Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sunflower House SAL Progress 0723

Here is my progress of Sunflower House © Blackbird Designs / Loose Feathers #09, so far.
I have been very busy looking after my naughty son recently, so haven't been able to stitch at day time at all...
So only one sunflower has bloomed...

I bought this linen as 28ct, but I think this is 32ct... I don't know which is the right count, so I note it as 28ct, though...
The photos that I have been taking aren't showing the linen colour justice, but actually this linen is marbled and it looks like beautiful sky!

I like this design very much, so far it's not so bright, but it will be very beautiful at the end, I think!

Ahhh, I have so many things to do and stitch!
I will post it later, but I started another new design, am I OK???
Next week, I will meet my stitching friends again at my house!
I'm so looking forward to meeting them again!

By the way, thank you so much for leaving me lovely comments and thanks for your visit here my blog!
I'd appreciate for that!

Design : "Sunflower House" © Blackbird Designs - Loose Feathers #9
Fabric : 28ct Cashel Linen - Vintage / Vintage Blue (5139)
Thread : GAST

Monday, July 21, 2008

Bless Our Home

"Bless Our Home" © Lizzie*Kate has finished on Friday night and I framed it!
Fortunatelly, there was a suitable frame in my stash, so I used it for this design.

But there were blanks both top and bottom area, so I added linen laces.

I stitched this for my dear friend Fiona's new house!
Fiona and her husband have built a new house recently, so I wanted to stitch something for her new house!
At the first, I was thinking to stitch "Bless Our Home" © CCN, but there was an American flag in the design, and thought...uhmmm she is an Aussie and her husband is a Japanese, so I thought it might be a bit funny for them, or for their house...
So I decided to stitch this design for them!

I will stitch CCN's "Bless Our Home" for my house sometime later in this year with an American flag! :D
If someone who doesn't know about cross stitch saw it, might think it's a bit funny, though I don't mind, LHN & CCN are my favourite and I don't think to change it into a Japanese flag! lol

Anyway, I sent this and some red kitchen tools for her as her kitchen is red!
(I've met her at IKEA when she was choosing red system kitchen there!)
I knew it has arrived to her today, I do really hope she will like them!!

Design : "Bless Our Home" © Lizzie*Kate
Fabric : 28ct Unknown Linen
Thread : DMC

Friday, July 18, 2008

LHN Nighborhood SAL Progress 0718

Here is my progress of Little House Neighborhood SAL!
I'm stitching on 28ct, so it's quite large piece and so it's quite hard to manage the fabric, but I think it will be very beautiful and impressive when it has completed!

As I'm weak stitching trees and borders, I haven't been stitching them yet, now I'm building the house on the top part.
This is very fun stitching a long!

Design : "Little House Neighborhood" © Little House Needleworks
Fabric : 28ct Zweigart Brittney (Platinum)
Thread : DMC

Here is another progress of "Bless Our Home" © Lizzie*Kate.
I have been stitching this for my dear friend's new house!

When it completed, I will frame it or if the frame cost too much, I will make flat fold.
And I will present this for her new house with some gifts!
I hope she will like it!

I updated and posted my latest progress of "Sunflower House" © Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers Series #09 on the last post, if you have time please look at it, too! :D

Design : "Bless Our Home" © Lizzie*Kate
Fabric : 28ct Unknown Linen
Thread : DMC

Sunflower House 0718 Progress!

I wasn't able to post anything for a while as I was down mentally and also physically... actually I AM still down, though...
But I was stitching as much as possible to change my mind...

Here is my "Sunflower House" by Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers Series #09, progress so far.
The sample photo shows two different wall's colour more clearly, but my flosses' colour were quite similar, so the walls don't show colour difference clearly...
I'm a bit disappointed about this point, but I like this design very much, I hope I will be able to finish this until the end of this summer!!

Design : "Sunflower House" © Blackbird Designs - Loose Feathers #9
Fabric : 28ct Cashel Linen - Vintage / Vintage Blue (5139)
Thread : GAST

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sunflower House Progress + Another New Start!

