Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rarely happen... Santa left a Blue Box!

From one week ago or so of Christmas, these advertises of Tiffany&Co. were on the news paper every day.
I was drooling over them every day, but at the same time I was a bit disgusted as I know nobody (it is said my husband, lol) presents me such lovely jewelries!
But...!!!! This year was different!!!
"Another Santa" left (actually sent) me a present... with blue box...
Exactly the same colour box, isn't it! lol
Although inside was very different, it rarely happen that my husband presents me!
So I should be happy with this!!!

It really rarely happen, so I was very surprised!!!
If you are my dear friend, you know what I mean, right?
He bought and presented me a scarf for winter from my favourite boutique.
I wanted a jewelry, though I can't complain as it rarely happen!!
(I said "it rarely happen" three times, now! lol)
Thank you, my Santa.

He knows that I'm getting be chubby (chubby or fatty?) this year as I have been taking medicines, so when I saw this box from my favourite boutique, I thought if it's cloths I would never fit in!
Though, he really knows what is happening on my body (lol), so he sent me a scarf, haha!
Here is a plate for real Santa. It seems that he had milk and chocolates and his reindeer ate carrots that we prepared for them.
Tass my son was very surprised again, and seemed so happy!

A few days ago, we went to relatives company and there was field next to the company and we pulled out big and large Japanese white radish!
Look at Sweetie's face! It was fun experience for us to do together!

Take care and thank you for your visit!

Have a happy new year!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas - Joyeux Noel -

Merry Christmas - Joyeux Noel!!
How are you spending your Christmas? I hope you do have a very lovely day and holiday!
I spent most of time with my family (include my brother's family), we went out for shopping to buy Christmas pressie for nephew and niece, and also Tass then we came back to his house to see his new born baby Rikako! She is so tiny and so pretty!
As for stitching, last night I finished finishing of Noel (bell), and presented for mum just in time!!
I took photos on a white table cloth, so it doesn't show justice, though I sew two pieces together and made it into an ornament!
I wanted to make the one like beautiful works like Yuko at Casa Mia in Italy did, though I miscalculated to cut the fabric, so I made it into an ornament.

I added my mum's initial (H) lace motif on it and added ribbon.
I was very rush so it isn't beautifully sew together, though mum was so happy to receive unexpected present from me, so I'm happy with it!

I used this above fabric for the back of the ornament. If I make one for myself, I will use more simple fabric, though I thought mum would like this kind of fabric, so...
Unexpectedly, Sweetie saw this ornament and said "I want this, too!!" "Mama, please make one for me, too!!!" and he is still remembering to go for shopping to buy (T) lace motif, lol
I don't know he yet want me to make one for himself, so I will ask him tomorrow.
(I will make one for myself!)

Here is the most loveliest ornament made by Sweetie Tass!
See, he drew "car" on the tree... lol
But I was amazed how he has done, he couldn't make anything like this before, thank Preschool, thank teachers!

Yesterday, mum's friend came with her home made Christmas for Tass.

How kind of her! She is always so kind, Tass likes her, too.

Decoration was done by us, Sweetie is trying to pick whips, like kitten!
Tada-! Lovely cake, isn't this?
As every year, Sweetie and I left some food for Santa and reindeer!
This year I forgot to buy cookies, so we left chocolates and milk, and carrots for reindeer.
Sweetie is looking forward to see this plate tomorrow morning, oh before then he will be surprised by Santa's pressie!

Merry Christmas to you all!
Thanks for your visit!

Design : Noel (Freebie) ©
Casa Mia in Italy
Fabric : 32ct unkown linen that JOLENE gave me
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Belated Birthday Present FROM Carol R. AND "Noel"

Hi, the other day I safely arrived a parcel from Carol R. in the UK.
I've heard that she sent me a parcel, so I was looking for the one I receive!
As always there were parcel for my son Tass and for me which was beautifully wrapped with tissue paper.

In there, there were so many goodies and most beautiful thing like above photo!
She gathered pink based things for me as I like pink, and very delicate pinkeep was there...
I was overwhelmed and had very big sigh...

Look at this, as you already know her works are always so delicate and neat, I was very touched by her work this time, too!

Back of the pinkeep, she stitched my initials and also 2009!
Can you see wee heart button? Isn't it pretty?!
She tied ribbon at four corners and they make this pinkeep more lovelier!

She told me this was her first time try, though she sew both sides of stitched piece with silk ribbon!

How beautiful is this, I can't believe it was her first try and this is so great idea!!
Thank you so much Carol for your warm heart always.
I really appreciate for your kindness and am honored to being your friend!

