Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Challenge - BBD "Quaker Garden"

I haven't posted for a long time as I didn't think I had enough progress to post here.
Here is my new challenge, Blackbird Designs (Loose Feathers #19) "Quaker Garden".

By the way, what do you think of this fabric?It looks like "Vintage", but actually I've accidentally spilled water over the fabric!!
Silly me!
But, it's quite unique and nice, I'm a bit satisfied of this result! LOL

[note] "Quaker Garden" (Loose Feathers #19) © Blackbird Designs

Monday, June 04, 2007

Japanese Style Pinkeep

Recently I am absorbed in making pinkeeps!
That's because I can see the result soon and to choose the fabrics, or to make original pins are really fun!
I'm a beginner, so, actually what I can make is only Pinkeep at the moment, though! LOL

This time I made "Japanese-style Pinkeep"

I love western style, but also like small things in "Japanese taste".
I made this pinkeep for our Japanese room called "Washitsu" (Can you see the "Tatami" floor in this photo?), the fabric is from "Kimono" cloths.

Acutually a photo above is back side, and this (below) is the face.
I added Yo-Yo (fabrics are also from "Kimono" cloths) and pearl beads as flower motif.

But, it's not so pretty than I expected, LOLI like the back side, it's more Japanese-like!
I made and added Top-Pin on the ribbon again, this time I added bell.
The sound of bell makes my feel very calm, I remember my childhood...

The most favourite part is here!
I found myself to make orginal pins is really fun!
Do I love to make pinkeep or pins?? LOL