Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Gifts from dear friends!

Hi, friends.
I have been stitching a little by little almost every day!
Now I have been stitching "Zippity Do Da" © La-D-Da, though I also have "Christmas Sampler II" © Prairie Schooler as my WIP, and the Christmas is coming soon, I will switch to "Christmas Sampler II" from "Zippity Do Da".

By the way, here are some gorgeous presents that I have received for a while ago.
I'm sorry that I couldn't update them for a long long time.
Here is
Huswife from Merumo.
I participated in her Giveaway, and I wasn't selected for a winner, but she kindly make such beautiful needlebooks as second chance of her giveaway!

And luckily I was selected for the second winner!
As you see, how beautiful this Huswife is!!
As I always tell her, I love her choice of fabrics which is so refined and her works are amazing!
I love her taste so much as well as her stitch, too!

Thank you, Merumo for your kind heart!
I love this so much!!

And here is another wonderful present from my friend.

It was just a token of our friendship, so I was thinking that I only did what I thought proper, but she gave me such so many goodies in return...

Can you see what she did for me?
She crochet a beautiful shawl for me to add lovely point for my style.
It's amazingly beautiful and I love it!
Thank you so much, and sorry for the delay to update for your gift on my blog.

I just wanted to share these gorgeous presents with you today.
Tass is having high fever again, so will nurse him all night tonight.

Take care and thanks for your visit!


Nancy said...

Your gifts are so beautiful Yuko - I know you will enjoy them! I look forward to seeing your Zippity Do Da and your Christmas Sampler. I have stitched Zippity Do Da, and I enjoyed it very much!

Patty C. said...

Lovely Gifts Yuko - Congrats ;)

merumo said...

Glad you liked it! Enjoy :)))

Carmen said...

beautiful crochet!!! great gift Yuko,, i hope Tass feel better soon.