Monday, March 31, 2008

Gorgeous Surprise FROM Cindy!

A few days ago, a BIG parcel has arrived to me (sorry I had a cold, so couldn't post this soon after the parcel has arrived... Now I'm doing fine)!
I was so surprised of the size of the box, it was really BIG!
It was from Cindy, she noticed me to watch out the mailbox, but it also made me surprised, because it has arrived very fast from the US!

Cindy has totally spoilt me, indeed! I almost fell down onto the floor... it's true... lol
You will know what I mean when you saw these wonderful goodies!

First off, she stitched to me a lovely Pinkeep by Lizzie Kate! Isn't it lovely?!

I also love this words "Friendship grows", truly our friendship has been growing up!
And her stitching and finishing is so beautiful!

Thank you so much, Cindy for your kindness!

Please let me introduce her presents, it's keep continuing!
Yes seriously I was spoiled!!

Four beautiful charts, pinky threads, beautiful hydrangea fabrics, two pale pink and purple linens, Zipper organize bags, candles, high quality body cream, etc.. etc..
Can you believe it???

And!!! Can't forget to show this wonderful doll!
Yes, Willow Tree figurine named "Angel of Spring".
She remembered that I love Willow Tree figurines, so she bought this beautiful doll for me to send!
What a sweet and giving person Cindy is!
And what a beautiful doll she is!
She carries bunch of pink flowers... I'm speechless...
Willow Tree figurines are the best!

Now truly and fortunately, I have three Willow Tree figurines with me, and they all are from my dear friends.
But I thought that we haven't met before or we might not have a chance to meet up in person in our real life...
It's only cyberspace communication, but I thank god, I have so many wonderful and so sweet giving friends.
When I think about it deeply, it makes my eyes tear, and I really thank god to let me have such wonderful friends and opportunities.
I love YOUR friendships, dear my friends! Thank you so much everyone!

And these are the gifts from her DH Bryon to my husband AJ!
While we were talking about Colorado (she has another blog about Colorado), we found that we have uncommon fact between us!
The ski resort where Cindy and Bryon LOVE to go is actually where my husband's past place of work!
My husband is a snowboarder and he had been working in the US, as a snowboard instructor, before we've got married (now he is not doing snowboard to live, do just for fun!).

It's Arapahoe Basin [THE LEGEND] in Colorado.
Our talk grew livelier after we knew that fact!
My husband tells me that in his mind there is always something about SNOW (excuse me? not about family nor about me? lol)
So, kind Bryon bought some goodies from Arapahoe Basin for my husband AJ.
AJ was so happy to received them and when I saw his face, he had full of smiley face and was looking at the Map for a long long time!
Thank you so much Bryon!! He will write you something when I send a parcel to Cindy, next time!

By the way, moreover she added some sweets, too!
Actually they almost have gone (most of chocolates were eaten by me, oops! Cindy is going to make me fat! lol)
She also added an Altoids's chocolate for me (chocolate + mint taste)!!

Yahoo! Actually I wanted that Altoids's tin can!
When I always see the "chocolate + mint" combination, I was always thinking, it must be a very funny taste and sounds yuk... but this time I tried Cindy's Altoids's chocolate, it was very delicious against my imagination! Moreover I had a cold and had a stuffy nose, so it helped me to breathe easily! lol

Thank you SO much for your wonderful and gorgeous gifts, Cindy!
I really appreciate for you two's kindness and sweet hearts!
Thank you, again!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008


"SAKURA"... I like this flower very much.
In Japan, we call "SAKURA" for cherry blossom which is very pretty and beautiful.
Recently SAKURA has just begun to bloom (some spots have already been blooming...)

When I see cherry blossoms, I always remember my old school memories... and feel a bit sentimentally...

There are many beautiful songs with SAKURA theme in Japan, but today I would like to share a song which is my favourite.
Most of readers of this blog (thank you for stopping by!) won't be able to understand the lyrics because it's in Japanese, but I just would like you to listen to this song...

"SAKURA" by Naotaro Moriyama

Actually, he is my favourite singer in Japan, at the moment.
My husband always asks me "Why do you like him?? He is not so good looking, he has bandy and short legs, bla bla bla..." LOL!