Here is the progress of "Sunflower House" © Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers #09.
To stitch this design is very fun and I can't stop stitching once I started!
But I have many other stitches to do, I only stitch this design once a week.
The photo doesn't show the colour justice, but the yellow house looks very beautiful in the real life!

I hope I will be able to share you more of the progress next week!

Design : "Sunflower House" © Blackbird Designs - Loose Feathers #9
Fabric : 28ct Cashel Linen - Vintage / Vintage Blue (5139)
Thread : GAST

By the way, I joined "Little House Neighborhood (© Little House Needleworks) " SAL !
And this morning I've received a chart and so went out for shopping to gather recommended threads (DMC) this afternoon!

I decided to use 28ct Zweigart Brittney (Platinum) for this design.
I want to stitch this as soon as I can!
Hopefully I also can share the progress photo over the weekend!
I'm very looking forward to stitching this!

Design : "Little House Neighborhood" © Little House Needleworks
Fabric : 28ct Zweigart Brittney (Platinum)
Thread : DMC

Sunday, July 06, 2008

HoE LHN Exchange FROM Jennifer

I've received HoE LHN (Little House Needleworks) Exchange safely, from Jennifer!
I received the parcel just before we were going out, after I rocked the door key, so I had to be patient until I open the parcel from her...
Then when I've got home, I immediately opened the box and found SO lovely stuffs in there!

Here is what she has made for me!
This design was the one I really wanted to stitch, so I was so happy when I saw this beautiful pinkeep!!!
Now I don't need to stitch this pattern by myself, lol

She added DMC linen threads (pink shades), very lovely ribbon roll, quite unique but very pretty card buttons, too!
Everything were wrapped by pink paper, I was so touched by it, because she knew that I love pink, I think!

Here is some photos of details of this beautiful pinkeep!
She tied pink ribbon beautifully on top, and around the pinkeep, she used two colours of ribbons.

One is light pink (same as the top ribbon) and light green!
This combination is very beautiful and I love it!
She also stitched this pattern on very light green linen which is very beautiful!!

And! What I shouldn't forget to share is...
This back of pinkeep!

She added thread holder (rings?) and wee pocket, I think it is for scissors!
Very beautiful and a nice idea, isn't it!
And I also love the backing fabric which she has chosen for this LHN pattern!

Everythings perfectly done!
I think I'm very lucky one to became her partner!

Thank you so much, Jennifer!
I'm so happy that I could have this sweet pinkeep with me!
Now it's in the cupboard where cross stitch works are displayed!

I'd really appreciate for your kind heart and the time you took to work on this beautiful pinkeep!
Thanks again!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Quaker Animal Exchange FOR Veronica

I saw that Veronica posted on Quaker Inspired blog that she has safely received my "The Workbasket Quaker Animal Exchange" piece which is one of project of Quaker Inspired blog, so I'm going to share what I've made for her!

It was very hard to choose what animal to stitch for her, but I had very nice over dyed thread just for flog and also the fabric, so after long time thinking I've decided to stitch flog...
But I recently knew that the "flog" is not good meaning at stitching field, in English... I hope she didn't mind what I've sent for her this "flog"...
I didn't mean it, at all... ('~';)

This time also I couldn't find a nice idea how to finish this off, as I stitched this on 28ct fabric, it became a bit big, so I made this into a tasseled pillow again...

These (see the last post...) were the first time for me to make tasseled pillows, but I quite like how these turned out!
So I think I will make some tasseled pillows from now on! :D

Here is the photo of backing fabric which I used for this flog pillow.
The colour matches so well with the thread colour, the photo is a bit blurry, though...
The chart has three motifs of Quaker Animals, and I also have another chart of this series, so I would like to stitch some of them for myself in the future, as it was very fun to stitch and also these Quaker Animals are very lovely!

Anyway, I do really hope that she liked what I've sent for her!

Recently I haven't been taking Grass Hedgehog's photo at all, as she looks the same as before!
If there was something change, I would take a photo of her and will upload the photo here!

