quite hard to decided the design from lots of PS leaflets, but this time what I've chosen for this SAL is "Blackwork Angels".
It was almost the first sight love, I really like Angels' peaceful faces.
I'm really excited to join this wonderful SAL, it's really pleasure to make PS ornaments and moreover we can share our progress online!

Thank you so much for letting me join in the lovely SAL, Tanya!I will try to do my best to be able to show you some ornaments' photos in the next post!

[note] "Blackwork Angels" © Prairie Schooler

Friday, August 24, 2007

Surprise Exchange FOR Domy (2)

I have been addicted to sewing machine to make tote bag, and have I already wrote that I made totally 5 tote bags at the same time, LOL

While I was making, I remembered that Domy's birthday is in August!
So I decided to make a tote bag as a birthday present to her!

This time, I've chosen some cloths to suit well for a mature lady, Domy!

I stitched her Initial on the puple linen (actually this beautiful linen was a present from Domy to me!) with yellow thread (I forgot the DMC #).
And added two different types of laces on it.

I used beautiful rose embroidered cloth for the either side of the linen.

And these are the fabbies that I used for this bag, beautiful aren't they?!

I was also happy to hear that she was really glad to have this birthday gift, as well!
The size is just fit for the cross stitch magazines, like "De fil...", "Point de croix", etc...
So if there is no chance to use or if it's useless (lol), please use this bag for magazines to organize!

From : "Charted Monograms for Needlepoint and Cross-Stitch"

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Raibow Rainbow!!

As you already know, I have been waiting for my parcel from France (actually from the US, too), so recently when the door bell rung, I really rush to the front door!!
Yesterday evening, when the door bell rung, and I really thought it would be mine, yeah my parcel! And rush to the door as usual! lol
But who I saw when I opened the door was...

An old neighbor, LOL!
She was loudly saying something, but I couldn't catch her words, so I went out to outside to hear her, and what she was saying is...

"Do you already know the rainbow arch over your house! It's beautiful, and moreover, it's not one, two rainbows!!! Hurry, come and see them!"

Wow wow! Twin rainbows are over my house!
Can you see one more rainbow above? It's very light and a bit hard to see though!
An old neighbor also said to me "Something happiness may come to you!".
Oh, so please Mr.Postman, deliver the parcels from France + the US to me as soon as possible! LOL

At first I thought she is kind, tell and share this nature beauty with us, but you know, after she said it to me, suddenly she started to ring and ring neighbours' b
ells to tell about rainbow, so at the end, so mamy people were out there, LOL!
She talked to someone who she doen't know, to tell about the rainbow!

Actually... it seemed a little bit mad, LOL
I really laught at it a lot later in the house (don't worry! not in front of her...)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Schwalm Sachet from N.

I've also got a beautiful gift from my Japanese stitcher friend N.
Here is the gift she gave me...
She added the leather seats for me to use for handmade things, and she also told me a nice book to give an ideas to use leathers!
This is absolutely beautiful, isn't it?!
She added Lavender in it, and the Lavender scent is my favourite!

Sooooooo nice smell makes me relax...
I already have a nice book of white-work, but I really hesitate to start and try, because it seems so difficult, but this her beautiful work made my mind changed!

Oh, now I really want to try this Schwalm Embroidery!
But, I have so many things to do on cross stitch, have no time at all!!

By the way, thank you so much N.!
I really love it and definately will be my tresure!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Gift from "Rirumu"

Recently I've been receiving lovely gifts from my Japanese stitcher friends!This is one of them, a lovely pinkeep from Rirumu.

She loves P.Samouiloff's design so much, so made me a pinkeep from her design!A black cat in the cart is really lovely!

The back of the pinkeep is here above.
She also does patchwork, so she has lots of lovely fabbies and have choosen one for this pinkeep from her collection.

She used 2 types of "Tirolian Tape" for the side, it's really lovely!

Thanks Rirumu.
It will be in my pinkeep basket as my collection!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Surprise Exchange FOR Domy (1)

My French friend Domy and I had been talking about to Exchange something each other, from a long time ago, then finally the day our Exchange has come!
About a week ago, I've sent out the parcel to France, then she has got it a few days ago!!So I post some photos what I've made for her!

Here it is! This is our "Surprise Exchange", from me TO Domy!
I've dyed the white DMC linen with coffee, can you see some light marbles on it? I really love the result of this dye, but I think it may still smell coffee sometime, though
! (lol)
I've finished this as a board, it's like big pinkeep, LOL
Because I had to send this by air-mail, the board was light and tough so I thought it would suit well for sending to foreign country.

