Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our New Family

Hi, today I share some photos of our new family!!
Here they are!
Our new family ; Hamster calls "Ham chan" (male).
We have been having him since 1st of July.

He is so cute, but he is a nocturnal animal so most of daytime he is sleeping in the mushroom jar that is showed behind him on a photo above.
And then just after we turn off the light, he starts to move around!

His favourite food is, yes, sunflower seed!!
How lovely he is, he takes his food in his tiny hands and eating it! :D
These photos were taken when we started to keep him.
Now he is getting bigger than before, but always he is spinning so he doesn't became fat.
Envy him, lol

Tass decided to have him, and choose this Djungarian Hamster (Pearl White), and it may sounds a bit silly but, I think he is the loveliest hamster in hamster world! :D
He makes me so happy and feel so good, so I appreciate for him and also my sweetie Tass.

When he is sleepy his face looks very different.
I will update his sleepy photos someday later.

Thank you for your visist, and thanks for your comment!


Nancy said...

He is beautiful Yuko! I love animals so I know how much you enjoy him!

Фея said...


Sally said...

Awww he is so cute Yuko! I love hamsters.

Dorothy said...

He is too cute! I love animals too Yuko, so I understand your attachment to him.

cerato said...

So cute Yuko!
Kisses to Tass and... for you too!!

Keeper of the Crowes said...

He's just too cute, Yuko! I can see why he makes you so happy.
Linda C.

Carol R said...

Ah how sweet ! xx

Carmen said...

is a cute hamster!

Jennifer said...

Oh, he is so beautiful. Such a pure color of white with a very cute face. Welcome to this new member of your family.