I don't mind his bandy legs at all, lol... (actually I like his looks, though!), I love his voice, lyrical words, how he sings!
He also does write the lyrics (most of his songs are wrote by his friend and him) and he also does compose.
His mother is also a singer and she has very beautiful voice. I love both of them!
Recently I bought his DVD and after my son slept, I watch it and enjoy a lot! :D

If you are interested in his song, here is another my favourite song, link below...

"Itoshi Kimie" by Naotaro Moriyama

I'm glad to hear if you also had interests of him or his songs, and am looking forward to hearing your impressions or opinions, as one of his fan! :D

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Present FROM Claudia

Just a day before Easter, I've received a wonderful gift from Claudia!
She told me that she has sent something special for me, but it really has reached me very soon, so
made me very surprised!

One of the wonderful gift from her is THIS!

I was looking at them on her blog as thinking they are SO beautiful and cute.
Like she red my mind, she has chosen this for me and sent me for the Easter!
What a beautiful thing this is! I'm so touched by her sweet heart!
Now it's hanging on my favourite tree like the photo!
As it's so lovely and I'm loving it so much, I don't want to store it away, I will keep hanging it whole year on this tree in our living room! (and there is almost no particular Easter events in Japan, except Christians) :D

She also sent me two beautiful thread keepers!! What beautiful thread keepers!!
They are the first thread keepers for me, and I really wanted to buy them, I'm so happy to have them with me now! Thank you so much, Claudia!

This time, she sent me to share SILK threads and 40ct linen for the Hornbook which she has sent me for the last Christmas.
We are planning to do private SAL for the Hornbook, so she shared them with me...
She is kind and so sweet heart enough, don't you think?
She also sent me many Easter chocolates!! They all has gone, already, lol
Molto grazie, mia amica Claudia!
Lei è il meglio!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Heart In The Grass

Just a few days ago, I have finished this "Heart In The Grass" © Ewe & Eye & Friends.
I used 35ct Linen, so it became very small and pretty!

I had very small frame in my (frame) stash box, and it just fits with this stitched piece, so I didn't make a Pinkeep this time and just have framed.

Actually this has sent out to its destiny, and now it's on the way to Italy!
I do hope she will like it!

In this design, there are many many speciality stitches rather than cross stitch.
So I think if I used coarser fabric than I used this time, it would became more beautiful!

I didn't have the recommended thread (pink heart part...), so changed the colour, but I think I should have used a bit more darker colour if I compare to the photo of this design...
But is it OK?? I hope so! lol

There was a line that to use silk ribbon to make a spider rose, but I didn't have narrow silk ribbon to use for it and actually I don't like ribbon embroidery much, so I made a spider rose with DMC cotton threads, like the photo on the right hand side.
The original photo shows it as white rose, but I used dark red threads instead of the white silk ribbon.

I just hope my friend will like it and it will reach her safely and soon!
Anyway, I love EEF design very much!

It's always beautiful and everytime I can enjoy and it's fun to stitch their designs very much!

By the way, thank you so much everyone for letting me know regarding framing!
Come to the conclusion that here in Japan is very humid (from June to most of summer time), so I think I better to use grass, mat or spacer in the frame, maybe...
The one I have framed ("Sweet Little Berries") luckily had spacer, so the grass didn't touch to the stitched piece!
Thank you so much for taking your time to answer to my question!

I really appreciate for it and for everyone! :D

"Heart In The Grass" © Ewe & Eye & Friends
35ct Wichelt Linen (Cream / Ivory) with DMC threads (1 strands)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Winner Is...

Thank you so much for everyone who entered for the drawing for the chart "Sweet Little Berries" by LHN.
I've never thought that such so many people have entered for this, Thank you again!
I also enjoyed it very much!
As I promised, I drew lots and have chosen one person for this chart, last night!
Actually I let my son to pick up a piece of paper which was written each one's name.

The winner is...

MARIA from Spain!!!
Congratulations, Maria! I will let you know about this later, so please let me know your snail mail address!

I will send this lovely chart to youl!
I do really hope you will enjoy stitching this design as much as I did!

