Wednesday, June 27, 2012

LHN "The Old West" Framed!!

Hi, thank you for your lovely words for my English problem on the last post.
Your words are so kind and warm, thanks a lot , I will keep up to write in English and a few lines of my own language.

Since I finished and framed Quaker "Love", I think I'm in stitching mood now!!
My mum's friend was so pleased to receive the sampler that I've stitched, and then so I was very happy to hear from her on the phone how she loves it!

先日、母のお友達に完成したQuaker "LOVE" を無事プレゼントすることが出来ました。とても喜んで頂けて、ホッとしています。

And here is a framed piece "The Old West" © Little House Needleworks!
The frame is a ready made one, and I ordered mat for this.
Why I choose Orange mat is what this is for my dearest son Tass and he loves "Orange", that's why!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Quaker "LOVE" Framed!!

Hi, thank you for your lovely comments always!
I appreciate for you taking time to write them for my work, and sorry that I haven't been a good friend, haven't been replying you at all.
Will write you back as I can, a little by little.

Here is a framed piece of Quaker "LOVE" © Exampler Dames Design Co.!
I had ordered frame for this earlier, so the size is perfect and also my choice was right!
How beautiful this frame is!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Dance!! Quaker "LOVE" FINISHED!

Hi, thank you always for your lovely comments, they make me smile and am motivated to stitching fast!
Finally my Quaker "LOVE" © Exampler Dames Design Co. finished!!
Once I re-started to stitch, I thought why I was so slow to complete this.

Here is a finished piece. I've changed a few colours to make more contrast.
DMC #833 --> #3829 and, #3772 --> #3778, #935 is used as chart calls for.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Exampler Dames Quaker Series "LOVE" 2

Hi, it's been so long time! How have you been doing all?
I was quite busy for PTA works and also had (?), no, have been having hard time because Tass is at a difficult age...
Almost every day he takes a defiant attitude toward to me, I think he has stress as his life has completely changed as entering an elementary school since April (most of Japanese schools start from April).
They have fifth period everyday (he comes back home at 3 o'clock), and he has quite a lot of homework every day, so he looks a bit tired recently (he wakes up at 6 o'clock).
I am quite tired of his attitude lately, but c'est la vie...
Hope he will be normal pure Tass soon again!


That's why I lost motivate to stitch nowadays, and so this "LOVE" is moving very slowly, although this is a gift for my mum's friend...
She (mum's friend) knows that I'm stitching for her, and also knows that I'm tired. ;p