Sunday, July 06, 2014

Birds of Killingworth Framed!!

Hi, the other day I re-framed "Birds of Killingworth" after a long long time.
Actually I've done framing this sampler about two years ago, but I've done it by myself, I couldn't frame nicely and haven't been satisfied with it at all, so I've never taken photos of this.

2年少し前に完成していた、"Birds of Killingworth"。

This time I've done by myself again, but better than before, I think!
This one is quite big as I've stitched on 32ct linen, so it was hard to frame, so please don't look intently at these pictures! :)
And also, I should have put the hydrangea in nice plant! :(



Ahh, I can see warps a lot... shame!
If I will be able to find the framer, I would ask re-frame nicely for this one!

This photo shows what sort of frame I've chosen!
I like it, but sometimes think should I've chosen more bold frame for this design???
If I could find the other stitched thing to put in this frame, I would swap with this and will choose bold frame for this! What do you think??


This is a photo with my favorite hydrangea, this one is called "fall color".
The other day my mum found this at the flower shop near her office, and told me if I want to see once to buy or not, she said she thought I might like this kind of color.
Yes, mum, I love it! I decided to get this and she kindly presented me, but she is still not sure how I can call this as lovely thing!
Mum says she knows what I like, but in her opinion this looks like dead flower. lol
Yesterday, when I went out to my tiny garden to dry other hydrangea, I found that she cut all these "fall color hydrangea" and hanged them on the pole to let them be dried flower... mum...


Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your comment!
I always appreciate for them all.

Take care and have a lovely weekend!
Bye for now,

Design : "Birds of Killingworth" © The Stitching Parlor
Fabric : 32ct Magnolia
Thread : DMC


Vickie said...

Oh I think this is a lovely frame for this piece. That is funny about the hydrangea and your mother.

Nancy said...

Hi Yuko! I think your sampler looks very pretty in the frame. This is a lovely sampler!

Your hydrangea is pretty and interesting. I love hydrangeas, but I have never seen one like the one you have. I have only seen them in pink or blue.

butterfly said...

Your sampler looks beautiful in your frame.

Lovely Hydrangea.

Annie said...

Love the sampler and I think you picked a great frame for it. Looks like perfect framing too. You can be proud of that one!

tari said...

What a lovely sampler! So bright colors. Love it. And the frame is nice.
Love your hydrangea, it's one of my favorite flowers (after roses;-) ).

Jennifer said...

I think your framing is just lovely, and your stitching is beautiful!

Have you seen the green hydrangeas?

Rachel said...

Your framed piece looks lovely.

Your hydrangea looks beautiful. We have blue and white ones in our yard.

Thanks for sharing with us. Can't wait to see your next project.

Ellen said...

Love your sampler and the frame you chose.

Lillie said...

Gorgeous !

Marie said...

Birds of Killingworth is beautiful. I think that you did a beautiful job framing it. I like the frame you selected, it goes nicely with the colors in this design.

Evelyne said...

That's a lovely sampler and I love the frame.