Congratulations again, and thank you everyone for joining in!
As it was fun, I would like to have these kind of opportunities from now on.
Please join in my "give it away" project for the next time, too!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wonderful Present FROM Margaret

As I wrote before, Margaret has told me that she has sent me something special in return to the coaster's pattern.
She has just told me, it's secret but it's very special and something in your wish list is also in there! Wow, I was so interested and excited when I've heard of it!
Here they are! She sent me lots and lots of wonderful stuffs, it's too much, but I really appreciate for her kindness!

She has promised me a chart of SB's February, but also added SB's Kit which was in my wish list!!! OH my goodness!!! I was speechless when I saw it as it was the one I really wanted to have it and stitch it for a long time!!!
She also added Just Nan's chart and over dyed threads, AND!!!
Most lovely Pinkeep which I've never seen before!

I saw this lovely Pinkeep on her blog before and was thinking it's sooooo lovely, and actually I was looking for its chart! lol
But now it is with me, oh wow! I'm so lucky one!
Her stitching is sooooooo beautiful and neat and finishing is perfect!!!

I thought that the way of my finishing of Pinkeep is not good enough to compare to hers, her Pinkeep is just perfect!
And moreover, it's so lovely, isn't it?!

This is the backing fabric which she used for this Pinkeep!
I also like this backing fabric very much!!
Totally perfect!
It was raining and terrible weather yesterday and couldn't take a photo outside, so the photos are not so good, but you can see the beautiful photo of this Pinkeep on her blog!
Thank you so much, Margaret!
You are so kind enough!!! I was so touched by this lovely parcel!
I really appreciate for them, indeed.
Of course I will treasure it and it's now in my cupboard, displayed in front of everything! :D

By the way, I'm still doing a "Give it a way" a chart "Sweet Little Berries" by Little House Needleworks, as I wrote in the past post. If you are interested in it and would like to have it, please just leave a comment (just a line is OK!) on the last post! I will draw lots and choose one person on 16th (Sunday) of March (Japanese time...), tomorrow!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Gifts and Stash

When I saw Carol R.'s Quaker Sampler finished piece on her blog, I fell in love and left comment to its post. She gave me reply and she offered me its chart without any hesitation!
I was so surprised and of course I was so happy to heard of it!
Soon she has sent me a chart, she is so kind, isn't she?!
I really want to stitch this as it is so beautiful, but there are so many WIPs and projects which will be start soon with friends, I won't be able to start this soon... pity!
But one day I definitely stitch this beautifully like she has done!

Thank you so much for your kindness, Carol!

And here are the gifts from my Italian friend Chiara (she has no blog...), she is so kind and to talk (in e-mail, though!) with her is so much fun!
She is a very creative, she is a mosaicst and her spare time she is making beautiful items to sell.

These ceramic buttons and scissor fob are her works! They are so lovely!
And as I asked her to send me some Italian checked linen (I forgot the name "Gra... " something...), she sent me a lot!
Molto grazie amica mia, Chiara!

And here are my stash! :D
As I saw
Carol (just Carol)'s "The Busy Needle" which is a special edition by LHN, I fell in love and have ordered it, and also two more LHN kits + Pine Mountain's pillow kit!
They all are so lovely, I can't be patient to start them!
I should finish my projects first, I can't increase my WIPs more than now!

I also bought some items from eHandcrafts and from some other shops...
Oops, I don't want to see a next month's bill... :(

By the way, I'm still doing a "Give it a way" a chart "Sweet Little Berries" by Little House Needleworks, as I wrote in the last post. If you are interested in it and would like to have it, please just leave a comment (just a line is OK!) on the last post! I will draw lots and choose one person on 16th (Sunday) of March (Japanese time...).

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"M" Is For ...

I had seen the comment that Margaret was interested in "Tear-drop shaped coasters" which I've made before, so I've asked her if she would like to have the pattern of it and have sent it to her.
I just wanted to make and add something in the parcel, and as I remembered that she loves "Mermaid", the nice idea has came out in my mind!
Here it is! I just thought it'll be smal but a perfect gift for her!

I've made a small Pinkeep for her, with Carriage House Samplings design "Mermaid".
The original design is written "Mermaid" below in the Orange background area, but I changed it into her name "Margaret".

Here is the photo of the shell pin which I added on the top!
It's perfect for this Mermaid design, isn't it?
I've chosen Orange checked ribbon for the Pinkeep.

