Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thank you so much, Dorothy!

A month ago, I've received a big parcel from Canada, it was from dear Dorothy who is a quilt designer.
Look, compare to my glasses, you will be able to imagine how big this parcel was!
She so generously sent me so many fabrics for cross stitch and hardanger that she doesn't use anymore, because of her neck problem.


I was so surprised to see inside, there were SO many fabrics and stitch bands, etc... oh my gosh!
There were also some printed Aida that I had never seen before!

Linen band with trim (see photo below) is so lovely, I should think a lot how to use this!!
I think handmade bag with this linen band would be so lovely, ohh I wish I could use sewing machine well...

Dorothy has told me, this was just a first try as she sent this by SAL, so it took about 1 month to get here, and she has told me there was another box to send me!!!
I was so touched by her generosity and kind heart, because she can send these fabrics to friends in Canada or US, so the shipping fee doesn't cost her so higher than she send them to me in Japan, but she thinks of me as a recipient to receive these fabrics.
How can I express my appreciation for Dorothy, if I could I wish to visit you in Canada and say Thank you in person!!

And yesterday, the second parcel has reached me safely!!!
It was as big as the first one, little boy was so thrilled to open the box with me (he loves postman!)!!

Look at these fabrics, there were so many beautiful fabrics in there!
Do I deserve these wonderful treat??? I am asking myself so many times...
Thank you SO much Dorothy for your kindness!

She also added many of lovely charms for cross stitch works! Thank you, Dorothy!
Here are some of her UFOs, she gave up cross stitch because of degenerative discs in my neck, so unfortunately these lovely designs have never been done.
I wish I could have more time, or more hands (lol) to finish them instead of her!

As I mentioned in the beginning, she is an artist, talented quilt designer!
If I could quilt, I will definitely buy the pattern from her and would like to make a tapestry of Santa!

There is a banner in the left hand side of my blog, click the banner or the links, you can visit her blog and also you can buy the wonderful pattern from her directly!

Thank you SO SO much Dorothy for your warm and generous heart.
I really appreciate for you from the bottom of my heart!


Thanks for stopping by,Take care and have a lovely day!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer Holiday!

Long time no post! My USBs didn't work at all, so I couldn't use mouse and do photo edit at all, and it's now summer holiday, so my nephew and niece came to stay over to mum's home and so I was bit busy and tired!

A fe
w days ago, I've got a parcel from USA, it was from Jolene.
Jolene left a comment that she fell in love with my scissors and asked me where to buy, but I don't know where to buy and I had two same pair of scissors, so I presented her with some goodies.She told me to pay, but I don't know the cost of these scissors so we decided to exchange something.

She is so kindly added LHN chart which was kitted up, and some over dyed threads, kitchen towels, and linen, beautiful fabric which I really love, and beautiful bracelet, and pinwheel for Sweetie!!
Do I deserve this??? Thank you SO much Jolene for your generosity and kindness!!

Here is a photo that Sweetie spins a pinwheel!
Thanks Jolene, he is enjoying it so much, as well as my nephew and niece!

Day one of my brother's family came, kids asked me to out to shrine to catch cicadas, again as I thought!!!
My SIL is now pregnant so she stayed at home and this time my mum and I went there with kids.
I love to see that kids relates with natures so much, so I was so enjoyed to be with them in the nature!

While they are catching cicadas, I took Sweetie's photo! Recently he pause like this! so cute!
My nephew and niece are so sweet, even they catch cicadas, they gave it to Sweetie first, then from smaller to older. They are so kind, they love Sweetie and Sweetie loves them so much!

After we caught cicadas, we let them go from mum's garden!
This time we got 13 cicadas all together! Well done kids!

Mum and I were nailing at night, Sweetie found it and said want to try to do it for my nails!!
I let him do it, but look at the photo, uhhhh as I thought!! lol

Here is Sweeties LEGO's work, it's beginners block (Big one), but but!!

My mum's friend gave phone call and she told her that she has old but so many LEGO.
Her grand children are all girls, so she doesn't need them anymore (LEGO are her son's), so she told mum to gave them to Sweetie and nephew!
Mum came back with this truck (basket? I don't know how to say it in English), with full of LEGO!!!!
Can you believe there were a heap of LEGO!
No wonder my nephew and Sweetie excited to choose them!!!

At night we did fireworks, it was so beautiful, actually almost every night we are doing fireworks (very small one) with Sweetie, though!
Kids seemed so enjoyed and so I was very happy! :D

Now I'm working secret project, so can't show you what I'm stitching, but soon I will!

Thank you for your visit and enjoy your summer!
Take care and happy Stitching!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Super Mail Weekend

Hi how are you doing? I'm doing so so OK, it was hard raining day today and I was sitting on the chair almost all day long, but my weekend was great!

Yesterday, mailman left a big box by the side of the front door, and it was from Marina (no blog) from France!!
She is my best customer (lol), she always buys charts from me (from my Sale and Trade blog), in spite of she bought many charts from me this time, too she e-mailed me that she will send something typical French things to me!

Look! What I received from Marina is here... (Chip'n Dale dolls are Sweeties favourite, and he again added them for my photo shoot, lol)
She sent me "de fil en aiguille", Bonne Maman's Galettes which is my FAVOURITE!!, sweets, hand dyed threads, felt owl, her cross stitched small bag and her 5 years old daughter's drawing for my Sweetie!

This is also that Sweetie lined and placed presents for shooting!
Her daughter's drawing is so well and lovely!
Thank you Marina and sweet daughter!

In the small bag, there were so many buttons, charms, ribbon, etc...
How lucky I am!
Thank you SO much for sending me surprise presents, Marina!!
I really appreciate for your kindness!

And today postman rung the door bell, and it was from dearest friend Nina in Hungary!
What a surprise! She sent me her beautiful works for me!

She sent me her beautiful and lovely strawberry fob+pincushion, and Fimo pins which was also made by her.

Look at them, how sweet they are and how sweet of you, Nina!

She also made this beautiful butterfly thread keeper by Fimo, how talented she is!
When I told about this to my mum, she was absolutely surprised!!

And these beautifully dyed threads also by her, they are so beautiful, I'm thinking how and when I use these beautiful threads!!

Thank you so much Nina for your kindness!
I'm so touched by them, and really appreciate for you always!

Take care and thanks for your visit!