Saturday, December 01, 2007

"Smalls Exchange" FOR Yasmin

Today I've received an e-mail and heard that my exchange things has safely arrived to the recipient, so I put some photos here!
A few month ago, Yasmin and I had been talking about exchanging something in the near future, then finally the day of our exchange has came!
And I've heard that Yasmin love everything what I've stitched to her, so I'm very happy and it also made my day!

Actually there was no thema, we've only decided exchange small things.
I like mattress pincushion which Yasmin have been stitching and making very much.
Actually we both wanted to do "mattress pincushion exchange", but I have never made it and I wasn't confident to exchange it with someone at all.
But, how greedy I am! I wanted to have her mattress pincushion very much (LOL), so I told about it to her, then she kindly said to me "You can make anything to me, As you like", it helped me a lot, LOL

By the way, this time I decided to make pinkeep for her, as I knew that she loves Ewe & Eye & Friends as much as I do, I've chosen "In The Pink" from EEF collection!

I love EEF designs very much, too! This design is so cute as same as the others!
Special stitches were fun and I love this colour "Pink"!

Here are Pins which I've made by myself, some are cat's eye beads and some are metallic roses.

Here is the ribbon and top pearl pin which I also made by myself.
This time I used Bordeaux colour velvet ribbon for this pinkeep, as I thought it matches for this season.

Here is the back of pinkeep and the fabric which I've chosen for this design!
Before when I've exchanged pinkeep with Su, I also added this wee pocket and I've heard a lot that people liked this wee pocket and said nice idea, so this time I added "wee pocket" to Yasmin's again!

Actually I didn't know "wee" means then, and asked Su "What is 'wee' means?"
She told me the meaning, so now I know how to use and the meaning but, before then I just knew the word "wee wee", so it made me really confused. LOL

By the way, here is also another small present to Yasmin that I've made.
It's "Needle Minder", inside this (under the pink flower), there is Super Magnet in it!
So pins are stick on it, so she doesn't loose pins when she change threads colours!
Actually I made this by jam jar lid!

If friends want to know how to make this "Needle Minder", I had taken photos of the process to make one, so I will post a tutorial page later!

Anyway, I'm so happy that Yasmin really loved them all what I've sent to her!
It was really fun to stitch along as thinking of her!

"In The Pink" © Ewe & Eye & Friends
35ct Wichelt Linen (Cream / Ivory), DMC 1 strand


Nancy said...

Yuko your stitching is so gorgeous! What a beautiful pinkeep you have made for your friend. I love how you make the pins yourself, and they make the pinkeep so special. I also love the "wee" pocket on the back.

I will look forward to your needle minder tutorial!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

It is stunning...absolutely gorgeous!

Paisley said...

Your pinkeep is beautiful! Lucky Yasmin!

Andrea said...

Beautiful! Amazing stitching and finishing.

Hazel said...

Wow Yuko, that is incredible, absolutely stunning and perfect finishing. Love your backing fabric. By the way, "wee" is a Scottish slang/colloquial term meaning "small" not used often in England. xx

Hannah said...

Yuko, your pinkeep is adorable! I love the "wee" pocket as well :)

I'd love to see your needle minder tutorial. That's a great idea and I'm sure it would make a great gift!

Wanda said...

OH thanks for stopping by my blog I love your blog such beautiful stitching. I will be stopping by again.

Patricia Lessell said...

Oh Yuko I just LOVE that pinkeep and needle minder they are gorgeous. I LOVE EEF they are one of my favorite designers. Your stitching and finishing is always so perfect. You are an expert in a really short time. WOW is all I can say. Lots of love Patti xxx

Cindy said...

What a pretty exchange...your finishing is wonderful :)

I'm looking forward to your "needle minder" tutorial!

samplerlover said...

Yuko, your stitching for Yasmin as usual is just beautiful. What a great idea to make a needle minder with a jam jar lid. Love to see your photo's on how you made it. - Sandra.

Suzanne said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. In answer to your question, the stitching boxes and pouch are all from DMC and I purchased them from my needlework store. You can view the DMC organisation range at their website:

I love your pinkeep it is really wonderful. Where did you get such beautiful pins?

Samantha said...

What beautiful stitching Yuko! You are a very talented stitcher. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :o)

Sally said...

Yuko, these pieces are absolutely gorgeous. You stitch and finish things so beautifully.

Anonymous said...

I really love your stitching and finishing, and thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog.

Susimac said...

Oh Yuko, I love the pinkeep you made for Yasmin and I bet she loves it too, its so pretty.

I'll look forward to your tutorial as I would love to make a needle minder what a great idea.

I'd love to know too how you make your lovely beaded pins they are so lovely and I look at the ones you put in my pinkeep often, trying to figure how you did them.

Beertje Zonn said...

Beautiful embroidery!
Kind regards,

Sonnja, from the Netherlands

Leeland said...

These are both stunning stitching and finishing, Yuko! I'm really impressed at how talented you are! And I love this pink design sooo much. I hadn't seen it before but I'll look for it...
Take care,

Pumpkin said...

Oh Yuko, another gorgeous finish!!!! You are so talented and such a lovely stitcher :o) No wonder Yasmin was happy with the exchange!

Your handmade pins are very neat and just add to the piece :o)

Lillie said...

Both gifts to Yasmin are a beauty.
Thank you for coming by my blog and leaving me your comments :D

Laura said...

Oh my goodness, Yuko, your stitching and finishing are exquisite. The EEF designs are so lovely. LOL about the wee versus wee-wee. Its confusing, but funny, when words like that come up when learning a foreign language. And thanks for visiting my blog.

argone said...

what a great exchange, congratulations to you both !

Solstitches said...

What a gorgeous pinkeep you made for Yasmin Yuko!
Everything about it is so lovely - the gorgeous bow, the pretty pins and that cute little pcket on the back.
I like your idea for the needle minder and will be waiting anxiously for the tutorial on how to make one.

Anonymous said...

It is beautifull. You are the master of pinkeeps art.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful this pinkeep....I love pinkeep...
Thank you per tha many visit at my blog....


Michelle said...

Your exchange pieces are just beautiful! I love the designs you chose!

angelasweby said...

Your gift to Yasmin is so pretty. I love EEF designs!! And the 'wee' pocket is absolutely lovely. I think this is YOUR speciality. Everything you make is so different and very beautiful. There is ALWAYS something special about what you make. I love the pins and the little pinkeeper. I will wait patiently for your tutorial - hmm, a jam jar lid - clever idea :>)
Hugs, Angela