Then as for the backing fabbie, I used this beautiful flower fabric for the back. I thought she would like this kind of fabbie!

Actually, this design is made full of BS and French-knots, cross stitch part was a little bit...
So was a bit hard for me to stitch along and finished, but French-knots berries are really cute, don't you think?! I think they make a beautiful accent for the whole design.

I'm so glad to hear that Domy was really excited and happy to received this Exchange thing!

I only have seen her face on some photos, so I imagined a lot what kind of design, colour and taste she would love, and moreover this time was "Surprise Exchange", so I was really hesitated to decide the design and finishing.
But after I finished this work, I realised that it is really fun to choose and decide design as imagining a partner!

Actually, I haven't been received her parcel yet, it will reach me maybe tomorrow! It's exciting, isn't it?! The moment to open the parcel always make my heart beat and make me smile really hope the parcel isn't lost a way...

From : De fil en aiguille HORS-SERIE [TOUT ROUGE]

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gifts from Hong Kong!

Yesterday, I've got a surprise gift from Littlehands in Hong Kong!
When I was having nap with my son, my mom called me and woke me up to showed a parcel from Hong Kong!

I was soooooooooo surprised and was sooooo happy!
Soon I opened the parcel and so many lovely things came into my eyes!

I think she must be very busy, but she made some things for me.She made a "Rubber Stamp" of mine, it's really lovely, isn't it?! We've met on the net (blog) so she doesn't know how I look, but she imagined how I look like, and made this lovely stamp! Actually I'm not pretty like her on the stamp, but I will try to be pretty like her as much as I can, LOL

She added a beautiful 32ct hand dyed fabric, it's really beautiful!
Thanks a lot!!

Littlehands, look at this photo!
My son liked "colourfull pinches" you gave me, and he was playing to pinch his cloth!
Actually he seems very happy! LOL
Now they are his favourite!!

By the way, thank you so much for being a nice friend to me!
Your letter and this lovely gifts made my day!


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cicadas @_@;

During "Obon (*Bon Festival)", my relatives are gathering at my mum's house.
On a very very hot day, I have took 5 kids out to the near shrine, to catch cicadas...
Actually I hate insects, so it was a bit of ordeal to me, LOL

But I am a mum of a boy, surely I would have to catch them with my son in the near future, so this time I tried to be brave, as a practice for the near future! LOL

Kids were really good, captured soooooo many cicadas with a net!!Well, I have been really busy and tired looking after 5 active kids these 3 days... huh

*Obon (Bon Festival / Festival of Souls) ..... A Buddhist festivalfor welcoming home the souls of departedancestors and for holding memorial services.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

* Flowers (1) *

When I've been to "Flower Festival" last week end with my son,
unfortunately, I couldn't take photos of beautiful sunflower fields.
So have taken some photos of field flowers, instead!
Enjoy the photos!

Monday, August 13, 2007

To France!

Finally, I've sent out the parcel to my friend Domy in France!
We have been talking about our "Surprise Exchange" for a long time, but I really have to say "Sorry" that's because I was so busy looking after 2 years old boy, and for other 2 exchanges, I haven't been able to manage it at all...

But this time, finally I could make it and finally sent it out to her!! Yeah!

We both sent our parcels out on the same day (on Monday)!
It sounds exciting, doesn't it?!
I really hope she'll like what I have made for her!!
The parcel will reach to me (and to her) after about 4 days, so this weekend would be really fun for both of us!!

Fingers crossed xx

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hardanger - * Heart Ornament *

My second Hardanger work is "Heart Ornament" here!
This time, was used beads, cross stitch etc... it was really fun to stitch along!

I'm a real beginner, but I'm so happy that I could make such a beautiful thing like this!
I'm quite satisfied of this result!
It's beautiful in the green, isn't it?!

I'm not intend to be a professer of Hardanger (of course, lol ), I just wanted to learn and to know how to make the small things in Hardanger like this things.
I mean I was just curious!

But I think they are really nice to be small gifts for friends!

I've learnet only two styles at the moment, so want to learn a little more about this!

By the way, I really like this beautiful and elegant ornamnent, although it doesn't suit my life style at all, LOL!

[note] "Heart Ornament" Kit : from Fairy Needle (Japanese)