Sunday, December 04, 2011

He is stitching!

Hi, thanks always for your visit!

Recently Sweetie has started to cross stitch together.
Seems he loves it, and is enjoying so much!

His first project is Sea-Otter on 10ct blue fabric with 6 strands.
He is quite good at stitching, so I can stitch beside him at the same time. :D

He finish his first project soon, so I think I can share his finished piece sometime soon!
And I bought 10ct beige fabric for him to start next project.

By the way, he is an only child, so he always asks me to play with, then we drew pictures in watercolours a few weeks ago.

Here is his drawing.
It was the first time for him to painted in watercolours, and he drew some animals in the forest. :D

And I don't like to draw much, but as his request, I drew my ex pet (companion animal) ; Mickey (Shiba Inu) as seeing her picture.
(I used watercolour pencils.)

Quite poor drawing, though... lol

I'm going to stitch "Zippty Do Da" from now!
Take care and have a lovely weekend!



Nancy said...

I think it is wonderful that Tass is stitching, and I look forward to seeing his finish. I love his painting, and yours is beautiful Yuko!

butterfly said...

How wonderful for Tass to start stitching ,i wish they would start stitching in school like they use to when i was a girl.
Love the pictures, you both have talent.

Anna van Schurman said...

I knew that was a Shiba Inu (English) as soon as I saw it. It's not a bad drawing at all! I'm also very glad your son is stitching.

Brigitte said...

Now look at that - your little son is stitching! I think that's a great thing for both of you. I think your drawing is really, really good.

cerato said...

It´s lovely that Tass are interested in stitching.

Carmen said...

!is great that Tass is interested in stitching, is a great thing for both of you too.

Theresa said...

How great to see Tass interested in stitching~~~~ His painting is soooo awesome!!!! I think he is very talented~~~ Your dog looks great, too~ I can see where Tass got his talent~

Simone said...

How cute to stitch together with Sweetie! And your drawing looks very nice!

Carol R said...

How clever of little Sweetie to start stitching - I can't wait to see his WIP!

Berit said...

These are wonderful pictures! What a great project for Sweetie to be working on--and the watercolors are a fun activity for you two, as well!

You are really a "good sport" to participate and set a good example for him--even letting him choose the subject! Did you use watercolor pencils?