Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bamboo handle Bag

I found a bag which I've been stopping to make and finish in the drawer.
As I was not in the mood to stitch, I have decided to continue to make and finish this bag.

And I've also found bamboo handles in the same drawer, so decided to use them for this bag.

How is this? It's quite lovely, isn't it?
I hope this won't be broken soon I take this with me, lol

Photos of inside the bags are below, I made a pocket for the mobile phone, as well.
And the flower cloth was the one that was used for a famous designers brand cloths!

Before I've started cross stitch, I used to make small things like this with sewing machine.
But not now...
I actually don't like sewing machine, not good at it at all!
So, the cross stitch is just good for me as a hobby!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Japanese style Pincushion

I made Japanese-Style Pin Cusions today!
My OZ friend Fiona told me how to make this and have just tried!!

I used Japanese towel (it's like gauze), so needles for cross stitch can be kept.
I made lots of them, and will give some to my friends!
I don't know why but I don't feel like stitching recently...
I feel tired, I think it's because of the turning point of the season...
I hope I can stitch soon again!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Eggplant Rice Gratin

- Eggplant Rice Gratin -

The last night's dinner was this Eggplant Rice Gratin!
How is it? Looks yummy???
It was really easy to cook!

Sunday, February 18, 2007


I haven't posted for about a week as I didn't think I had enough progress to post here. And I was really tired, I don't know why, but just was tired very much. Maybe I have a cold, I have running nose now, but at the same time, it may be a pollen allergy...

By the way, "CHAPELIER" in French it's a person who make and sale hats and it's only male, I heard from my French friend Domy, it's called "Modiste" if a person is female!

We call "Boshi-ya", but there are only few order made shops in Japan!
I didn't know what the CHAPELIER is, and I was thinking that this is a wig-shop, lol.
But when I deeply thought, it shouldn't be a wig-shop on the book from Perrette Samouiloff, lol !
From yesterday, I have just started to stitch for my friend's wedding.
My friend will visit and see this blog, so I can't post any photos of that, but it's beautiful design from "Bleu de Soie".
I should stitch fast then send it to her, because her wedding was yesterday...

From : Petits metiers Perrette Samouiloff

Friday, February 16, 2007

Mushroom Omlet

- Mushroom Sauce Omlet -
I cooked Mushroom Sauce Omlet for the dinner yesterday!It was really nice taste!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

[Wip] SAL - Fevrier

SAL des maisons de campagne : Fevrier

I've just started SAL des maison de campagne : Fevrier (February), today.
It hasn't enough progress to post here, though...
I've totally forgotten about this SAL, I hope it will be finished in this month! But, I also have another SAL (Sajou), obviously it won't be finished in this month...Quit? or Continue? lol

It was a rainy day today and was very cold...
I suddenly remembered the song from Carpenters, "Rainy days Mondays always get me down~!"
That's right, rainy days Mondays always get me down, exactly...

Free Chart : SAL des maisons de campagne : Janvier @ Les grilles de Maryse
32ct Zweigart Belfast Linen (Raw Linen)

Monday, February 12, 2007

How to make "Boat-shaped" Coasters

Today I share you how to make coasters!

How are they? Their shape are a bit unique, aren't they?
It tasked my pea brain to translate into English, but I will try to do it as much as I can!
Maybe you can imagine how to make them from these photos!
And I really hope so, lol ! (*^-^*);; Enjoy!

What you need are...

  • Cloths 2 types

  • Scissors

  • Thread

  • Buttons (If you use them)

  • Pencil

  • Sewing Machine (If you like...)

Please refer the size of cups which I used...

  • Clear Bowl --- Base diameter = 6cm, height = 6cm

  • White Cup --- Base diameter = 6cm, Width = 12cm, height = 8cm

[[[ The size of cloths = 17cm square, margin to sew up = 0.5cm ]]]

  • Japanese style cup --- Base diameter = 4.5cm, height = 7cm

[[[ The size of cloth = 12cm square, margin to sew up = 0.5cm ]]]

Before you cut the cloth, please make sure that you check the size of your cups or glasses!Please ask me if you have a question!

Prepare 2 types of cloths.And then, write the square pattern on them like above photo.

Set both cloths' face inside, then fix them with pins.

After you sewed up, cut the four corners off.Then reverse them, and whip it.

Pull the center of both cloths out, the shape will be the triangle like above photos.