Design : "Quaker Flog" © The Workbasket
Fabric : 28ct Cashel Linen - Vintage / Vintage Green (6159)
Thread : Needle Necessities Inc. Floss Overdyed (unknown col.)
Finished as : (Tasseled) Mini Pillow

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

HoE LHN Exchange FOR Carol S.

Yesterday I've got a lovely e-mail from Carol S. that she has safely received my HoE (Hooked on Exchanging) LHN Exchange piece, so I'm going to share what I've made for her!
Carol S. is a very talented lady as you know, so I was a bit nervous to stitch for her and also it was very hard to choose a design from lots of LHN patterns!

Then I've chosen this design "Necessities Sampler" for her as I liked colours of this design.
I stitched on 32ct Belfast Linen, so it became a bit big, so again it racked my brains trying to find an idea how to finish it off...

Then I found the idea to finish it off as tasseled mini pillow which I wanted to make at least once!
It was a bit difficult for the first time to make them, so I think they were not perfect...

So I told her honestly that it was my first try and so they aren't perfect, but she told me there was nothing wrong at all...
She is so kind, isn't she!
Thank you Carol S.!
I will practice how to make beautiful tassels like she does!
I forgot to take photos of them, though I stitched our initials and "2008 HoE" on the pillow!
Here is the photo of backing fabric which I used for this mini pillow.
This photo doesn't show the colour justice, but I used my favourite fabric for it!

Anyway, I'm so glad that she told me she liked everything I've sent to her!
I heard that her DH loved sweets (Pocky) that I sent, so if there was another chance to send something to her, I will send variety of Pockys!! lol
Mine will be delivered from someone soon, I think!
I'm so thrilled to think about it nowadays!

Design : "Necessities Sampler" © Little House Needleworks
Fabric : 32ct Belfast Linen (Ivory)
Thread : DMC
Finished as : (Tasseled) Mini Pillow

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Another New Start - Private SAL with Wendy!

Here is another new start "Sunflower House" by Blackbird Designs / Loose Feathers Series #9, from 1st of July!

I saw that Wendy has just started this design on her blog, and I was going to start the same design for this summer, so I left a comment to tell her that I'm going to start it later.
Then sweet Wendy gave me an e-mail to let me know that she will wait for me to start it and do this as our private SAL together!

I was so glad to heard of it, though at the same time I felt sorry to keep her waiting for a while for me...
But now I'm very happy to stitch a long with her this favourite and beautiful design!

We decided to post our progress every Tuesday on our blog to compare both pieces!
And here is the photo of my progress today.

I took this photo under the dim light, so the photo doesn't show the colour justice, but it looks nice so far!
It's so fun to stitch this design, I could stitch faster than usual!
I think I will stitch this design once a week, but can't wait to see the complete one!

Thank you so much Wendy for the lovely offer!
I appreciate for your kindness!

By the way, here is another sour juice, this time I made with Orange.
Looks yummy, doesn't it?!
Staci asked me how to make this sour juice, I share how to make them here!

When you make plum sour juice, use green plum, not yellow one.
You also can use Oranges, Apples, etc... and also if you prefer liqueur, use white liqueur instead of using vinegar.

Weigh fruits you use, then you need equal amount of rock sugar and vinegar (I used apple vinegar) or white liqueur.
Then put them together in the bin which can airtight.
Then let it mature for three weeks for plums (for one week for another fruits).
Then take matured fruits out from the bin.
That's all!

*** While letting it mature, store it medicine at room temperature, then after you took out fruits, keep it in the fridge!

When you drink it, please dilute with water!
Actually I haven't been tasting them yet, so... you'd better to hear my impressions of them first, before you'll try to make them (lol)
If it was yuk, I would let you know it honestly, LOL

Design : "Sunflower House" © Blackbird Designs - Loose Feathers #9
Fabric : 28ct Cashel Linen - Vintage / Vintage Blue (5139)
Thread : GAST