Sunday, February 12, 2012

Birds Of Killingworth 3

Hi, how have you been doing all?
I heard about heavy snow and cold wave hit Europe...
Here in Japan, too. Northern Japan and the Japan sea side have heavy snow this year.

I hope everyone is OK.

Here is a progress of "Birds of Killingworth" at the moment!
Thanks for your get well wishes, I recovered from cold and am fine now, thank you!

So many birds and bugs' antennae and birds feet have been stitched!
And also alphabets that I don't like much...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Birds Of Killingworth 2

Hi, Thank you so much for your advices for the last post, as you say I decided not to change colours of flowers!

I said that I will post regularly, though I was concentrating on stitching this so much, I was forgetting to post photos of this on my blog, silly me (lol)

Here are some photos of my progress.
I stitched satin stitch for all around the square, and flowers are finished.