Monday, January 29, 2007

From my mum...

Today I received a parcel from my mum!
She made me a lovely knitting bag and a vest for my son!

When I saw the vest, I thought "What is this?" but, once I let my son tried this vest on, it was sooo cute and the size was just fitted!
It's boat-necked vest, and the buttons around the neck are cute as well!

Buttons are transparent flower shaped and it's lovely and just my taste!
The bag is the one that I asked her to make for me, and she has chosen the dark brown fabric for the inner as I expected!

I'm so happy to get them! Thanks mum!
The bag is very tiny, so won't be a dairy use, but I'm planning to put it on the wall as an interior.

Friday, January 26, 2007

First Needle Book

Last night, I finished to make a Needlebook below, degisned by P. Samouiloff.
This was the first time for me to make a needlebook, so it was a bit difficult for me to sew and finished up.

The picture below, I just added a born for the dog, lol
Can you see this as look like a born properly?

Inside of the needlebook is like below.
I added a leather tag on it, isn't it lovely?!
I like P. Samouiloff's design very much! I feel like stitching more her designs from now on!

But I have so many work to do now (I'm doing web design as my job at home), and even lots of e-mails regarding works came to me, I just had been ignoring them... lol
But seriouslly, I need to do work... so my stitch time would be shorter than before, and will be slow-down to stitch a bit.Sigh...

From "Petits metiers" Perrette Samouiloff

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

SAL - BE GLAD Sajou (Partie1 Finished)

Finally, SAL - BE GLAD Sajou Partie 1 completed today!
I think I made a mistake to cut the cloth...So if I did make a mistake, I would just do 4 parties, not 5.

Since I've finished this today, I've just started this design below, from P. Samouiloff.

This is a really lovely design!
I like P.Samouiloff's designs, they make me very happy!
I'm planning to make a needle book with this motif!

© swappons BE GLAD Sajou Partie 1
Charles Craft 28ct Irish Linen (Tea-Dyed) , DMC #815

Monday, January 22, 2007

Smile (*^__^*)v

Yesterday, I received my ordered books and new scissors!I'm so happy to get them! Yeah!These books are from Denmark, and the designs are really cute!!Just my taste

Here is the back of the books...

And new scissors on the left one is from Eva Rosenstand!I want to make scissor keeper or scissors case for these three!

But I have so many other things to do ('-' ;), and it seems too difficult for me to make them!
The red one is not good design but it does good job, lol.
I'm going to try new one I bought today when I work on SAL Sajou!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Boat-shaped Coasters

It was a cold day today in Japan, and tomorrow seems to be more colder than today!

I made coasters today!
This is what I had been wanting to make this from a long time ago.

Here are the photos of them!

I used light green polka-dot and beige fabrics for this tea cup!

And this is the cup for Green Tea!
I Used grey flower print fabric and the hand dyed blue cloth for this cup.

It's quite simple and easy to make!
  • Just make square of doubled cloth, then pull the center of both cloth.

  • You can make the triangle shape, then fold the tip of the triangle, you can see the shape like a ship.

  • Then just sew button on 2 parts of small triangle...

That's all! Easy, isn't it?

I'm planning to share "how to make coasters" if you are intersted in it.
Explanation is in Japanese, though, I think you would be able to understand from many photos!

Friday, January 19, 2007


I've just started SAL - BE GLAD Sajou today!
My French friend Domy asked me to do this together, and said "YES!" and I've just joined!!
The chart is from ©
Swappons, and it's free.
This linen is a bit rough and I don't like it much...
But have to be patient for 5 month until this project is finished!

Here are my favourite sweets!
Galettes are from France! and the tin can is flavoured tea leaf (cherry)!
Thia tea is from
This site. Very nice tea!
I recommend this flavoured tea, especially "cherry"!

I have so many things to do, means handmade works!
But there is no time to do everything I want to!! sigh...

[note] Free Chat "BE GLAD Sajou" © Swappons
Charles Craft 28ct Irish Linen (Tea Dyed) and DMC 815

Thursday, January 18, 2007

SAL - Janvier Finished

I've just finished "SAL des maisons de campagne" : Janvier (January) today!

I changed the color :
DMC #3802 --> #355
DMC #3051 --> #936
DMC #721 --> #947

Today I received the parsel, and it was Stand Hoop I bought online!

