Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sweet PIF gift from Sally!

Thanks for stopping by my blog even though I haven't been posting anything about cross stitch recently... And I really appreciate for your warm and kind Get Well Wishes, so much.

Yesterday when I was going out, I found a puffy envelope in the mail box, and I guessed if it's from
Sally as she noticed me that she sent the PIF gift to me a while ago!
And Bingo! I saw her name on the envelope, I couldn't resist to open it even though I had to go out!! So just before I go, I opened it at the entrance and Oh... Sally did make my day indeed!!
Just look at this Sweet sweet present that she made for me... I was so touched!

This is my first SB work, I love SB's designs, but I haven't been having no chance to stitch them until now somehow... (I have some kits, though!)
She red my blog and found that I like sheep designs and also SB, so she told me that she thought this is the right design for my PIF gift!!

She added linen laces around the edge and also added white roses on four corners!
Isn't this just so sweet?!

And there is a word about friendship, the design is "Friendship Lamb" by Shephered's Bush.
It touched my heart... Thank you, Sally!
Her stitching and finishing is awesome, just perfect!!

And here is a photo of backing fabric she choose for this design, isn't it perfect match?
I like everything Sally!!
I forgot to take photos, though she also added a postcard of Swan Island and her message card was sheep design! :)

By the way, I have so many photos in my PC, actually in the memory stick (is it said USB memory?).
A few days ago, the alert has appeared on the screen to say it's full, so I bought new one.
This time I bought this lovely pink stick, it looks like lip stick, isn't it?!
So now I can keep my photos (most of them are sweetie's photos!) till they will be 4 GB in the stick.

By the way, thank you so much everyone for purchasing many of charts from my "Sale and Trade" blog!
I really appreciate for you all. I also should downsize so many my craft materials as my husband found them and nagged me when we had argument last night (lol), whew...
So when I settled down at my mum's home, I will open the "Sale and Trade" blog again, and next time I'm thinking to sell some materials, too.
Anyways, your ordered items are already sent yesterday!
Now they are on their way, so please wait for a while...

I'm stitching only few lines each day and little by little when I feel OK.
My this year's resolution is to make and send present for my friends' Birthday in time, so I want to stitch and finish it, if I could.
Resolution is just a resolution and
Carol R. told me that resolutions are made to be broken!
So I shouldn't be so serious, though! :)

Hope I feel better soon and be able to share some stitching post!
Take care and Happy Stitching!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mail Day, Stash & My Life...

Hello everyone, how have you been doing?
I still have been unwell, but have to be patient until when I go back to mum's home to be treated, as my husband is again away for business trip (he is so busy!).
I want to have a complete body check-up, but at the moment nobody else can look after my son while I'm in the hospital...
Unfortunately in this country nursing system is not prepared well, I know Western countries have well nursing system or babysitting system from a long long years ago, though...

As you may already know that I'm selling (or trading) my stash on another blog, it doesn't mean that I will quit cross stitch, just my taste has changed a lot, and my dear JP friend gave me so many charts that she doesn't use anymore, so I'm selling them (I mean I'm selling the items which I also had in my stash!).
I normally sell them online auction, but at the moment, I won't be able to ready and send them out quickly, so I decided to sell them here...

By the way, from a few days ago the weather is very dull raining and cold.
But luckily I received many parcels!! :)
Here is my stash! It was the first time for me to ordered items from The Silver Needle.
I saw so many times at someones blog that they wrap beautifully and service is great, so I tried it! Look at this lovely wrapping! The service was great as well, I've contacted a few times about my credit card and it was fun to talk with Terry, one of staff of the shop.

I normally don't post my new stash, though this time I have nothing to show or share, so here it is! I ordered the drill to make twisted code, Q-snap (it's my first Q-snap! I'm exciting!), some charts by Homespun Elegance, Nora Corbett, etc...

And yesterday I was a bit well (because I had no fever last morning), so I tidy up my craft stuffs to pack boxes, and found these twisted codes, etc... from the drawer!
I remember that I bought them to make curtain or cushions, etc... just before I've got married, but I didn't make any one and had been totally forgotten about them!
They are too much for me, so I decided to share them with my dear friends. :)

And here is a surprise gift from Cathey (aka Pumpkin), she has won my blogoversary giveaway Biscornu, and kindly she sent me this beautiful scarf of Breast Cancer Awareness in return.
This is lovely, isn't it! Thank you so much, Cathey!!

And here is a gift from Susan (no blog), some cut linens and some over dyed threads!
Susan has asked me to search some leather handles for the tote bags that I made before for friends, and so I bought them and sent them to her.
She paid me, but she sent me some goodies, too! Thank you so much, Susan!
I really appreciate for your kindness.

