Wednesday, February 11, 2015

La Sagesse - RV167 (Three wise monkeys) Framed

Hi, thank you so much for your lovely comment for the last post.
I've finished "La Sagesse - RV167" © Isabelle Vautier and framed it.

Isabelle Vautier さんの、"La Sagesse - RV167" が完成し、額に入れました。

There is saying about "Three wise monkeys" in Japanese, too and checked what is written in French.
I didn't know there are the same saying in many different countries and also checked English version.

英語では、Three wise monkeys といい、"See no evil, here no evil, speak no evil"と言うそうです。

In French it says "Singes de la Sagesse" and Ne rien voir, Ne rien entendre, Ne rien dire.
I know this Chinese script but don't know about this "Zhi" for this design, maybe should check Chinese saying, too?


I was hesitating to stitch Chinese script but I love this design with monkeys to much!
Very cute, don't you think?


This photo above was taken in my room and it shows linen color justice.
I choose the frame from in my frame stash and am so happy that I could decrease frames.


The chart was written "Isa" after "Z", but I added "2015", and now my son didn't have interests but now he loves to see these monkeys.


The other day when my son's friend also his mom came to our home to play with, I prepared orange juice for kids and waiting for them to come, but kids were concentrating on playing games and didn't come at all, then when I looked at kids table, my Chihuahua Cocoa was waiting for them to have juice together, lol
It was so sweet, she was expecting to have some!



Design : La Sagesse - RV167 © Isabelle VAUTIER
Fabric : 32ct Belfast Platinum
Thread : DMC #815


Vickie said...

What a fun pattern.
Sweet, silly Cocoa.

butterfly said...

Love the design , how sweet is Cocoa.

Carin said...

That is so beautiful !!

Ele said...

My dear Yuko,

a little sign from me after a long time...;-)
Your were so busy in stitching this wonderful designs of Isa Vautier, the look amazing and are perfect in these frames.

Hope you and your family are well?
Cocoa is so darling.