Thursday, August 16, 2012

La-D-Da "Bo Peep" Framed, And My WIP

Hi, how are you spending your summer holiday?
I hope you are spending lovely summer.

The other day, I framed my finished piece "Bo Peep" © La-D-Da.
I was going to frame this in rich brown frame, but there wasn't the right frame in my stash, so I tried to frame it in this yellow-green frame that was in my stock.

Isn't this too bad?!
The size was just right for this design!
I gave this to my mum and she doesn't mind it in this frame, so I won't change, maybe...

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Happy Dance! La-D-Da "Bo Peep" Finished

Hello, how is your summer holiday?
I have been busy to play with Tass my son, and also have been looking for his lots of homework.
In Japan, recently we have terrible sweltering hot weather everyday, we are like boiled...

子供の頃は、30°C というと驚いていた記憶がありますが、ここ毎日35°C が当たり前で・・・
県北部では毎日の様に 37.5°C と、高温注意報。37.5°C なんて学校を休ませようかどうか?と迷う体温と同じですよね。

By the way, "Be Poop" © La-D-Da has finished tonight!
I'm so happy that I finally could finish this!! :D
I was thinking this would be more subdued colours from seeing others' finished pieces, but it wasn't, quite lovely.
Does it depend on colour of linen I choose?