Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Ida Mae Crow" - The Goode Huswife Finished

When the first time I saw this design online, I fell in love with this, and so when I found it at Japanese auction, I bought it immediately!
I love "The Goode Huswife" and have some charts, but it's the first time for me to stitch their design this time!
It was so fun to stitch this, the Symbol keys show that the crow is DMC #310 (black), but the sample photo doesn't look black at all, so I changed some colours!
I also changed flower colours as well. (I wrote the changes below of this post...)

I was unwell, but recently I have been doing better than before and this design made me very cheerful, so I could stitch this faster than usual.
I was thinking to use this frame for this in my mind, but I cut the fabric smaller, so I was worried if it fits for the frame, or I'd better to make mat for this, too?

But it just fitted perfectly, and I really love this result!
It turned so beautifully in this frame, I think!!
I'm so happy and satisfied of this!
I bought this frame on sale, and it was quite cheap! I was so lucky to found thid frame and had this in my stash!
I was also working on SWAP gift, and it was almost finish, but I don't think it's good enough, so I'm restarting to make one for my partner!
I hope it goes well at the end, and hope I will be able to post it in time!

By the way, thank you for your concern about my health, and sorry to have troubled you so much.
I have done all my check-up, and nothing wrong was found in my body.
So, come to the conclution, this symptons are all from the farmful side effect of my medicines that I have been taking so long, I was told.
I was suffering my backahe so much, but it has been better than before, so I can stitch nowadays! Thank god!

Slight fever is keeping me tired, but ces't la vie, the doctor told me that most of people who has been taking those medicines has been suffering kind of same symptons, so I should be patient until I will get better!
But thanks to all, I'm getting really better than before, I can't eat a lot at a time, but have been eating some many times in a day. I lost so many weights but I think I will be OK soon!

Thank you so much for your wishes, I really appreciate for your kind hearts!!
Thank you so very much everyone!

Take care and have a lovely weekend!
Thanks for visiting and Happy Stitching!

"Ida Mae Crow" by The Goode Huswife © 2009
Fabric : 28ct Wichelt-Permin Linen (Desert Sand)
Thread : DMC (#310 -> #3799, #3829 -> #3826, #632 -> 3830)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mr. Spock Or Mr. Sweetie?

Recently Sweetie makes me surprise so much!
He catches many difficult words from our talk, TV, etc... and speaks so well!
When he saw this scene on the TV, he said "Oh, President Obama and Prime Minister Aso!", it made me very surprise! Actually it sounded like "President Ogaba" (lol)... and he continued, "President Ogaba is cool, because he can speak English!" (LOL)
Poor Sweetie, you should remember the name of new Prime Minister of Japan soon again, lol

He knows that I'm not well at the moment, so he cares of me so much.
He always asks me "How are you? if you are ill, you can eat my sweets, and you will get better soon!" and he gives me his sweets!! How sweet boy he is?!

Here is a photo (below) of him trying to wink! lol
This looks so naughty, doesn't it?

He likes to play with pigeons so much, though around our place there is nowhere like here, so we often go to Odawara where is about 1 hour from our place by car.
(This photo was taken before we came back to my home town.)

I don't know why, but he likes to pretend to be a puppy dog!
When he became like a puppy dog, he always try to behave like a baby and comes to me to be cuddled! So sweet! :)
Recently he didn't let me cut his hair at all, so his hair became long enough as boy, so a few days ago finally I cut his hair when he was not sleepy!
But he said "No more please!!" in the middle way of cutting, but it was cut squarely across the forehead and I was going to cut layered later, so I asked him let me do a little bit more, but he refused...

So I showed him mirror and asked "does this look OK???" as laughing, but he said "It's OK, no more!", so I gave up!
Now he looks like Mr. Spock! lol

I called him "Hi, Spock!" as joke, but he liked it (he doesn't know what the Spock is, of course!), and now he is saying "Mummy, I'm Spock!" lol

By the way, I was so excited by the final game of WBC yesterday!!! Japan won again! My mum, Sweetie and I screamed when they won!!! Well done and congratulations, SAMURAI Japan!!

Now I have been stitching "Ida Mae Crow" © Goode Huswife and it's nearly done!
So I hope I can show you the finished piece on the next post!

Take care and Happy stitching!
Thanks for visiting and your comments!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Thanks Dear Friends! - Super Mail Day!!!

Hi, how are you doing?
I'm getting better than before, thanks to you all (I'll write about it later...)

