Friday, December 09, 2011

His First Work + My WIP

Hi, thank you for your visit and comments!

Sweetie has finished his first cross stitch project a few days ago, and so I share some photos of his work and my WIP today.
His first project was Sea-Otter kit on blue 10ct fabric (6 strands).
Except the back stitch and start and the last of stitching, he did everything by himself.

Of course he made mistakes some times, but he did a quite good job!
So I can stitch mine beside him stitching.

He loved stitching, so he is exciting to start next project, I am thinking and choosing easy but lovely chart for his second project.

Now he is displaying this on his room's wall. :D
He is quite satisfied about his first work!

By the way, here are some photos of my WIPs.
One is "Zippity Do Da" © La-D-Da, I was thinking about the right fabric for this sampler,
and choose 32ct cream linen.

The letters I'm stitching now is recommended thread (DMC), but I'm thinking to change some colours for the other parts as the recommended threads are quite different from the photo of this chart.
Well I'll think about it later deeply.

And here is one of "Christmas Sampler II" © Prairie Schooler that I'm stitching now!
It's so beautiful design and am so excited to stitch this design!
I hope I can finish this before Christmas.

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Design : 海のなかまシリーズ "ラッコ" (kit)
Fabric : No. 3000 (ジャバクロス中目)ブライトブルー<36> cotton 100%
Thread : #25 threads (maker; unknown) 6 strands


Berit said...

Wow!! Tass' first work may be even better than yours which you showed this time! And that is saying something as your work is lovely and I adore Prairie Schooler (and La D Da, Too!)

You can probably think of many things for him to stitch, but I suddenly thought of some motifs from a Prairie Schooler I am about to stitch, Book No. 95 "Christmas Traditions" which has some small toys in it which he may like (for example a train and a truck), and which only use 3 colors.

Here is a message for Tass; please pass it along! (or not, if it has too many errors! I rely upon your discretion, Yuko!) :)

すごいです!! (^_^ )

Theresa said...

Wow!!!! Sweetie did such a great job!!!!!! You must be very proud~~

Love your WIPs~ They are looking good~

Simone said...

Sweetie's stitching looks so neat! He did a great job! You did too ;)

Ann at Beadlework. said...

What a cute first stitch, well done to your little boy.

Nancy said...

Congratulations to Tass! He is an excellent stitcher.

I love your WIPs Yuko. Zippity Do Da is one of my favorite finishes, and your Christmas sampler is going to be beautiful!

dixiesamplar said...

What a wonderful job Tass did on his first finish...glad he is enjoying it as well.

Your pieces are lovely too...

Carol R said...

Wow Tass what a clever little boy to stitch this beautiful sea otter - well done to you!
As always Yuko your own stitching is lovely.
[[[hugs]]] to you both

Deborah said...

Tass did a beautiful job! You must be so proud. Your stitching is beautiful. said...

Oh Yuko, Tass is an artist! He did such a good work, you must be very proud of him.
Your WIPs are gorgeous too ;-)

cerato said...

Tass did a great job! I love your new projet.
Hugs for all

Marie said...

Your son did a wonderful job on his stitching project. He is as talented as his sweet Mom!

I need to go look up the PS Sampler that you are stitching on, I am not sure that I am familiar with that design and I may need to purchase it.

Hope you are doing well.

Sally said...

Tass did an amazing job on his stitching!

Love both your WIPs:)

Carmen said...

Tass did such a great job! You must be very proud!. the wips loook great too!.

Cindy said...

Tass did an awesome job on his first project! Definitely something to treasure always :)