Here is photo of the side of Pinkeep.
I used orange and white making pins for both right and left hand sides.

I have collected all alphabets of this patterns of CHS (not new one...), so it's my aim to stitch everything altogether, one day, until when my son will learn alphabets at school!

Here is a photo of backing fabric which I used for it.
I love these kind of quiet pattern fabric to use as backing fabric and I thought this would suit well for this Pinkeep's design and colour.

It was quite fun to make this alphabets, so I'm very looking forward to stitching along these alphabets altogether one day!

But I will use maybe 32ct linen for the next time, it was a bit hard to stitch on 35ct (2 strands)...

By the way, Margaret has also sent me something, she told me.
I'm so excited to receive it!
It's exciting to see what's in there in the letter box nowadays!!

By the way, I'm still doing a "Give it a way" a chart "Sweet Little Berries" by Little House Needleworks, as I wrote in the last post. If you are interested in it and would like to have it, please just leave a comment (just a line is OK!) on the last post! I will draw lots and choose one person on 16th (Sunday) of March (Japanese time...).

"Mermaid" © Carriage House Samplings
35ct Wichelt Linen (Cream / Ivory) with DMC threads (2 strands)
Threads ; #503 ---> #799

Friday, March 07, 2008

[WIP] HOHRH - House (Block) 8, Fini

Finally, finally, I've finished House (Block) 8 of The Houses Of Hawk Run Hollow! whew...
I don't know why but I didn't want to stitch this for a long time...
But as I told you that I have started "The Shores Of Hawk Run Hollow", I thought I should do this and let this go forward a bit, as well!

I feel so fine as it has completed!!

Now it's like this!!
Only three houses have done at the moment, it's a long way to finish all houses, but actually it's fun and very beautiful design!
What's next?

Uhmmm, I think I want to stitch House (Block) 6!

As for "The Shores Of Hawk Run Hollow", it's obviously hard to stitch along, but at the moment, I'm having fun!
Now I have been stitching Block 11.

I think normally people will start from Block 1, but I just stitch the Block which I want!
Oops, that means the most dislike Block I have to stitch at the end, lol...

I think I better change my stitching style, lol

This and "The Shores Of Hawk Run Hollow" will take many years to complete, but I have been stitching as thinking the day I finished this!

By the way, I'm still doing a "Give it a way" a chart "Sweet Little Berries" by Little House Needleworks, as I wrote in the last post.
If you are interested in it and would like to have it, please just leave a comment (just a line is OK!) on the last post!

I will draw lots and choose one person on 16th (Sunday) of March (Japanese time...).

© Carriage House Samplings "The Houses Of Hawk Run Hollow"

40ct Wichelt Linen : Sandstone / Tea

Sweet Little Berries & Give it away!

I was working on Little House Needlework's "Sweet Little Berries" from last week, and today finally I finished it.
It was a Kit which I've won at auction a long time ago, and I totally have forgotten that I had this in my stash.
As I like LHN / CCN very much, I had been wanting to stitch LHN / CCN, but somehow I didn't have a chance to stitch their designs at all, so I'm so glad to finished this very much!

Just after I finished stitching, I found a frame in my (frame) stash box, and framed it.
Here it is! I'm glad how it turns out.

Anyway, do you put glass in when you frame stitched piece???
This time I put glass in the frame, but I still don't know which way is better for stitched piece.
Glass or no glass?

When I won this Kit at auction, the owner wrote that this is a very rare Kit as this is the LHN's first chart...
And also there is a line, it is said "Little House Complimentary Chart No. One", and also is wrote it's a free pattern...
As I'm weak at English, I don't know exact mean, but, I think it's rare design...

As I won't stitch the same design again, I'm going to give this away (chart only) to someone who is really interested in this chart and want to stitch!
If you are interested in it, please just leave a comment to this post!
If there are many people who want this chart, I will do draw lots and choose one person!
Let's enjoy together and have fun!

The deadline is... 16th (Sunday) of March, (Japanese time...)!

"Sweet Little Berries (Chart No. One)" by Little House Needleworks
28ct Cashel Linen (Summer Khaki), Threads : Crescent Colours