Tonight my husband will be back home, but! the house is full of mess, LOL
Basically I hate laundry, I don't know why, but I don't like all the way of laundry.
I was feeling well a bit yesterday, so I wanted to do it but unfortunately the weather was bad, so I couldn't do it and either today, too.

And! Sweetie (my son) makes my work harder... he pees in his pants a lot these few days (lol), so so many his pants and trousers are in the washing machine...

Plus... I think maybe he knows that I have no energy to get angry, he mess up the room with toys, it's awful!! Moreover, he pull out all the clothes from the drawer and put his toys in there instead...
Oh NO!

He is naughty too much these days and so to tidy up with him is quite tough... take so much time.
But yesterday was terrible, there was so many tiny styrene foams in the parcel from The Silver Needle, and he found them sooner.
At first he was playing with them as saying "Mummy, look at this, it's snowing!!", so I gave them to him to play with, but while I was preparing for parcels, I heard something strange noise...and when I looked back, he was smashing those tiny styrene foams into more smaller pieces... (see the photo below...)

I wanted to scream but I changed my mind to be calm, maybe he is thinking something, and it's important to him...
Actually I had no energy to tidy up these pieces last night, so I left them.

But this morning I had to DO it! whew...
First of all, we tidy up toys together, and I vacuumed... from last evening I have slight fever again (I have been having slight fever almost one month now), so it was quite hard to just to vacuum...
Sweetie! Please don't make mummy tired!! Grrrrr

Soon, I can be back to mum's place, so she can help me, sorry to my husband, but it's the first priority to cure my illness.
He is always back home late, and often be away for business trip, so he understands my situation well.

Anyways!! I'm itching to stitch SO much!!!!!
Hope I will be able to stitch soon in my hometown, with nice music and tea. :)
And want to talk with you about stitching soon!

Take care everyone, thanks for visiting!
And also thank you so much for Get well wishes!
I appreciate for your warm heart.

I added many of charts on Sale & Trade page, if you are interested in, please visit my another blog!

Happy Stitching!
From now, I'm going to make donuts for sweetie...

Monday, January 19, 2009

I added some more charts (CCN / LHN)

Hi everyone, how have you been doing?
I haven't been well yet, so sadly not feeling like stitching at all...

I have just added some more charts on to my "Sale & Trade" page, most of them are from CCN (Country Cottage Needleworks) and LHN (Little House Needleworks), and some of BOAF (Birds Of A Feather).
So if you are interested in, please have a look!


Friday, January 16, 2009

Sale & Trade

I'm not feeling well to stitch yet, so I just have made another blog "Sale & Trade".
I'm selling some charts that I don't use anymore, if you are interested in, please visit

I also do trade, so if you have something that you don't need anymore
(charts or linen), please ask me anytime!
It's still a bit under construction, I will add links
for you to see the charts' photos easily, later!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Feel Japan! - World Heritage "Himeji Castle"

As my husband is in Singapore for business trip, I can have much time for myself! Yay!
And today I feel not so bad, so I decided to update my blog, although it's yet not about stitching...

Have you ever heard of the World Heritage "Himeji Castle" in Japan?
The last December when my son and I went back to my hometown, we went there.

This is the main gate of the Castle.

This is the most beautiful Japanese Castle in Japan, and it's also called "Shirasagi-jo (white heron-castle)", because it's beautiful like a white heron.

When we went to Himeji Castle, the weather began to get dark, so I couldn't take good photos this time...

It was very huge Castle, there is still some stone walls in the city. From these walls, we can know how huge castle it was...

When we arrived there, it was the time to close the gate, so we couldn't see inside (my son wanted to go in, but we have seen inside SO many times from when we were child... so for us it's quite boring, lol).
But if you are interested in Japanese culture and have studied its history, it would be so fun to see inside!!!

From here, I share you some photos of Kokoen (Himeji Caslte Nishinoyashikiato Garden Kokoen) where is next to the Castle, it is the traditional Japanese garden.


I actually wanted to visit Kyoto and Kobe, but I had no physical strength to go there this time, so next time! (Please click these links about Kyoto and Kobe, where is so fantastic place!!)

* Did you know where Kobe Bryant's name came from? it's this Kobe. I've heard that when his father had been to Kobe and had Kobe beef, and it was so yum, so he was named Kobe... (Is this true???)
*Edited--- Anna van Schurman told me the link about his name! Thanks Anna!

But next time when we back mum's home, I really want to go to Kobe to visit a big craft shop and some other very fashionable shops for zakka, etc...

And also some places where have sweet memories for me! :D

I stitched only a little bit today as I was a bit well.

But it's present for friend's birthday, so can't show anything...

Until next time, Happy Stitching!

