Monday, June 30, 2008

Quaker Animal Exchange FROM Edgar

Yesterday, I've received an amazing parcel from Edgar!
It has reached to Japan safely and it took only 5 or 6 days to get here.
I was so thrilled to open his parcel because I know his works are wonderful!

Here are the gifts from him!

This Exchange is with Quaker Inspired "The Workbasket Quaker Animal Exchange", and we could choose and stitch one of Animal from The Workbasket's Quaker Animal charts, and he stitched "Quaker Rooseter" for me and made it into "Pyn Keepe" (which is what he calls about Pinkeep).

How gorgeous is this!
His stitching is amazingly beautiful!!
He stitched Rooster by Belle Soie "Creme de Menthe" silk thread and stitched my initials by Cresent Clours!
Oh I do really love this Pyn Keepe! Beautiful indeed!

I also love the trim (braid) colour so much, it very suits for these threads' colour, don't you think?

And the pearl pins are very beautiful on this masterd colour trim!
I love how he added pins, I will refer it from the next time I make pinkeep!

And I shouldn't forget about this lovely backing fabric to share!
Isn't it SO cute?! And it matches perfect to this Rooster design!

He totally spoiled me, so much!
He included two charts of "The Sampler Girl" which was on my wishlist, some Vikki Clayton's Silk threads, my favourite cherry tea (he told me that he knew that it's my favourite from my past post! How thoughtfull gift is this!), and very nice scent body lotion!

I'm so glad that he sent me all my favourite stuffs!
What sweet presents!

Thank you SO SO SO much, Edgar!
I'd really appreciate for your wonderful Pyn Keepe and so many goodies!
And of course for your kind heart!

My PIF Members! + Hydrangea

Yesterday, just after a rain, I took some photos of "Hydrangeas" in my garden!
There are so many hydrangeas in my garden, but this year only few has been blooming...

Maybe the end of last year before when we had moved to here, a gardener trimmed all over this garden, but it was not the right moment, that's why there are only few flowers bloom in this year...

So I hope next year that so many flowers will bloom in our garden!!
I love hydrangea's colours very much, this purple is very beautiful and I love it!
And also photo above is very beautiful, isn't it!
It will turn deep purple in a week! I'm looking forward to seeing it!

By the way, this early morning I did drawing to pick up 3 person for my PIF member!
Thank you so much everyone for signing up for my PIF.
I'd really appreciate for you all.

I asked my son to pick up 3 pieces of paper, and he picked up these three names!

  • Staci (Snippets and Stash)

    I will contact you all to let you know that you all became my PIF member,
    so please let me know your snail mail address later!

    Again, thank you so much for everone who signed up for my PIF!
    I'd appreciate for them all.
    When the next time I signed up someones PIF,
    I will do the same thing again on this blog, so please look forward to it.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

New And Good Start - EMS Part 1 + Concert Report

First of all, thank you so much for everyone who wished for us to have a great time at Jazz concert.
It was held yesterday, thanks to my mum (she came over here by bullet train - it took about 4 hours! ahd she looked after my son while we were out), my husband and I could go out for concert together.
It was the first time for us to be only two of us, since my son has been born, so it was small present from my mum for us! I really appreciate for her kindness, always!

Anyway, the Jazz concert by MJO (Manhattan Jazz Orchestra) was great!
My husband and I like Jazz, but basically we love slow jazz, so it was almost the first time for us to listen to big band, but I thought it was fantastic, their performance was wonderful!

After the concert was finished, we bought their CD and there was an autograph session of the conductor also a producer David Mathew, so we asked him an autograph on the CD. (Can you see his autograph on yellow CD?)
I tried to speak to him in English and talked a bit with him! He was very gentle and we shook hands with smile!
I was so happy that he could understand my English, I was a bit nervous but there is almost no chance to speak English in Japan, so I tried it!!
We had great time at concert and I think it became nice memory of our anniversary!

By the way, back to stitching subject, I've decided to start EMS Project 2008 "Rose Sampler"!
I was very busy working on Exchange pieces in June, but as I finished them and saw my friend's beautiful piece of "Rose Sampler", I couldn't stop starting it!

My friend used like un-breached (maybe) fabric and very dark brown thread (DMC #3371), and I thought that it was very beautiful combination!

So I asked her if I could copy her combination!
I didn't want this to be too romantic nor too elegant, so this combination is perfect to me!
This photo doesn't show the colour justice, but in the real life, it's very natural and beautiful!

Here is the present progress! I haven't decided the shade colours yet, so there is only single coloured stitch, though...

It was very fun to stitch this design, and I just have finished Part 1.
However there are already published Part 1 to 6, so I'm 5 months behind now...
Soon Part 7 will be published, so actually I'm 6 months behind, but as it was very fun, I think I will be able to go forward a little bit faster than usual!

By the way, thank you so much for signing up for my PIF member.
I will do drawing to pick up 3 person for the member, later tonight!
I will let you know about the result on this blog maybe tomorrow (on Monday), so please check it!