I feel like trying to stitch "The Village of Hawk Run Hollow" from Carriage House Samplings... but it seems really tough to stitch along...

My stitchers friends online are trying it, so I'm really interested in it!

Free Chart : SAL des maisons de campagne : Janvier ©
Les grilles de Maryse
32ct Zweigart Belfast Linen (Raw Linen)

My Room

I changed my room a bit yesterday!
Here is the calendar of this year on the cork board and added a piece of laced paper on it.

And here is the photo of my favourite plants Ivy and a little bird miniture!
I really like animals, but can't have them in my house, because it's an apartment...that's why.

But from when I was a child, I had dogs, rabbits, birds, etc... so I miss them a lot!
So now their photos make me happy instead to have them in person...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"Herb Garden" from LHN

I finished this "Herb Garden" from Little House Needleworks, last night!
I really like this design, very small and very cute, isn't it?!
It was very fun to stitiching along!

But, I think I made a little mistake to choose the fabric, I should have chosen more dark color fabric to make more colour contrust.
As you see, flowers on the top and the bottom and the bees' wings which I stitched with white (blanc) threads can't see clearly at all...

I really like
Little House Needleworks and Country Cottage Needleworks!
Their designs make me feel warm and comfortable.
I want to get more charts from them from now on!!

[note] "Herb Garden" © Little House Needleworks

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Joyeux Noel (IsaV)

The end of December last year, my family (include me) had Noro-virus, and we all were really terriblly sick...
So I couldn't stitch for a long time, and we couldn't have warm and nice Christmas at all...

Here is the photo of free chart "Joyeux Noel" from Isabelle Vautier.
I wanted to finish this until the Christmas, but couldn't do it...
So I will try to stitch this before Christmas of the next year!

[note] Free chart "Joyeux Noel" © Isabelle Vautier

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hummel "Not For You" - Framed

I had not been framming this Hummel's finished piece for a long time, as I was looking for a suitable frame for this design...
And I finally found the nice frame @ IKEA, and framed it!

I used hand dyed cloth for the mount, and I think it really suits for this wine-red colored frame and the stitched piece very much!

I'm quite satisfied this finised work!
This is the present for my son!
When my son grow up, I would like to hang this on the wall in his room!

"Not For You (Kit)" © Hummel

Christmas Ornaments

Here are the photos of Christmas ornaments.
Actually they were the kits to make normal ornaments, but I made mistake to center the both fabrics (lol), so I changed the way to finishing.

These are not mine, my mum asked me to make some small things to give her friends as Christmas gifts.

Handmade Wreaths

Last year I made 2 wreaths, one is for Christmas and another one is for the door of bathroom!
Both were took the art-flower to bits and made circle and the wreath.
This is for the Christmas, added Christmas ornaments and art-flower on the pan-plate(?).

This is for the bathroom.
Made circle with art-flowers and added bathroom iron plate!

I like the one for the bathroom, isn't it nice?


Last year, I was looking for the snowman design, and found this lovely free chart @ anne-les-petites-croix !
Can you see the little snowman at the center of this?

I think I should have choose the different fabric for this design, because can't see the snowman clearly, lol

Christmas Present for "K"

I'm sorry, recently I haven't been posting anything at all...
It's quite hard and takes time for me to write in English, that's why...
Is it said English slump?? LOL

Well, here are the photos of my 2nd "Antique Christmas Trees" from JBW design.

I stitched this as a Birthday present to my cousin, as her Birthday is just a day before Christmas Eve! That's why I've chosen this design, this can be both Birthday and Christmas present for her.

Actually I wanted to make the same mount as my first "Antique Christmas Trees" ( the one I made before) , but the same dark green velvet was not left enough...
And moreover, there was no enough time to go shopping to buy suitable fabbies, so I had to look for the one from my fabrics stock...

But, I realised that I have not so many fabbies that will suit this design, I tried to check many fabbies and finally have chosen and decided this fabric...
I thought it's the most Christmas-like fabbie in my stock, that's why...
Uhmmm... I prefer the last one I have , sorry to my cousin (lol)

This time, I used snow flake charm for this design, between reindeers.

Actually I was quite not sure that she would like it or not, but she told me that she loved this so much, so I was very happy to heard of that!

© JBW design "Antique Christmas Trees"
32ct Belfast Linen