Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ewe & Eye & Friends "Tulip Scissors Companion" - Pinkeep

Hi, it's the end of September, but I just heard chirrup of cicada...
Beetle was living till a day before yesterday, Isn't it strange? It's still hot here today.

Today I show you my latest work that I sent to my friends!
It's been so long time since the last time I made pinkeep, so I realised that I was forgetting how to make pinkeep when I was working on it...

息子の飼っていたカブトムシも先日まで生きてくれていたし、かと思えば、夜になると秋の虫の声が響き渡り、この間は立て続けに マツムシやコオロギが室内に・・・
虫は苦手なので、外へ逃がすのに悪戦苦闘でした >_<;;

Here they are, my latest pinkeep(s), "Tulip Scissors Companion" © Ewe & Eye & Friends.
I have received same pinkeep from dear Angela before, and she stitched this design on pink linen, and it was so lovely, so I decided to stitch this on pink fabric, too!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

iStitch "Sew Buttons" AND WIPs

Hi everyone, thank you so much for your Birthday Wishes!!
I appreciate for your lovely words!

Now I'm in stitching mood, and am working on many of projects at the same time!
It rarely happens, so am very happy in these few days.
I shouldn't do over work, though!

Here is my latest finish, "Sew Buttons" © iStitch (Carol R.'s design).
When I saw this design on Carol's blog, I fell in love and can you believe?
She presented me this chart as a birthday gift!
Thank you so much Carol for your lovely heart always.

Isn't this beautiful?
I have to add tiny buttons later, and will finish this maybe into a bag!

I stitched rose and butterflies three times, because I didn't like my choice of colour for them.
And finally found this perfect colour (DMC #152) in the end and I love this so much!
I'm now exciting to think about how to make a bag!
Thanks again, Carol.

Friday, September 14, 2012

38 ***

38 years ago today, I was born.

Thank dad and mum...
And thank you, my sweet boy.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Mermaid Sampler FIN + Garden Glade Again

Hi, it's been almost one month since I posted last time.
I don't know why, but I couldn't upload photos on Blogger, although I tried some times before, and even now... but found the way finally!
I use HTML editor, I can upload photos! whew...

Anyway, finally I finished this "The Mermaid Sampler" © Carriage House Samplings!
It was quite fun to stitch along, it was Private SAL with Nancy, I'll ask her how she is working for it.

Although I've already chosen the frame for this sampler, I'm concentrating on another one now, so haven't been framing yet, hope it looks lovely. :D
It was good for me to stitch on 28ct as my eyes are tired lately...