Thursday, March 22, 2012

A forgotten Post of 3 Years ago! - Ladybug -

Now I want to change my blog template, because I'm using classic mode coding HTML, and it's so troublesome...
But I don't know how to do yet, if you know nice blog templates, please let me know!
I like simple one which can customise!

By the way, when I was setting my blog again, I found a forgotten post of 3 years ago.
Sweetie is so lovely little boy, at then he just became 4 years old! :D
Here it is... 21/May/2009's post.


Sweetie found a ladybug just outside of our house, and he wanted to catch him, but couldn't...

As you may already know that I HATE bugs and incects, BUT!!!
Mums are tough!
Again, I caught him for Sweetie! It's a miracle!! (lol)

Birds Of Killingworth 4 + Origami

Hi, it's been long time!
I have been OK and have been very busy lately, so not much time to stitch...
But here it is, a photo of my progress of "Birds of Killingworth" © The Stitching Parlor.
A gentleman and a woman appeared.
There are so many 1/4 stitch, so my eyes were tired by stitching them.

Why was I busy?
My sweetie becomes an elementary schoolchild from this coming April (most of schools start from April in Japan...), and so he wanted to make something for his loved classmates at his Preschool.
And he started to make something by Origami paper.