Carol presented Sweetie a red toy MINI, though he doesn't let me take a photo, lol
He has so many MINIs which was presented by Auntie Carol!
So later if I could take a photo of it, I will post the photo. :)

Here is a piece that I was stitching lately.
I was losting "mojo", and so I couldn't or didn't stitch much at all lately...

And finally I finished this for Christmas...
Today is my mum's Birthday, so I want to try to finish finishing this and present this to her if I could!

My "mojo" is backing a little by little...
When Carol and I were chatting a few days ago, she cheerd me up and take my mojo back!
I really want to stitch her "Sew Noel" with Silk, though now I have terrbile stiff neck and headache, so hope it will disapear and stitch it a little by little!!

Thanks Carol, hope chatting with you later!

I wish you very merry Christmas!!!
Thank you for your visit.

Design : Noel (Freebie) © Casa Mia in Italy
Fabric : 32ct unkown linen that JOLENE gave me

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Cards, Presents from Friends!

Hi, how are you?
Since Sweetie has got Swine Flu, I was with him always, so I thought next tum must be me, but I didn't catch it, but my mum...
But we went to see a doctor to check, he gave us Tamiflu just to make sure, so we are feeling safe!
But poor Sweetie Tass, he couldn't be on the Christmas show in Preschool, me neither, I practiced mama's dance though we couldn't go on the show... shame...
By the way, the last week was a surprise week, I received some Christmas gifts, cards, etc...
I was so happy during the week! :D
Here is from my Japanese friend, she always care about friends and make beautiful things for them.
Luckily I was one of recipient, she presented me very beautiful Christmas ornament!
Isn't this lovely?!

The back of ornament, she stitched rein deer and 2009, this must be one of my treasure and keepsake!
She also added sweets and teas in the box which is wrapped with pink tissue paper.
Thank you so much, Friend S.!

Here is from Caro in France. Caro and I were talking about private exchange, though I was very busy about Sweeties health problem and also mine, and Caro also was very busy, so we decided to postponing until we will be able to have much own free time.
She kindly sent me rabbit greeting card as she knows that I love rabbit, and also pink memo pad and antique buttons from France!
Thank you so much, Caro for your kindness!
Let's decide when we will do exchange, later.
Here is a Christmas card from Su in the UK!
Su always send me cards, presents, etc... I'm so honored that I'm one of her friend as she is my heroine!
Thank you so much Su for your warm heart always!

I will share some photos of beautiful Birthday Present from Carol R. later!

Bye for now,

Thanks for your visit!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Finally It has come!

Hi, How have you been doing?

Finally it has come, yes Swine Flu came to this home...
Sweetie has got Swine flu virus at (maybe) Preschool, and so he has fever from the last Friday evening.
Yesterday he had 40 point 2 degrees centigrade temperature, so we were so worried at night.
Before he had high fever, he had nightmare, and he cried out in his sleep as saying "I hate animals, I hate animals, I HATE ANIMALS----!!! (lol)
(ex. It was before he had Tamiflu)
I'm always beside him sleeping (in Japan we sleep together, he hasn't got his own room, yet. It's very different from Western countries!), so next would be my turn... scary!


Today I share some photos, above is at hair dresser when Sweetie cut his hair!
3rd photo is that he is eating orange (mikan) that was picked at hair dressers garden.
Actually he is very picky and so he doesn't eat veges and even fruits, though this time our stylist asked him to pick fresh orange and eat them all together!
Then, he ATE them!!!!
Then we had orange party for him, thank you for our stylists!!!
I really like them, they are always so kind!

Here is another present from my dear friend Junko!
Junko presented me The Victoria Sampler's Kit and lovely ribbon and stamps as Birthday present!
Sorry that I couldn't post this photo for ages, and thank you so much Junko for your kindness, always!
I was surprised because she knew what I wanted! This kit was in my wish list (but was just in my mind).

And here is a photo of a page of Japanese stitch magazine (Stitch idees) that my work is on.
I contributed to a magazine of this free chart © Plum Street Samplers's "Easter Blessings", and had reply from a company of magazine that they want to show this on the magazine.
It's only a reader's page, though I was very happy to hear that! :D

Today Sweetie's fever fell, and he is dancing now (lol) That's Children!
Probably next turn would be me?

Take care and have a lovely weekend!
Thanks for your visit!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

WIP - Black And White

Hi, today I share two of my present WIPs with you.
One is WIP - "Black", CHS's Alphabet Sampler that I wanted to stitch one day for Sweetie Tass.
He is learning ABCs by himselves, so while he was in the hospital I decided to start this for him!

