Sunday, September 08, 2013

Sew Buttons © iStitch finished as Tote Bag!

Hi friends, it's been so long since I posted the last time!
Thanks for your lovely comments and also e-mails although I'm not blogging much nor haven't been having no chance to reply you... I'm sorry about this!

Today finally I can share some photos of my work.
I had finished this Sew Buttons © iStitch which is designed by my dear friend Carol R. for a long time ago, but had no chance to finish this.
Since when I saw this design I was thinking to make a tote bag for myself.

ずっとずっと前に完成していた、お友達 Carol R. のSew Buttons © iStitch 。

How is this? Isn't this beautiful?
I love this soft tone and variety of buttons I added on.
And also the frill besides stitched piece made a good accent, I think.


A photo with leather handles is above here!
I'm quite satisfied with this finish, forgot to take a photo of inside, though I used lavender color plane fabric for inside.


I used some kinds of pearl white and transparent buttons like Carol R.'s has done on her sample piece.
I didn't have tiny square buttons nor lovely one like her in my stash bin but aren't they still nice?!


I used these leather handles for this tote bag, not thin pairs of them like I used before for my Initial tote bags, as this one is a little bigger than mine.

These handles are more thicker and designed like leaves.

And here are some of my lovely tiny Cocoa's recent photos!
She will be one year old on 10th of this month!

She is a very naughty and active girl, sometimes we think if she isn't dog?!

She is like a cat, very acrobatic, she jumps very high and run very fast so we can't catch her once she starts running around!

But once she came on my lap, she becomes like this.
She shows her tummy and she looks relaxing very much.

But now I have been working hard outside, so haven't been able to look after her and also my son Tass.
I realized that I don't like this situation very much, want to take care of them as much as possible...
My physical strength is not good enough so when my day off I have been sleeping until Tass comes back from school...
Ahh, I need more time and want to stitch more!!

I have many of finished pieces that I have to do finishing, hopefully I will be able to work with them one day soon!

Thanks for your visit.
Take care and have a lovely weekend!

Design : Sew Buttons © iStitch
Fabric : 32ct linen (unknown)
Threads : DMC


butterfly said...

So Beautiful.

Vickie said...

Your tote bag is beautiful. Happy Birthday Cocoa!

Berit said...

Looking so cute! I LOVE the bag--the leaf detail in the handles is wonderful. :D

I also very much like the "row of pink bows" element you are using to decorate this post.

It sounds like you are working very hard; please continue to take care of yourself also. :)


Melissa said...

The bag finishing is wonderful, Yuko. Cocoa is very sweet. She looks like a real character.

I'm sorry you've been working so hard but if your body needs rest, then you have to get some rest. Hope things ease up soon. Take care!

Cristina said...

What a sweet bag!! I love all the little details.

Marsha said...

So good to hear from you. Your bag is very pretty. Cocoa is such a funny little girl. Hope you get some energy back.

Marsha said...

So nice to see a post, I figured work was hard to get used to again. Your bag is so pretty. Cocoa looks to be a funny girl. Take care. Hope you have more energy soon.

Tatkis said...

Your stitching and bag is sooo sweet, beautiful, charming!

Cocoa is so cute :)


Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.
Your bag is lovely, so pretty!
Cocoa is just so sweet (:

cerato said...

Lovely bag Yuko !
I´m glad to read you again!

Carol R said...

Beautiful finish Yuko.
Cocoa is so sweet!

Nina said...

Dear Yuko,

This is wonderful work! And I'm so happy to see a new post here :)


Lillie said...

You finished the bag beautifully and perfect for the stitched piece.

Cocoa is adorable.

Take care Yuko!

Gandja said...

You bag is very beautiful ! I love it. ;-)