Today was a Super Mail Day!!!
I received so many parcels from dear friends and my husband! How exciting day it was!
My sweetie also was so excited to see what's inside there!

So, first of all, here is a Bloganniversary Gift from
Loreta in Lithuania!!
I received her parcel safely in this morning.
She is my inspiration, as you know she is so talented lady and I'm always so admired by her wonderful works and ideas!!

So I couldn't believe that I've won for the drawing!!
What a lucky girl I am to be able to have her works with me!!
I was so thrilled to open the parcel from her...

Here they are! Beautiful notebook covered by beautiful stitched fabric by her, and also beautiful pincushion and fob!

I so love everything she sent me, here is a close up photo of stitched fabric, isn't this beautiful?!

And here is a pincushion which is stitched by over dyed thread and beaded.
This is also so beautiful and elegant!
My photos don't show them justice, so please visit her blog (
here) to see what I received from her.
I also love her professional photographs!!

Here is a fob, uhmmm... isn't it beautiful, too?!
I still can't believe that I can have her works!!

Here is a lovely card from her.
Thank you SO much, Loreta!
I'm so honored to have them with me, and I will treasure them!

And this afternoon, I received a big box from the US, it was from dear
She let me know that she sent me something good about a week ago, so I was also thrilled to open it so much!

Here are what she sent me and to sweetie, everything was wrapped beautifully like photo above!
She told me this is the belated Birthday Present for me!
We both couldn't send each other's Birthday Present on time, though "belated" is not bad at all!!

Once I unwrapped packages, beautiful things have appeared, and I sighed...
She gave me so many beautiful silk threads and over dyed threads!
The one was a beautiful hardcover book of pincushions!

And the other one was a needlebook that Nancy made for me!!
She stitched beautiful tulip on the cover and inside of the needle book is like this.
She stitched "Needles" one over one, and it's so beautifully stitched!!

She loves antiques, so she added beautiful antique handkerchief (I think)!
I think it must be valuable, thank you Nancy, you are so generous!

Here is a book of pincushions, they are SO lovely!!
I'm sure I will make some soon! I won't be able to resist to make them!!!
How sweet gift this is!

And... Nancy enclosed this sweet card, there was a word "Remember, you've got a friend who cares..." this was almost going to make me cry... and inside there was her message and also a word "I'm here whenever you need me!"...

Nancy, thank you SO very much for your warm heart, and thinking of me always.

I'm so touched by this wonderful gift and this card from you.
I'm so lucky to have you as my dear friend as I told you in the e-mail...

Oh I shouldn't forget, Nancy also sent a little picture book and toy cars for my sweetie!!
How kind she is!
When the parcel arrived, sweetie was having nap, so when he woke up I told him in whispers, "Sweetie, there are some gifts for you, can you find where they are???"
Sweetie looked around in the room, and found them and screamed (lol) as I expected!!
Now he is playing with them, he asked my mum to read a book, and told about gifts to his daddy on the phone!

Thank you so much dear friends, I'm always so touched by your words, gifts, thoughtful wishes.
I do really think that my sweetie and I are so happy and lucky parent and child!!!
Thank you always for thinking of us!!

Not today, but a few days ago I received lovely small gift from my dear friend in Japan!
She is also an inspirational friend of mine, she always make so pretty things!
This time she made me a lovely coin purse!

Isn't this so lovely?! I love her taste so much, always I saw her works, I admire for them and feel want to have more time stitching together in person!

Inside the purse, she used this soft and sweet flower printed fabric.
She told me it was a bit hard to make, but it looks just perfect!
Thank you so much always, dear my friend!!

And I received another parcel today from my husband.
He was in India for business trip this month.
In Jan. he went to Singapore, this month was in India, and he will be in China next month.
How busy men he is!

Anyways, so he and I installed Skype, and talked free on the net!
Actually I talked with my dear friend in the UK on Skype, and it was so fun!!

Here are some souvenirs from India that he sent me today.
Pink one is silk scarf, dark green one is hand embroidered table center, and box of incense sticks. Wooden toys are from his colleague in India for my son.
Thanks hubby!

Today was a really exciting day! I was watching WBC game on the TV and Japan won and go forward to the finals!!
The finals will be held tomorrow, vs. Korea!