And thank you always for visiting and your comments!

I really appreciate for them all!!

P.S. I have a Tourist Guide & Map of Himeji in English version with me now.
If you are very interested in it or if you have a plan to visit Japan, then if you would like to have this, please let me know, I will send it to you with pleasure!
But I only have 1 map, so if if there were some of them who want to get this, I will draw it later...

*Edited--- I found a participant of the Map! I will contact you, zirzyle!

Thank you so much everyone.

Thank you so much everyone for sending me many ((hugs)) and thoughts and wishes.
My husband is now away in Singapore for business trip, but it's quite nice moment that I can be lazy! :)

Since I had terrible stomachache, I have a slight fever... I have no symptoms of cold at all, so I'm a bit worried.
But today it's still public holiday in Japan. so I will see a doctor of internal medicine tomorrow or as soon as I can.

We my mum and I are talking about my symptoms, and so my son and I may go back to my mum's home to be treated, so mum can help me when I'm sick.
Come to the conclusion, it's the first priority to get rid of my illness, otherwise I won't be able to even play with my son.

Thank you so much for your opinions, ideas etc... As you say, no I shouldn't worry about showing my butt to paramedics, should I? It was silly thoughts, I now think!
And I will try to tell my son about emergency call.

Unfortunately as we have moved to here about 3 months ago, and so there is no acquaintance yet to ask for example, to look after for my son while I'm at hospital, etc...
And in the cities, people don't care about others, and they don't want to get involved with others...

And my husband is very busy at work, he comes home very late always and he often be away for business trip (next week, too!), so my mum is also so worried about me and my son.
So probably my son and I will be back to my hometown, don't know yet when it will be...
And while my mum look after for my son, I will enter the hospital for a thorough medical checkup.

Actually I have had so many checks before, for breast cancer, uterine cancer, colon cancer, for ears and nose, etc... but nothing was found.
But the result of the test for hormone was serious, so I have been taking medicines.
The normal score is from 6.1 ~ 30.5 ng/ml, but mine was 108.0 ng/ml
It's obviously unusual.

It may sound a bit childish or be spoiled, but at the moment, It's quite hard for me to do both household and nursing with no help.
So I'm hoping I will be treated and recover as soon as possible in the countryside.

I like countryside, actually when I came back to my hometown, I feel relief, so it will effect nicely to my illness, I hope.

Thank you so much everyone for your thoughtfulness.
I really appreciate for your warm hearts.

Take care and have a lovely day!
Happy Stitching!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Photos Of The Last December

Do you remember that I've traveled back to my mum's house the last December while my husband was away for a business trip?
As my health is not good so far, there is no stitching photos to share, so I will share you these photos that I took in my hometown.

From the beginning of our trip, we reserved Nozomi Shinkansen (bullet train) to back to my mum's home, and here is Nozomi! It takes about 4 hours to get back from our place to my mum's house, the time we board Nozomi is about 3 hours to get there, though.

Here is my Bento! My son bought rice balls for lunch and we ate them in the train!

One day, when we went out for a walk, I took my camera with me, and took some photos around mum's house!
First of all, we went to a small shrine nearby and my son was excited that he found so many acorns!! He thought there should be Totoro (Hayao Miyazaki's Anime)!

And we walked up to the hill, we found beautiful and big maple tree!
Isn't this colour beautiful?
(But I don't know why, when I went near the tree, I smelt very stink, lol...)

At our ordinal walking course, we found fox tail, and sweetie was glad to have it to play with!
Sadly we don't have much nature in the cities, so it's so nice to be back to my mum's home with my son, because he can find and see many natures... I want to live in the country side...

We decided to change our walking course, and we decided to go where we have never gone before!
And found this very old and small shrine...

And in someones land, we found this, I think the owner of this land intended to put persimmons on the stump. Isn't this beautiful photo?

Persimmons and Japanese pampas grass...

Here is an additional photo, this is Okina's Mask which my son was very scared...

I remember I was also so scared when I was child!! :)

I was feeling well yesterday, so I was very happy and have started cross stitch!!
But, suddenly I had terrible stomachache and I realised it's not normal ache... I remember before when I've got married I had terrible stomachache when I was talking on the phone with my boyfriend (now he is my husband...), and I hung on the phone and after that I didn't remember anything, I lost consciousness and fell down from the stairs to the first floor...
And my parents took me to an emergency hospital in the midnight...

Anyways, the pain was the same as that time, so I was so afraid and as expected I was almost going to loose consciousness again...
I had greasy sweat, and excess breath... I thought I shouldn't loose consciousness, because this time there is no one to help me, there is only 3 years old son...

