Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Mary Glover SAL - 0503, and Freebie

Hi, it's been so long since the last time I've posted.
Every year this season (especially March and April), I've been not so well, and also my son had been ill these past few weeks, he had high fever for about a week, and couldn't eat anything at all...
It was cause of inflammation of the middle ears, and also he had adenovirus.
That's why he had high fever, and it took so long time to recover.

Now he has been OK, but am feeling not so well...

I've been working on Mary Glover SAL a little by little, but even I've tried so many times for over one part, I can't manage it, also have tried tent stitch, though...
I will practice them and will try it again, later!

Here is a rice stitch part, it's been a middle of way, though I'm enjoying to stitch this part so much!
But taking time a little bit, so am going to stitch #8 (last part) tonight!

And here is a satin stitch part, I stitched with one thread, though it looks like comb (lol), I mean skimpy looks, so I will stitch again with two strands!
I hope it will make it better! :D

Here is a photo of Freebie © By The Bay Needleart.
I have "Miss Fiona's Rose Garden" © By The Bay Needleart, and it is always in my "wish to stitch list".
This freebie looks like Miss Fiona, and so was excited to stitch her.
And I was going to finish to finish this for something (secret yet), and was going to present for my friend.
But as I mentioned I was not good, I couldn't make it and am so feeling guilty for my friend...

Anyway, I'm going to finish her later this month when I became feel better, and send it to her as a very belated Easter gift.

Now it's long public holiday (it is called "Golden week") in Japan, so want to take my son to go or visit somewhere fun!!
Hope I will be feeling well soon...

Take care and have a lovely week.

Bye for now,

Design : "Free Easter Bunny" For 2011 © By The Bay Needleart
Fabric : 28ct DMC "3743"
Thread : DMC


Gillie said...

Over one is not very easy - tent stitch will be fine! Do hope you feel better soon, Yuko.

Hazel said...

Beautiful wips Yuko. Mary looks stunning. I know that over 1 can be very tricky. x

Carol R said...

Mary is looking beautiful and such a cute Easter bunny - love the eyelashes!
I hope you and Sweetie get well soon [[[Hugs]]]

Nancy said...

Your Mary Glover sampler is gorgeous Yuko, and I love the freebie by By the Bay Needleart. It is a beautiful bunny!

Take care Yuko! I hope you and Sweetie feel better soon.

Charodeya said...

Yuko, I wish you to be healthy!
Gorgeous work! I watched this SAL in another blogs, I love it)
And thanks a lot for freebies, excellent rabbit!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Mary Glover is stunning, Yuko! Even though you're not feeling well, you sure are getting a lot accomplished! The bunny is very pretty, too.

I hope you and Sweetie are much better, very soon.

merumo said...

Glad to hear your son is doing ok now, but is it your turn now? Hope you feel better soon to enjoy this gorgeous weather during beautiful spring time in Japan. Mary is looking very nice! You are almost there :) A little bunny looks so cute and making me to stitch something small for fun.

staci said...

Sorry to hear that you and your son have been ill...I hope you are feeling better soon.

Lovely stitching progress Yuko!

Sally said...

I hope both you and your son are feeling better soon Yuko.

Mary Glover is looking gorgeous and that bunny is so cute!

Dorothy said...

Hi Yuko,
I hope you and your son are feeling better soon. Your stitchery is beautiful, as always.

Carmen said...

cute stitching!.
i hope you feel better soon Yuko, take care.

Berit said...

Lovely stitching; I do hope you and Tass are all well now and were feeling well enough also to enjoy a nice Golden Week. :)

angelasweby said...

Wow Yuko, Mary Glover is looking beautiful. I love the rice stitch and satin stitch. It really gives the design texture.
I hope you and Tass managed to get a trip in during Golden Week. What a lovely name for a holiday.
The little Easter bunny design is really pretty.
Hope you feel better soon dear friend :>)
Angela xx