Thanks for visiting + Take care!
Happy Stitching!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

LHN - "Lavender Hill" FOR My Friend

Hi! Finally I can show you my stitched piece!
Today it's my Japanese friend's Birthday.
I received a message from my dear friend S. that she received her Birthday Present from me safely today!
She loves LHN and CCN, so I choose this design from my stash.
Actually I was anxious if she has done this design before, but I so like this design and thought this would be her taste.

It was very pleasure to stitch for her, and this design was so fun to stitch!
I am stitching this design for my cousin, too and will stitch again for myself, too!
AND, my mum asked me to stitch for her, too, (lol) she is being greedy nowadays because I showed her online shop site and introduced so many designers.
She was so excited to see so many beautiful designs and said wants me to stitch them, as she has bad sight, she can't stitch complicated designs.

The model recommended Lambswool and I had it in my stash, but I thought this Belfast (Platinum) looks more similar with the model photo.
Threads are recommended DMC threads.

I was planning to frame this and asked to make a mat for it.
And here is the photo of it what I sent to my friend! Beautiful isn't it?

Here is a close up photo of the mat and frame.
I asked to make 2 more mats for my cousin's and for mine, and both are different with this mat.
For my cousin, I choose lavender colour mat and I made double mat in same lavender and ivory for mine!
My mum will choose lavender single mat for hers.

I love this design so much, it's SO lovely in the frame, so no wonder my mum fell in love with this and asked me to stitch this for her, too!

Anyway, Happy Birthday dear my friend!
Let's keep in touch and stitch even though we became old ladies!

I will have to work on a piece for SWAP, so won't be able to show stitched piece for a while again, though will post some about my life or my family!
Thank you so much for your comments, I love reading comments and they make me so happy and cheer me up!
Take care and have a lovely weekend!!
Happy Stitching!

Design : "Lavender Hill" © Little House Needleworks
Fabric : 32ct Belfast Linen (Platinum)
Thread : DMC

Friday, March 06, 2009

Finally arrived and some gifts

Hello all, how are you doing?
I still have been unwell, but have been visiting doctors and have been having many tests to find out what's wrong in my body.
But when I feel better, I am stitching a little by little, although a few lines a day!

By the way, finally I received my threads and linen for Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler SAL!
I don't know when I will be able to start it, but I'm so happy to have them with me!
Here are my threads and linen!

Silk threads of Vikki Clayton (Yellow Spice #4167) from Hand Dyed Fibers and the linen is from Silkweaver 36ct Edinburgh (Sandcastle).
I hope this combination will look like the sample photo of the chart! :)

And here is the photo of the Giveaway gift from Susan. She sent me so many lovely charts as her giveaway gift!
Already my son found one from Just Nan and asked me to stitch hedgehog!
Thank you so much, Susan! I really appreciate for your kindness!

And here is a beautiful postcard from Zirzyle in Lithuania!
I sent her an information map of my hometown and she sent me this beautiful Lithuanian Castle's postcard!
I love to see the castles in other countries, and this beautiful castle made me so happy!
Thanks Zirzyle!

And here is another photos of my son cross stitching!
Now he can say "Cross Stitch" clearly, not "Cnoss Sketch" anymore, he asked me to let him stitch some last night.

Lovely chubby cheeks! I love his face line so much!
His cheeks are always prime target of my kiss kiss attack! :) So sweet!
He was very serious and concentrated on stitching.

And here is the result! Oh this time sweetie couldn't make "cross ( x )"... shame!

Nowadays, I'm trying to teach English to sweetie a little by little, but he exactly know the difference of Japanese and English.
So when I was talking on the phone with my friend Fiona in English, he asked me not to speak English because he can't understand what we were talking!
So actually I tried to teach him English some times before, but he refused...

But today I found a good way, as he loves Mickey Mouse so much, I tried to copy Mickey's voice as having Mickey's doll, then he was so happy and started to try to learn English with me (Mickey?)!
And told him, if he could speak English, he can speak to Auntie Carol (Carol R.) and Fiona who he loves so much!
It's so funny, but he always listen to Mickey, although when he doesn't like to brush his teeth, if Mickey asked him to brush them with him, he soon listen to him and do it!
Thank you Mickey Mouse for helping me a lot! lol

I have finished my dear friend's birthday present, and now am trying to start to work for SWAP.
Both are secret presents, so I can't share them at the moment...
So for a while, I won't be able to show you my stitching works, though I'm happy if you would visit my blog as always!
Thanks for stopping by!
Take care and have a lovely weekend.