So I thought to call ambulance, but I also thought I shouldn't, because I will be found by paramedics as I'm showing my bottom in the bathroom (LOL)

And of course my son won't get the situation, he won't be able to unlock the door key, so I thought I should crawl to the entrance to unlock the key as showing the bottom, if I called ambulance.
I was too shy to be found as half naked!
That made me will power very much.

Actually after that, I fell into the same condition, but from second time I took the mobile phone to call ambulance or my mum just to make sure, and a plastic bag to prevent myself from excess breath.

So from the second time I felt a bit better than the first time and was OK...
But it was so scared...
Today I feel unwell again... so my stitching time was just finished all too easily...

What's wrong with my body???
I had been hiding about my health to everyone, but to be honest I have so many symptoms, I have been in a depressed state for these few years, and have been visiting doctor once two weeks.

Actually I have menopausal disorders even I am only 34... it's harmful side effects by medicines...(it's very hard!!)

And very low blood pressure... and so on...

It's actually quite tough to live normally, as having 3 years old boy, it's more harder, and there is no helper around me...

So we are talking about our future situation many times with my mum.

Well, so it's not the right time to stitch for me so far...

I will stitch and blogging when I'm feeling OK and little by little, but please stay in touch dear friends...

Take care everyone, and please have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Year's Resolution 2009

Just a note to remember!
Here is my New Year's resolution 2009.

* Make 3 more PIF gifts as soon as possible.
* Try to stitch a bit larger piece and frame them.
* Try not to make smalls as much as I can (because there is no space to decorate in this new house yet...)
* Try to make friends' Birthday present in time!
* Stitch Birth Sampler for my dear friend's new born baby.
* Join some Exchange/Swap.
* Set the time and theme for the private exchange, and try to stitch them in time!

* Try to stitch seasonal designs (Halloween, Christmas etc...).
* Stitch and present Christmas designs for dear my Mum, Aunts, Cousins who care about me so much always.
*Make and send some RAK if I had enough time!

*Try to stitch designs from Sweden or Denmark with flower threads!
* If I could, try to stitch Beatrix Potter Quaker sampler!
* Sell or trade my stash which I won't use anymore...

Are they too much?
I think so... but just the resolution! :)
My son will start Preschool from this coming April, so I think I will be able to have time for myself more than now!!

Take care and Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My Mum's Works! (2)

Sorry for not posting my stitching stuffs at all recently...
To be honest, I have been doing unwell, basically I have very low blood pressure and have been taking medicines, but I don't know it's working or not, I still have low blood pressure...
And so after when I had meal or after when I took a bath, I feel so sick (because blood pressure is getting be more low...), it's like having morning sickness... and can't move at all...
A doctor suggested me not to work or walk after that, but as having a little child, I can't have rest much...
These few months, it's getting harder than before, so I haven't been able to stitch much... sigh*

Anyways, so there is no photos to share about my stitching, I share some photos of my mum's works again instead.
I received a parcel from mum today and there were so many goodies for me and for my son (of course for my husband, too)!
She always put so many things with her heart, I really appreciate for her thoughtfulness.

Here is what I asked her to knit this year, knit camisole tunic!

When I saw this camisole tunic in the book, I fell in love and I asked her if it's possible.
And she said "Yes, I think I can do it!", so I was very excited when I saw this completed one today!!

Here are some close up photos.

I choose this button for this knit!

And she gave me surprise, she made other things, too!
This is a drawstring bag which I wanted!
She didn't forget what I said 2 years ago, and made it for me this year as she had yarn at home!

Inside of this bag, she used my favourite brown block check fabric, isn't this lovely?!

And also she made a knit cap for me (but if it doesn't suit for me, she said she would be happy if my son wear it), unfortunately it didn't suit for me AT ALL! and so I gave it to my son (he has big head, LOL)!

A bit big for him and actually he doesn't like wear caps, though, I told him it's made by his favourite grandma, so let's wear it when the weather is very very cold outside!

He loves my mum, so when he heard that this is made by my mum, he said "Yes!!" Pure boy! :)

My mum and I are talking on the phone almost everyday (we have IP phone, so it's free!), and she told me she is going to knit another cloths for me!!
She sounds having fun to make something for her children or grandchildren!
There are some previous engagement for her, SIL (my brother's wife) asked her to make kind of rucksacks for her children, so after she have done them she will knit for me! :)
She is busy, isn't she! :)

I hope I will be able to start cross stitch again soon.
Sorry to let you hear that I'm always unwell... honestly and basically I'm bit weak constitution, and have not physical strength, so if I have done something hard, I won't be able to do anything next day...

So, little by little, I hope I will be able to go forward.
I will make the list of this year's resolution later, and will post it to make me encourage by myself!

Take care and thank you so much for visiting!
Happy Stitching!