Design : EMS Project 2008 "Rose Sampler" (Freebie)
Fabric : 28ct Wichelt Country French / Cafe Mocha Linen
Thread : DMC #3371

Friday, June 27, 2008

Lovely Gift from Staci!

Thank you so much everyone for lots of lovely words for our Wedding Anniversary, and thank you very much for signing up for my PIF member!
I'd really appreciate for them all!

By the way, about a week ago, I've won Staci's "Summer Giveaway", it was the first time I've won the drawing on the blog!
She immediately sent out the gift and it has safely arrived to me yesterday, it took only 4 or 5 days to Japan! We both couldn't believe how fast it was!

Here it the photo! The fabrics are so lovely, I will definitely use them for my finishing!
And I would like to make a tote bag by vintage muslin bag panels from the
Percy Kent Bag Co, someday in the future!
And I'm going to use cotton dishcloths from tonight!
Thank you very much, Staci! I'd really appreciate for your kind heart!

Now it's the rainy season in Japan, but today the weather is very fine!
So I have done lots of gardening, weed an overgrown garden and picked some plums from the trees.
But I need to weed a garden again and again, though...

I made plum sour juice with some plums which I picked today!
I have been letting it mature now, it takes three weeks to become the matured juice.
I love plum taste very much, so I'm very looking forward to the day I can taste it!!

Here is my Grass Hedgehog, the photo was taken on 27th of June.
It is growing and it's lovely, isn't it! I love it!

But my Grass Dog has been dying...
I found a tiny green spots a lot on his head, so I thought it must be sprouts, and was happy as I thought he is brought back to life again!

But actually when I came close to him and saw it deeply, they were not sprouts, but mould all around...
I'm sad, but I think I should say good bye to him...

By the way, as I wrote on the last post, there is time difference between most of people and I, so I decided to draw and pick up 3 person for my PIF member.
So, I have been still taking sign up PIF member until this coming Sunday!
There are already more than 3 person who is signing up for it, so please feel free to leave comment on the last post, if you are interested in!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pay It Forward!

I've signed up for Sally's PIF (Pay It Forward) member the other day!
I had been interested in PIF very much from a long time ago, but I couldn't have found the owner of PIF at all, so when I found that Sally was taking PIF sign up members on her blog, I immediately asked her if I still could be a member of hers.
I'm so happy that I know her stitching is very beautiful!!

And so, this is my turn.

*** This is how it works ***

If you would like to receive something made by me within the next 365 days, please comment on this post to say that you are interested.

*The rule is "the first three" person will receive something, but there is time difference between most of people and I, so I change this part a bit...
"If there was less than three person, of course I will choose them as my PIF member, but if, if there were more than three person, I would do drawing to choose three person later! "

(The deadline is 29th of June, Sunday! - Japanese time.)

In return you post the same offer on your blog.
Simple and a lovely way of spreading joy in the stitching world.

I hope there will be someone who will sign up for my PIF member!

P.S. There are more than 3 person who would like to sign up for my PIF, I will draw later this weekend! So please leave comment, if you are interested in!
This PIF is open for everyone! Thank you so much for signing up for my PIF member!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

4 Years Anniversary!

One week ago, 17th of June was our 4 years Wedding Anniversary!
My husband is a bit indifference to anniversary or birthday, but I found and red so many posts that western husbands brought bunch of flowers or presents etc... back home for their wives on their anniversary or birthday!

So I told him about how western husbands are thoughtful, as it was my secret intention, lol


But on that day, he came back empty-handed against my expectation (lol), actually he didn't come back on that day, he got home after midnight again on that night...
I was quite disappointed, as I was thinking to cerebrate our anniversary together this year, actually we have never had been together on our wedding anniversary somehow yet...

I had been preparing two tickets of Jazz concert, as our anniversary present for him, though...
But last Saturday, when we went to department store, I found stunning figurine!
"Sea Maiden" by NAO, I fell in love with it when I first met!
So I asked him, and so he presented me as a belated anniversary present!!

Here is the photo... Her beauty takes your breath away, don't you think?
I LOVE IT! and am smiling at her since then!

The Jazz concert will be held on this coming Saturday, it's by MJO (Manhattan Jazz Orchestra)!
I'm so excited and very looking forward to going there with him!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wonderful Presents From My Friends!!

Today as I promised, I am going to share some photos what my friend presented me when we met at the last time!
I'm so surprised how they made such wonderful things in very short time (they also made these for 5 person!!)

Anyway, here they are!! Please enjoy to see their works!

Here is a pinkeep, I don't know and I forgot to ask what designer this is from, but this is very elegant and just beautiful, isn't this!
I also like the backing fabric which is beautiful and perfect match with this pinkeep design!