How he learns ABCs is very unusual, guess how?
"A" is for Audi, "B" is for BMW, "H" is for Honda, "M" is for Mazda, "N" is for Nissan, "S" is for Suzuki, "T" is for Toyota, "V" is Volks Wagen, etc... LOL!!
Everything is relating with car makers!
Moreover, learning from car name, like "M" is for Mini (Auntie Carol, don't worry! he never forgets your car!!), etc...

And also why I started this is while he was in the hospital, I wanted to ask my mum to bring something to stitch. But I couldn't tell where they are properly, but luckily I just remembered where this chart and Witchelt 35ct Lambswool are in my stash, and so she wouldn't need to look for many colour of threads if I do this, she just need to found #310, so this was very nice to start!

The last square where add stitchers full name, I stitched Yuko for Tass instead.
And another square to add year, I just stitched 20.., so I can finish this whenever in the near future!
I hope I can finish this before he goes to elementary school.

And another WIP - "White" is here AMAP's "NOEL Blanc".
I remember that I bought this chart when I started cross stitch, it was the first sight love, though there was no chance to stitch until now.
I remember that it was very hard to buy from French shop!
But this year I really wanted to stitch and finish this.

But the choice of fabric was very hard, I was going to stitch on 40ct Flax linen, but there are some one over one part, so I should have chosen another linen.
And I found this very beautiful grayish-purple linen that my friend Domy in France gave me.
This is 28ct and I realised it's at the very limit of margin, though I fell in love with this colour combination, so I hope it will go well at the end when I go for framing!

There are so many borders left that I hate, and there are some other Christmas designs that I want to stitch, so I should stitch and finish this quickly and want to stitch at least one more!

Thank you for your visit.
Take care!

[Black - first one]
Design : Alphabet Sampler © Carriage House Samplings
Fabric : 35ct Lambswool
Thread : DMC

[White - second one]
Design : NOEL Blanc © A Mon Ami Pierre
Fabric : Unknown
Thread : DMC

Monday, November 30, 2009

[Edited] "Sarah's Spring Sampler 1765" by The Sampler Girl

[Edited : 04/Dec/2009]
Hi, I posted this earlier, though the photos were not good to see, so I took some photos in the house today.
I hope they are able to see well than before!
Sorry, I didn't change the sentenses that I wrote earlier, so the photos and sentenses will not correspond with...

Hi, today I finally framed the finished piece that I had finished stitching before Sweetie had been hospitalized.
I had been wanted to finish this more earlier, but lazy me, I didn't do it at all and forgot about it.
But mum tidied up around the table today and found this finished piece and she said "This is very lovely, why don't you finish this??", so I did finished as I'm feeling fine as also the weather is very fine!
This is one of finished pieces of The Sampler Girl "Sarah's Spring Sampler 1765".
Once again I wanted to finish like a sample photo of this chart, and here it is!

Sorry, the shadow of geranium is reflected on the glass, so a bit hard to see the stitched piece.
It's hard to take a pictures in this mum's house, because rooms are very dark, so I took them along the edge of a house facing the garden.

Here is a close up photo, I should have taken photos without glass...

Here are some photos that I took today!

I added lovely autumnal fabric (this chart is named "Spring Sampler", though...) beside the stitched piece and also added dark brown rick rack tape on the seam.
And I choose very simple wooden frame for this!

Recently it's been hassle to take photos also blogging somehow, maybe because Sweetie is not completely fine? (Now he has cold and he still have slight fever...)
But today I took photos and it made me motivate to do more like before!
I have some un-posted articles that I want to share with you, so will post them when I have own time!

P.S. Sweetie Tass soon found this finished piece after he came home from Preschool!
And he said, "Mummy this is very lovely, I like this!" Oh Sweetie, you are the best!! :D

Take care and thank you always for your visit!

Bye for now,

Design : "Sarah's Spring Sampler 1765" © The Sampler Girl
Fabric : 32ct Lambswol
Thread : DMC

Saturday, November 21, 2009

"#3 Hope Perches” by The Sampler Girl

Hi, it's been so while since I posted my work last time!
Finally I can share it with you all... whew
I had finished this before Sweetie Tass had been hospitalized, but had no chance to take photo and post it here until now.

I finished as mini pillow as same as the sample photo of this chart.
Luckily I could find the nice fabric for this, I'm so happy that I could make this into mini pillow like this, as I fell in love with the sample photo when I first saw!

I'm going to finish another The Sampler Girl's finished piece into something.
I also have to work on my PIF gifts!! I wrote on the last post, though please forgive me, Susan and Marie!
I have ideas for the PIF gifts in my mind, so please wait for it's finished!

Take care and have a lovely weekend!
Thank you for your visit.

Design : "#3 Hope Perches” © The Sampler Girl
Fabric : 32ct Belfast "Vintage country mocha"
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