Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Ornament Exchange FOR Domy

This year, I've made lots of Christmas presents for dear friends, it was almost the first time for me to prepare for Christmas presents like this year, but I very enjoyed making presents and ornaments for my friends!

Today I received an e-mail from the recipient from France that my parcel has safely arrived to her, so I put some photos what I've made for her for this Christmas!

Here is a Christmas Ornament Exchange TO Domy!
I've made her triangle ornament, this is from JCS Ornaments Issue 2007.
It was almost the first sight love and thought she would like this design!

I added three ribbons on the bottom of the triangle and trimmed around the edges with pale-green twisted code.
I'm really satisfied with this result!

I spoiled her very much this year, I added a lot of her favourites in the parcel, so she told me that she was almost crying when she saw them in the bag!
Yeah! My trick was succeed! :D

I'm so happy that she loved all the things what I've sent her!
It also made my day, because I wanted to please my dear friends very much!!!

By the way, here is the backing fabric which I used for this ornament!
Very Christmassy fabric and I like this series very much, so have 3 colours of this fabbies as stock.

Now it's my turn to wait for the parcel from her!
I heard it's on the way to Japan!
Wow, exciting, isn't it?
I like the moment that I'm waiting for the parcels to me, like back to be a child!

I'm really looking forward her Present!
Hurry hurry Mr. Postman!
Please deliver it to me as soon as possible! :D

By the way, I have been teaching my friends' name to my 2 years old son, and when I teach him Domy's name, he always says "Nomy", he can't pronounce "Domy" properly yet, but it's so sweet to hear!
So naughty mummy is often trying him to say "Nomy", lol

Have a wonderful holiday and a warm Christmas! xx

"Quiet Night" © Erica Michaels Designs, from JCS Ornaments issue 2007
32ct Belfast Linen (Willow Green), DMC threads - 2 strands


Pumpkin said...

It's beautiful Yuko! You are very talented with your finishing :o)

Susimac said...

That is so lovely Yuko, Domy is very lucky. Can't wait to see what she has sent you too, it will be lovely!

samplerlover said...

Another amazing piece of work. I'm sure that Domy will love to receive it. If I don't hear from you again I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas. I'm sure your beautiful little boy will. - Merry Christmas - Sandra.

angelasweby said...

Wowee, Yuko,
This is just gorgeous! I saw it in the magazine but it didn't jump out as one of my favourites but now I've seen yours...hmmm, I have fallen in love...haha! I think 'Nomy' must have a big smile on her face - an ornament AND lots of favourites goodies, what a lovely surprise. I especially love the three little ribbons.
Happy holidays, hugs, Angela

Anonymous said...

I saw this in the JC mag but I didn't notice that it is pretty until I saw your finish. Yours is a lot prettier than photo in the mag.

What a wonderful exchange!

Happy holidays!

Nancy said...

Hello Yuko!

The ornament you have stitched for your friend is gorgeous! I love the design, and your backing fabric is very nice. I love the three ribbons you have attached. The perfect touch!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful :D
Yuko, you have a finger of the magic!!!

Happy Christmas.


Anita said...

Very pretty ornament. I love the backing material and the finishing is awesome.

Lillie said...

Beautiful finish and a lovely ornie. The backing fabric is a perfect match. Merry Christmas to you and family, Yuko :D

sugardoll said...

That is a lovely ornie. I love the ribbons. I've never seen it done like that before. =)

Carmen said...

Your work is beautiful and very elegant, congratulations.
Look harmonious, an with a exquisite elegance

XXXdomy said...

What a wonderful parcel I received as usual !! Thanks again Yuko ! You have a very wonderful taste on making some hand made things, you always add THE detail :-)))
I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy new year !
Of course we continue our exchanges on 2008, it's real pleasure to receive parcels from Japan.
Tasuku is too cute ! called me Nomy hi,hi,hi !!

Elizabeth Braun said...

Konnichiwa Yuokosan!

Your English looks very good to me - much better than my Japanese.=)

The Silver Thistle said...

Hello!! I just found your blog from a link on another and I'm so glad I did! You have such wonderful pieces here and I'll definitely become a regular visiter!!

Soooo nice to 'meet' you Yuko!!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow that ornie is just perfectly finished. I love the three ribbons added at the bottom, I would of never have thought of that!

Wonderful job!

Yasmin said...

Wow! As usual, you stitched very beautiful ornaments. Domy must be very pleased with it.

Hearty Bakes said...

Very nice x'mas ornament! love every details u added.

Von said...

It's a spectacular ornament! :D

Anonymous said...


Sandy said...

Wow this is so pretty. I love all your work and finishes on your blog. Great Job.

.. said...

Wowww!!!!! It`s a little soon for the next Christmas, but I love this trees! They are really beautiful!