Then, fold the lower part of the triangle up, you'll see the shape like a ship.Inside is like the 2nd photo...

Sew the buttons on to the small triangles parts.
Then finished!

I'm so sorry for my poor English and explanation I hope you can imagine how to make them from these photos! lol

I'd like to see your works when you make this coasters!
If you like please tell me the url of you blog when you post their photos on it, so I can see them and will be happy!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Curry & Onion Skin Dyed

Today while I was cooking for dinner, I have dyed the cloth again!
This time I used Curry Powder and Onion Skins to dye. Sounds strange???
I have done this before I've got an e-mail about the detail of dying from my French friend Domy, so this process was just my own way, though!

Here it is, Curry Powder Hand-dyed,
How is this?

Actually it's more deep Yellow.
I'd like to ask you again, what kind of design suit this yellow cloth?

The process is the same as yesterday, and I soaked the cloth for about 10-15 minutes this time.The cloth I used is Ivory Aida...

And here is Onion Skin Hand-dyed,I really really like this, am very satisfied with this result!!!
What do you think about this color? Beautiful isn't it?! I didn't expect this turned out beautifully like this!

The process is the same as yesterday, and I soaked the cloth for about 10-15 minutes.
The cloth I used is very light beige Java-Cloth.

It's really fun to dye cloths, I was very excited to see the result!
From now on I can dye cloths for myself, and don't need to order from overseas anymore!
Wow, sounds great! Yeah!

Friday, February 09, 2007

First hand dyed (tea dyed)

There is almost no Hand-Dyed Cloth for cross stitch in Japan, so when we need them we have to order them from overseas.
And have to wait for a long time to get them.
Today, I thought even if I could make it? Then I tried tea dyed as my 1st step.
The result is the below...How is it? It's soso OK as the first time, isn't it?!

First off, make strong tea, then secondly let the cloth wet with water.
Wring the water out, then runple the cloth and make the balled shape like below photo.
I used rubber band just to make sure...Then I soaked it about 2 hours and 30 minutes.
After that, rince the cloth untill the water will be clear. that's all.

I wanted to make more lighter color dyed cloth, so next time when I dye, I make light tea and soak it more shorter!

I soso like this result, but don't know what kind of design or what color of thread suit this hand dyed cloth, I have totally no idea!
Because we don't see the cross stitch work with hand-dyed cloth often in Japan, I can't imagine what it looks like to be...

Please tell me what kind of style suits this type of cloth, and give me some your ideas or opinions!
Today I went out for shopping to buy lots of DMC treads. It took 20 minutes to get there by car, and there are so many shops and departmentstore etc... so we (my son + I) really enjoyed shopping!
We had lunch at nice restaurant and the lunch was yum!
We had very nice time together, I thought I shouldn't have been in a house all day, sometimes need the fun like today in my life!

Gifts from France

I received a parcel from France a day before yesterday!
It was from my French friend Domy! I'm so happy to get them from her, was very excited to open the envelope!!

She bought me 3 French cross stitch magazines, and silk thread (feels really nice!!) and hand dyed thread, niiiiice flavourd tea, and two letters, one is from her and the other one is from her 9 years old daughter Clara!

This is a letter from Clara! Her drawing is really nice, and she wrote a perfect English!
Great and well done! I still have to study English more and more, though! lol

My friend is doing cross stitch for 15 years, and she is an expert!!! So she always tells me a very important things or valuable imformation about cross stitch!

I have been always appereciate for her kindness!

Next time we are planning to "stitch exchange" , but actually there is no thema, this time is a "Surprise Exchange"! Sounds exciting, doesn't it?!
But I'm an amateur and she is an expert, what do you think?! lol
It would be obviouslly "a sprat to catch a mackerel" lol
It makes me a bit nervous to stitch for her...I have been always thinking about the design for exchange all the time...

Domy, please forgive me even if mine is a not good, as you already know that I'm totally an amatuer, LOL

My Dog!

Today, I introduce of my dog named "Mickey" (female though... lol)
She is a very quiet and a lovely dog, kind of Japanese type dog called "Shiba".

I tried to let her put on my glasses, but she didn't refuse, LOOK!
Lovely, isn't she? lol
Looks a really clever dog!

She is in my mum's house, not with me now.
We are living far away from each other, so I miss her a lot.
My sweety, please wait for me to visit you soon again!