Here is Banurukotti (or Panurukotti, I don't know how to spell it exactly...) which is a kind of Korean style pincushion!
My friend referred how to make it, but sew each pieces together like when you make Biscornu.
It does need 15 pieces of square to make one pincushion, it's amazing, isn't it!
And please look how beautiful this is! Her works are always perfect!!

And here is also a pincushion in the small basket which is also made by my friend.
It's very tiny and so lovely! I do really love her taste, always!
She is also a very talented lady!!

Compare to their wonderful works, my sewing case is nothing!!!
Their works are so beautiful and sweet, I love them all!!
You see, my friends are so talented, don't you think?
I'm so proud of them and am so happy to have met them online as well as in person!

We are going to meet up next month again, they might be coming to my home next time, or we will go out for sight seeing as where I live is a famous sight seeing place!
I'm very looking forward to see them again!!

By the way, here is my Grass Hedgehog!
She is growing a little by little...
The photo was taken on 22nd of June.
My Grass Dog has dead... I hope he will recover soon...

Yesterday, we had very terrible incident...
When we went out for shopping and when we park, an old guy picked a fight with my husband, and they had argue, actually I was going to arbitrate it, but the old guy called me "Bi*ch!!", that drove me so mad, and so involuntary I jumped in their argument!! lol

Once their (our) argument has finished, we parked and went shopping, but after we finished shopping and went back to the parking lot, our car was intentionally and terribly scratched, deeply and very long (one was
about 60cm, and the other scratch was about 40cm) by key!!!!!
I couldn't believe it!!! It's obviously him, that nasty old guy!
After a long time I got angry so much, and I couldn't sleep at all last night...

We called policeman and we all watched through the video tape for prevention of crime, but it didn't show the place where we parked at all, so it couldn't help us at all...

It was so stressful day, and so I had stomachache...
Come to the conclusion, we had to swallow it... sigh (;'~';)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

HoE Freebie Exchange FOR Neila C.

Finally my HoE (Hooked on Exchanging) Freebie Exchange piece has arrived to its destination... whew...
I was very anxious if it was lost at somewhere...
Normally the parcel I send out took about one week, though this time it took more than three weeks to the US!

By the way, here is what I've made for my partner
Neila C.

I don't know why, but I wanted to make a pinkeep in red thread, when I've heard the word "Freebie Exchange".
So I picked up this design and have chosen DMC #115, and made it into a pinkeep.

This time I used Pearl Pin for Top pin, and also used red flower ribbon.
Was this too much? My husband said that it's too much, lol

Here is a photo of pins, this time I used simple red and white making pins for both sides of pinkeep.

And here is a photo of the backing fabric which I used for this pinkeep.

I don't know she liked it or not, as I haven't been hearing from her yet.
But I do hope she liked it and as well as some goodies that I added in a parcel...

As I promised, I will post some presents from my Japanese friends in the next post!

And also, my turf kit in hedgehog is growing a little by little, and vice versa my Grass Dog is dead... so I cut all his hair (turf), and waiting for it will grow again...
I will take a photo of them and will post in the next post, too!

Design : "Baby Alphabet" © Sheepish Designs (Freebie)
Fabric : 32ct Belfast Linen (White)
Thread : DMC #115
Finished as : Pinkeep

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

From Me To My Friends!

Today I met my online friends again! This time we gathered and went to one of our friend's house to stitch together!
One of them has a boy who is the same age as my son, so we took our sons to there, too!
They (her son and my son) got along well together, so we could chat, eat, and stitch a lot and could have fun very much!!

By the way, the last time my friends gave me some presents, so this time I made this (photo below) for them in return.
I made this sewing case totally 7 pieces, 5 for my friends who I met today, 1 for my mum and one for my another friend.

I tried to make many kinds of things as presents experimentally, but I failed every time when I've tried to make, then finally I've decided to make this sewing case for them.
I copied Gwen's sewing case which I've received as HoE freebie exchange, because this is very lovely and I loved this wonderful idea and shape very much!

Here is when it is opened, it's like flower, isn't it!
I stitched a girl motif (freebie © Casa Mia), and I added a heart shaped coconut button on the back.

Here is the inside of sewing case. I added red gingham small flower and also some pins, and printed tags as something extra.

Here are close up photos of additional stuffs.
I like this small red gingham flower very much, and my friends also liked it!

I was quite anxious to give this to them, because they all are very talented ladies...

But I'm so glad that they were very happy to received this!
Their lovely words for this sewing case was well worth making very hard in short time!

My friend's house was so wonderful and she has so many cross stitch books! and we could see so many wonderful works of her today, they all feasted my eyes very much!!

Anyway, we had great time! We will plan to gather again, maybe in the next month!
I'm looking forward to seeing them again!

By the way, some of them brought presents as well, and they all are so great!
I will take photos on a sunny day (from tomorrow, it will rain, though...) and share their photos on the next post!

Design : Freebie ©
Casa Mia
Fabric : 32ct Belfast Linen (Ivory)
Thread : DMC
Finished as : Sewing case